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Our Professionals Advice, Tips and Tricks in an In-Depth Review on Nyra Bets, the Very Successful and Widely Trusted Horse Racing Sports Betting Platform in the USA.

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What is good?

  • Players receive three different means of placing their wagers remotely
  • You can place your wagers by merely going online
  • You can be part of Nyra Bets horse racing
  • A variety of betting types at your fingertips
  • We appreciate the confidence that the site instils.

What is bad?

  • Their user-experience on the web version could be more friendly
Table of Content

Is Nyra Bets Trustworthy?

The confidence that you are taking part in a legal and trustworthy venture is crucial before wagering your dollars. Nyra Bets is one such site. Here you can be confident that it offers a legal platform and is a secure space to place your wagers. Nyra Bets holds certification from two of the leading gaming authorities in the United States. It carries the stamp of approval of both the Oregon Gaming Commission and the New York State Gaming Commission.

Is Nyra Bets Licensed and Certified in the USA?

The question for many newcomers to the industry of online sports betting on horse racing is, “Is Nyra Bets Legit?” The answer to this is a confident, yes. Nyra Bets’ affiliation with the New York Racing Association stretches far back in history. They also formed partnerships with the National Council on Problem Gambling and the NY State Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services. Their cooperation with these authorities demonstrates the effort to prevent pathological gambling.

When Was Nyra Bets Launched?

Nyra Bets is a trusted platform in the horse racing industry. The site was launched at the Saratoga Race Course in 2016.

Does Nyra Bets Have a Good Reputation?

In the sports betting industry, punters are always keen on wagering their money where they are confident that it is safe to do so. The popularity and the immense growth that Nyra Bets has been able to show since they launched, is due to their trusted reputation. It is a clear reflection of their popularity among American sports punters. All-around on various trusted platforms, Nyra Bets reviews reflect positively on their operation system, support and client experiences.

In a short time frame right after its launch in 2016, Nyra Bets managed to expand its market share to 29 states. This expansion meant that the demand for this secure and trusted platform was top-rated and that they managed to expand their reach by 50% in a short time due to this popularity.

A contributing factor to their popularity is the numerous benefits that players can enjoy on the Nyra Bets platform. Players have access to betting on races on over 250 of the top global tracks. You can place your bets quickly and effortlessly, giving you the flexibility of placing your bet at any place, any time. There is no more secure or even popular way to increase your dollars with ease and confidence in horse racing.

Is Nyra Bets a Listed Company?

No, Nyra Bets is an online betting platform with an affiliation to the New York Racing Association. The NY Racing Association is a not-for-profit corporation.

Brands Associated with Nyra Bets

Nyra Bets is your trusted partner in horse racing events in the USA. The sports betting platform covers the most prestigious races globally. Some of the names that are associated with Nyra Bets include the following:

  • The Pegasus World Cup
  • The Breeders Cup
  • Belmont Stakes
  • Kentucky Derby
  • Preakness Stakes

All the races that take place on Nyra Bets racetracks are also included. These 3 tracks are:

  • Belmont Park
  • Saratoga Race Track
  • Aqueduct

Nyra Bets’ Responsible Gaming Policies

Nyra Bets horse racing shows commitment to promoting responsible gaming at all times. Their affiliation with the New York State Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services is proof of this commitment. They also partnered with the National Council on Problem Gambling. No under-aged players can register either. New players have to provide proof of their identification to be able to confirm that they are not underaged. Upon registration, players also need to provide proof of their address with third party documentation such as a utility bill.

Nyra Bets also offers help to problem gamblers through their self-exclusion system. Players who want to prevent themselves from playing at Nyra Bets or any future wagering practices can send a request to the Nyra Bets mailing address. Upon receipt of such an application, they update their system to prevent you from any future endeavors on their platform. Players who opted for exclusion won’t be able to place any future bets.

They also offer assistance to problem gamblers by providing the details to the necessary institutions that provide support to this need.

Creating an Account with Nyra Bets

Registration of your account with Nyra Bets shouldn’t take longer than a few minutes of your time. They took much care to make the process easy and simple. You’ll be able to sign up at the Nyra Bets USA site. Simply click the sign-up button that will take you to the convenient registration form. The form consists of 3 different sections that each require some basic information to register.

Information You’ll Need to Sign Up

The first section of the easy online form requires your basic information, which will include your contact details such as an email address, physical address and telephone number—the second section revolves around confirmation of your identity. You’ll need to enter the last four digits of your Social Security Number. You will also need to submit proof of your identity as per New York legislative requirements for online betting.

The third and final part of the process requires that you create your unique username and password. Now you need to enter one of the Nyra Bets promo codes if you have one. Finally, click submit and make your first deposit through any of the several transfer options.

Do I Need to Provide Any Documents to Withdraw Earnings from Nyra Bets?

Yes, all new players to the Nyra Bets platform need to provide proof of their identity. You will also have to submit proof of your valid address. Submitting third party documentation such as your utility bill will suffice.

How Easy Is It to Create a Nyra Bets Account?

You can sign up in no time and become a registered punter on this trusted legal betting platform in the USA. Easy registration will bring you the many benefits associated with playing on Nyra Bets. Betting is easy and can be done from anywhere on the Nyra Bets app. Other benefits include access to more than 250 of the top race tracks globally. This list of celebrated tracks includes Aqueduct Racetrack, Saratoga Race Course and Belmont Park.

How Nyra Bets Verifies Your Documents

During your registration process with Nyra Bets, you will have to provide proof of your identity and address. You can do this by submitting a copy of your identification document. Third-party documents such as a utility bill can serve as your proof of residence.

How Quickly Can I Start Playing with Nyra Bets?

Your registration process is instant, which means that as soon as that you have registered and made your first deposit into your account, you can start playing. You can immediately browse the different race options and place your bets.

Nyra Bets Withdrawals and Deposits

Winning is exciting and can be very lucrative, but victory doesn’t mean that you would immediately want to withdraw your money. As soon as that you have won, your account balance will immediately reflect your winning amount regardless of whether you placed your bet at the track or online. You have the choice to use this winning sum for your next bets on future races, or you can withdraw your money.

Nyra Bets offers several options to facilitate both deposits or withdrawals.

Nyra Bets Deposit Methods

Deposit method Processing time Minimum deposit Maximum deposit
VisaDepending on the service provider$50$5,000
MasterCardDepending on the service provider$50$5,000
Wire TransferDepending on provider--

How to Withdraw Your Earnings

Players have as many withdrawal options as ways for making deposits. These can vary depending on your personal preference and the most suitable choices.

Withdrawal method Processing time Minimum withdrawal Maximum withdrawal
VisaDepending on the service provider$50$5,000
MasterCardDepending on the service provider$50$5,000

Do I Need to Prove my Source of Wealth?

No, this is not a requirement.

Nyra Bets Bonuses and Campaigns

Like with many other providers of online gambling solutions, Nyra Bets also offers a Nyra Bets bonus to welcome new players. Players are also spoiled with more ongoing bonuses in the form of daily promotions and regular wager rewards for players in the USA.

Introducing Nyra Bets’ Bonuses

When you register your new account on the Nyra Bets site, you will receive a 100% bonus matching your deposit up to the value of $200. This bonus rewards new players for taking the time to sign up and thanks them for their interest in the platform. It is a brilliant way to interest new players to register on this trusted betting platform in the USA.

Current Nyra Bets Campaigns

Nyra Bets offers a calendar filled with betting opportunities to American sports betters all year round. These campaigns provide players with the opportunities to play with real money and to win actual dollars in return. These campaigns all take place online, and players can enjoy them from any of the 29 states in the USA where Nyra Bets are legal. The upcoming campaigns are the following:

  • Belmont Stakes Challenge taking place in early June
  • Stars and Stripes Challenge in July
  • Saratoga Challenge in August
  • Woodward Challenge in the last week of August

All of these and many more opportunities exist to add extra dollars to your account.

FAQs on Nyra Bets’ Bonuses

💰 Does Nyra Bets offer a welcome bonus?

Yes, new players to the trusted Nyra Bets platform is in line for a welcome bonus valued at 100% of their first deposit up to the value of $200.

🤔 What is Nyra Bets Late Pick 5?

Nyra Bets offer their customers the chance to win daily on the last five races that occur at Belmont Park. This bonus is a great solution to make more dollars for many as it has a 15% takeout and a minimum deposit amount of $0.50. In the case where there were no winning tickets, the prize money rolls over to the next day.

❓ How does the Nyra Bets Points Program Work?

This program rewards punters for every dollar spent. When you are a member of this program, you receive 4 points for every dollar that you bet on any race taking place on Nyra tracks. For races on other tracks, you will earn 2 points per dollar.

⚖️ Are the bonus options that Nyra Bets offer legit?

Yes, many American sports punters on horse racing can testify to enjoying the benefits of their range of bonus solutions.

What Races Does Nyra Bets Offer?

Nyra Bets offers its bettors access to more than 250 of the world’s most prominent races. In addition to this, punters can also enjoy the choice of different wagering options.

  • Betslip
  • Program
  • Bets

Which Races Can I Wager on at Nyra Bets?

Some of the horse races include the following well-known events.

  • The Kentucky Derby
    The Kentucky Derby is due to take place on the 4th of May at Churchill Downs and is the first leg in the Triple Crown. For the event, Nyra Bets offers its Derby Bankroll Builder. This feature is open for participation by account holders. Punters can place $50 bets on a single horse in any of Derby’s five prep races. This wonderful opportunity is further expanded by giving a bonus to the maximum of $20 to any participant that places their wagers on the Nyra Bets mobile app.
  • Belmont Stakes
    This prestigious event is set to take place in early June. It is the third leg of the well-known Triple Crown. Punters across America love to bet their money on the many thoroughbreds on the track at Belmont Park set in New York State. Nyra Bets is your trusted partner when you want to win big on your favorite in the race.
  • The Breeders Cup
    Most definitely a highlight in the world of racing scheduled in November annually. Nyra Bets is one of the preferred sports betting sites that bring you the details and live streams of events as it happens. Nyra Bets USA is your trusted partner when it comes to secure betting platforms for any kind of sporting event, from the well-known to the lesser publicized events.
  • The Preakness Stakes
    The second leg in the Triple Crown, this event brings much horse racing excitement. Nyra Bets enables players to place their bets on the race even if it is still far in advance. Future bet is an option that allows players to place their bets on events that are still far in the future.

Which Race Tracks Does Nyra Bets Feature?

Nyra Bets covers races from more than 250 prestigious tracks situated across the globe.

How Easy Is It to Use Nyra Bets?

Nyra Bets is an easy to use platform to register, place your bets, make deposits and withdraw money. In addition to this simplicity, the sites provide players with simple steps to solve almost any concern or query that they may have. If this still doesn't address your concern, you can reach out to them via Live Chat, email or phone

Nyra Bets – Compatible Devices

The developing team behind the success of Nyra Bets exerted themselves to achieve greatness with compatibility. The technology behind Nyra Bets casino and the Nyra Bets app allows players in the USA to play on a variety of devices. These include Microsoft, iOS and Android. Sports bettors will find that Nyra Bets works equally well on the following devices:

  • iPad App
  • iPhone App
  • iPod Touch App
  • Mobile Sites
  • Android Apps

What We Think of the Feel of Nyra Bets

This platform is well-explained with detailed tutorials–truly a site with many bonus features that makes betting on horse racing much more accessible.

Nyra Bets Customer Support Services

Nyra Bets commits to providing excellent customer care to help players with all kinds of enquiries. The Nyra Bets website offers extensive advice on various topics from wagering to troubleshooting withdrawals. In the case where these online resources still don’t provide the information that players need their customer support team is ready to assist.

How can I Reach Out to Nyra Bets?

Sports punters in the States can quickly get hold of assistance and support with any queries that they might have regarding Nyra Bets. Their customer support is available via their helpline telephone number. Alternatively, punters can also reach them via email or live chat.

What Features Make Nyra Bets Unique?

The list of unique features that add to the success of Nyra Bets among American horse race punters is rather long and detailed. It is evident why they are such a popular platform in the world of horse racing.

How Is Nyra Bets Different to Other Online Gambling sites?

There are various benefits that sports punters can enjoy at Nyra Bets that set them apart from all other providers.

  • Loyalty program
    Sports punters can enjoy the benefits of their loyalty program. This program delivers more dollars in your pocket.
  • Large selection
    American punters have access horse racing on 250 leading tracks globally
  • Live Streaming
    All betters with registered accounts on Nyra Bets have access to live streaming of races in different classes. These include harness, thoroughbred and quarter horse racing.
  • No membership fees
    American sports punters don’t have to part with any of their winning dollars to be able to play.
  • Handicapping tips
    The Nyra Bets team of professional handicappers freely share tips and other handicapping information with account holders to help them improve their game.

Is Nyra Bets a Good Choice for US Players?

From the day at Saratoga Race track when Nyra Bets came into existence, this horse racing betting platform showed immense success. Many American punters enjoy their variety, security and versatility. The many added benefits are all in favor of US players. Nyra Bets is a trusted choice for your horse racing bets in the States.

Nyra Bets – Our Verdict

Nyra Bets might not be the most exciting platform when it comes to graphics, audio and user experience. Yet, with that said, Nyra Bets do provide much more in other fields of sports betting on racing events. Players do have access to many different races and betting preferences. Placing your bets with the Nyra Bets apps is easy and straightforward. The Nyra Bets mobile solution is compatible with various mobile platforms, allowing you to place your bets on the go.

Their support is pretty magnificent and available when you need it. Players do get access to free tips to help them succeed. Bonuses and ongoing campaigns can bring in a side income of unexpected dollars in your pocket. Lastly, but also probably the most crucial feature of the platform is that it is safe and secure and does adhere to strict gaming laws and policies in the USA. You can play with the confidence that your information is safe at all times.

Five Things We Love about Nyra Bets in the USA

Nyra Bets offer safe solutions to punters on the American horse racing scene. Our most favored features of the platform are the following:

  • Players receive three different means of placing their wagers remotely, which means that you don’t have to travel anywhere to place your bets. Punters can also place their bets via telephone, which is the perfect solution to players who are less confident with technology and online applications.
  • You can place your wagers by merely going online through your account on their online race book.
  • You can be part of Nyra Bets horse racing by betting from your mobile device. The Nyra Bets app works well with various platforms on mobile devices and ensures ease of use while on the go.
  • A variety of betting types at your fingertips. The Nyra Bets casino offers players over 10 different betting types to choose from: Grand Slam, Quinella, Trifecta and Daily Double to name only a few. You have the freedom to choose with confidence.
  • We appreciate the confidence that the site instils. Any online gamer will testify to the peace of mind when your provider adheres to regulations. The fact that Nyra Bets casino adheres to the requirements set by the Oregon Gaming Commission and the NY State Gaming Commission inspires confidence.

How Nyra Bets Could Improve?

There is genuinely very little to say about elements that we didn’t like about this site. It truly resembles some of the most secure platforms in both the world of racing events and sports betting as a whole. If we do have to commit to a particular area where we can recommend improvement, it would be the fact that their user-experience on the web version could be more friendly. The web version doesn’t compete well with the functionality and ease of use of the Nyra Bets app.

Our Nyra Bets Review Rating

Nyra Bets is a growing name with a trusted reputation in horse racing. Their commitment to providing a safe and secure betting experience to punters in a large part of the US is appreciated. This site is not only great to place your bets, but live streaming and up to date horse racing results are available at your fingertips.

If you are keen to partake in a legal, registered and authorized bookmaking platform to place your bets in the States, Nyra Bets is it.

JustGamblers awards Nyra Bets a 4 out of 5-star rating.

Operator details
Company Name: Nyra Bets
Address: 110-00 Rockaway Blvd, South Richmond Hill, NY 11419, United States
Licenses: Oregon Gaming Commission and the New York State Gaming Commission
Established: 2016
VAT Number: N/A
Registration Number: 5324897
Awards: No
Languages Supported: English
Associated Brands: Kentucky Derby, Triple Crown, Pegasus World Cup, Preakness Stakes
Affiliate program: New York State Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services
Customer support
Live chat: No
Live chat 24/7: No
E-Mail Address: support@nyrabets.com
Devices & Apps
Devices: Desktop, Mobile, Tablet
Apps: Android, iOS
Games & Providers
Amount of games: 250
Games: -
Amount of providers: -
Providers: -
Banking & Payments
Currencies: USD
Payment (Deposit): Wire Transfer, Visa, MasterCard
Minimum deposit: -
Payment (Withdrawal): Wire Transfer, Visa, MasterCard
Minimum withdrawal: -
Pending withdrawal period: Depending on provider
Bonuses & Requirements
Deposit: -
No deposit: -
Free spins: -
Wager requirements free spins: -
Wager requirements: -
Coming Soon
Accept players from USA USA Flag

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Not a good wagering site for average users - maybe good for professional gamblers
Rated 1 out of 5
April 26, 2022

I tried to join with one of their special deals for new users. Be very careful and read every word of their promotion very carefully. It turns out, you aren't really wagering if you wager to show. Of course, they still take your money, but you didn't wager toward any promo you may have thought you were using. They wouldn't work with me at all when I tried to talk to them about it. I withdrew the rest of my funds. Stick with the tried and true long term sites like Keeneland Select or Twin Spires. They are there for everyone, not just professional gamblers.

Tricia Whitfield
I will go to a bookie before using NYRA-Bets.
Rated 1 out of 5
July 12, 2021

Customer service is a joke. I had legitimate concerns about hidden fees before opening an account. Phone reps pass you to the next person who is also unable to help. Emails, when responded, referred me back to the terms and conditions I had already read. Another directed me to Contact NYRA mutuels which I did by email and followed up with a phone call. The multiple reps said they answered my email, but I never got it, and verbally, he informed his legal department and that I go through Illinois (my home state). Great help, New York.
Contact Illinois Racing Association mutuals and get the answers I was looking for. I signed up and tried to fund my account, but it was denied. No reason was provided. I cleared it with my bank beforehand, so it was not on their end. I was well above the minimum deposit amount and below the maximum. Live chat is non-existent and should be changed to Dead-End chat like the rest of the site.
I’ve spent hours over the last couple of weeks trying to get direct answers to direct questions and still got screwed. It's not worth the frustration.
Mr. Scott Baker.
45+ years horseplayer

Scott Baker

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