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If you enjoy horse racing, Xpressbet is an excellent option for online horse race betting. Learn more about the features you need to know, including state restrictions and betting options.

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🔢 Do the initial bonuses require a promo code?

Yes. Players can choose from three initial bonus options, each of which has their own promo code. Make sure to double-check the code to ensure that you are capitalizing on the right bonus.

🤔 What is the XB Rewards Program?

The XB Rewards Program is a loyalty program that allows players to earn points for every dollar that they bet on any race. You can redeem your points for a variety of things including using them to place other bets or purchasing gift certificates for specific tracks.

đź’¸ Does Xpressbet ever offer pop-up promotions?

Yes. Xpressbet encourages their players to check their website regularly, so they don’t miss out on sporadic bonuses.

đź«‚ Is there a limit to how many people I can refer through the Referral Program?

No. You can refer as many people as you want without restriction.

Is Xpressbet Trustworthy?

Have you heard about the excitement associated with Xpressbet? It may leave you wondering “Is Xpressbet legit?” The answer to this question is a resounding “Yes”. Although Xpressbet is not the typical internet casino and does not offer fan favorites such as roulette or blackjack or an Xpressbet sportsbook, it does offer some fantastic horse racing options that are second to none.

Is Xpressbet Licensed and Certified in the USA?

Xpressbet is unique when it comes to licensing and certifications in the sense that they have constructed their site so that it adheres to each state’s mandates regarding horse race betting. Xpressbet provides users with a breakdown of state restrictions, and the site prohibits players in some states from registering for an account. For example, residents of New Jersey are barred from creating an Xpressbet account due to state law while there are no restrictions on horse race betting in Oregon.

When Was Xpressbet Launched?

Xpressbet launched in 2002 - long before the internet casino boom. The laws connected to online gambling in the US are much stricter than those applied to horse race betting, which is likely why Xpressbet was founded well ahead of the generic internet casino sites for US players.

Does Xpressbet Have a Good Reputation?

Xpressbet’s parent company, Xpressbet, LLC, is a registered entity with the Better Business Bureau. The BBB serves as a watchdog agency that allows consumers to make complaints about a business and provides the business with the chance to address the issue. Any grievances reported to the BBB are made public with retracted names or personally-identifying information. 

In Xpressbet’s almost 20-year history, there were only seven complaints to the BBB about customer problems. Currently, every issue has been resolved by the company, although the resolution is not always in the favor of the player. More than half of the problems resulted in Xpressbet rightfully refunding or releasing earnings to players while the others were posted with copies of letters that were sent directly to the gambler with a justification of withholding money. 

This tact goes a long way in providing transparency to their players and shows that Xpressbet is committed to supplying their players with quality customer service by addressing all problems brought to their attention.

Considering that Xpressbet is available for horse racing bets in most states throughout the country, it’s ranking is surprisingly low. Marked at 126,315 in global engagement, the average time spent on the site is less than a minute. Although horse races are a somewhat notorious sport, this is still a meager average.

Is Xpressbet a Listed Company?

Xpressbet is not a listed company. Considering that the entity has been in existence since 2002 and still hasn’t created a shareholder feature is likely indicative that they do not plan to generate stock options for their players any time soon.

Brands Associated with Xpressbet

Although Xpressbet does not list that they are associated with any other brands, they have gone to great lengths to align themselves with a range of other affiliates which include Golden Gate Fields, Laurel Park and Palm Meadows.

Xpressbet’s Responsible Gaming Policies

Xpressbet indicates that they never want to capitalize on a user’s gambling addiction. The site provides resources that players can use to find the support they need to assist in a compulsive gambling problem. 

While this information is helpful, the responsible gambling page misses vital pieces of information about how Xpressbet will help a user to curb or restrict their betting habits. The policy does not even provide the option of closing an account.

Creating an Account with Xpressbet

Xpressbet goes to great lengths to abide by state-specific laws regarding player enrollment. For example, Alaska, Washington, D.C., Georgia, Hawaii, Mississippi, Missouri, Nevada, New Jersey, North Carolina, Puerto Rico, South Carolina, Texas, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and Utah do not allow their residents to create an account through Xpressbet while many other states allow you to place a bet in a specific manner, such as over the phone. 

There are also age restrictions on opening an Xpressbet account. The following states require that a user be over the age of 21: 

  • Alabama
  • Arizona
  • Indiana
  • Iowa
  • Kansas
  • New Hampshire
  • North Dakota
  • Washington 

The remaining states only require players to be 18 years old to sign up.

Information You’ll Need to Sign Up

To create an account with Xpressbet, players must provide the following information:

  • First and last name
  • Date of birth
  • Phone number
  • E-mail address and password
  • Complete address including street, city, state and zip code 
  • Social security number 

While novice players may be hesitant to provide their social security number, Xpressbet is required to report your winnings to the IRS because it is considered income. This income is linked to your social security number, and you will need to pay taxes on it at the end of the year.

Do I Need to Provide Any Documents to Withdraw Earnings from Xpressbet?

Xpressbet tries to verify all player identification information electronically, which eliminates the need for a user to provide Xpressbet with any other physical documentation. However, if a piece of information cannot be verified, Xpressbet reserves the right to request documentation such as credit card images, bank statements, social security card image or a utility bill.

How Easy Is It to Create an Xpressbet Account?

Although the information that Xpressbet requires should be something that any person should know, how Xpressbet presents it, is cumbersome. There is a percentage bar at the top of the screen, which indicates how far along you are in the process which can make it seem as though it’s taking longer to register. 

The entire account set up should take no longer than five to ten minutes.

How Xpressbet Verifies Your Documents

On the rare occasion that Xpressbet needs to confirm documentation, a member of their customer service team will reach out to you via e-mail with the specific information that you need to submit to complete account registration or funding. Players can respond to that e-mail with a PDF and expect a resolution within 24 hours.

How Quickly Can I Start Playing with Real Cash?

Except for check, money order or wire transfer, a player can begin making bets with real cash instantly. If you have any issues funding your account, the site indicates that you should reach out to a member of their team so they can walk you through the steps you can take to get your account working properly.

Xpressbet Withdrawals and Deposits

Xpressbet offers a variety of ways to fund or withdraw earnings from your player account. The best way to conduct transactions is electronically through their website; however, players also have the option to make deposits in-person, by phone or through the mail.

Xpressbet Casino Deposit Methods

Xpressbet users can make electronic deposits using the following options:

Deposit method Processing time Minimum deposit Maximum deposit
Wire TransferInstant$10$25
Cash at CageInstant$10$25

How to Withdraw Your Earnings

Xpressbet allows players to withdraw their earnings in the following ways:

Withdrawal method Processing time Minimum withdrawal Maximum withdrawal
PayPalAt least 24 hours$10-

Do I Need to Prove my Source of Wealth?

Xpressbet does not require players to prove their source of wealth unless there is an issue in funding their account. If multiple funding methods are attempted and declined, Xpressbet will flag your account for possible fraudulent activity and ask you to reach out to a member of their customer service team to address the issue.

Xpressbet Bonuses and Campaigns

Xpressbet has some of the best bonuses that we have seen from a betting entity. The Xpressbet team makes it easy for you to build up your player account with Xpressbet cash by offering a wide range of bonuses that tailor to serious and casual bettors, alike.

Introducing Xpressbet’s Bonuses

Xpressbet offers its new users a multitude of ways to earn more bang for their buck with their bonuses. New registrants can pick which bonus they want to opt into based on the initial amount that they anticipate adding to their player account. 

For example, casual bettors would benefit from utilizing the $20 bonus which credits your account with $20 if you place a $20 within the first 30 days of registering. If you plan to deposit and bet higher amounts, you will benefit from the $500 bonus. This promotion credits your account with $10 for every $100 that you bet up to $500.

Current Xpressbet Campaigns

A popular Xpressbet campaign is the XB Friends program. To register for this program, all a user must do is complete the XB Friends Enrollment form. XB Friends is an easy way for registered players to earn free betting money for every friend or family member that register for an account and make a deposit of at least $100 within 30 days of creating an account.

What Games Does Xpressbet Offer?

Xpressbet caters exclusively to gamblers that are focused on placing bets on horse racing events. Xpressbet partnered with over 300 tracks around the world to provide their players with the best venues to place their bets. Examples of accessible tracks include Gulfstream Park and Churchill Downs. 

What Type of Horse Racing Bets Can I Make Through Xpressbet?

Gamblers can place bets on any of the following types of horse races:

  • Thoroughbred
  • Harness
  • Quarter Horse 

It’s important to note that some races may not be available in your state due to restrictions. Once you register, the site will indicate the types of races available to you based on your physical location.

From Where Does Xpressbet Source Its Betting Options?

One of the best features about Xpressbet is that it provides a way for bettors to watch the races in real-time through their website. However, there are specific system requirements to access this feature.

How Easy Is It to Use Xpressbet?

The fact that Xpressbet has partnered with so many tracks with betting options available in most of the US is a double-edged sword. While it does provide players with the opportunity to bet on almost any game throughout the country, the abundance of options makes it challenging to streamline them in a way that makes it easy for players to find the race of their choice. Therefore, new users will likely struggle to find the race they want. However, once a bettor gets use to the layout of the site, they should have no problem navigating through it.

Xpressbet – Compatible Devices

The best way to access Xpressbet is through your desktop computer. Xpressbet does have an app. However, it is only available to players that have an Apple device. If users have an Android device, they can still access Xpressbet, but they will need to do so through their mobile web browser. 

Players have reported that even if you have a large tablet, it is better to use your mobile web browser to access Xpressbet. While the Xpressbet app is great for phones, different features of the site are easier to see when you go through the website.

What We Think about the Feel of Xpressbet

The layout of Xpressbet can take some getting used to; however, overall, the site is colorful and easy to read. It is filled with fun pictures of horse races, and the site creators used bold lettering to make reading easier.

Xpressbet Customer Support Services

Xpressbet leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to accessibility. While Xpressbet offers multiple ways to contact a representative, their hours are minimal. Xpressbet operates during eastern standard time which can also make it difficult for players outside of that time zone to contact at representative when it is convenient for them. 

Xpressbet does an excellent job; however, in training their staff to address any user issue quickly. Whether you contact a representative through live chat or over the phone, you can expect to find a courteous response to any inquiry.

How Can I Reach Out to Xpressbet?

Players can contact customer service in the following ways: 

  • Live chat
  • Telephone
  • Message through website 

Live chat is a widely popular option for any online betting. Unfortunately, Xpressbet’s live chat feature is only available between 12 PM and 8 PM. Call Xpressbet provides players with a little more flexibility in the sense that a representative is available between 10:30 AM and 11:00 PM. 

What Features Make Xpressbet Unique?

Xpressbet is unique because it is one of the best sites for horse race betting. Horse race betting at Xpressbet is a rarity considering that it can be challenging to find this option among online casinos. The fact that they adhere to each state’s specific laws takes the guesswork out of making bets and allows the user to make their wager without wondering if they are making legal bets.

How Is Xpressbet Different to Other Horse Racing Websites?

One of the ways that Xpressbet stands out among its competitors is by offering a live streaming race event option. This option incentivizes players to stay on the website longer and possibly make more bets. It also provides users with one website to place their bets and then watch how their wager plays out.

Is Xpressbet a Good Choice for US Players?

If you are the type of gambler that is looking for a site that is designed specifically for horse racing, Xpressbet should be one of your top choices. Xpressbet goes above and beyond to ensure that player safety is always intact and that you are betting within state-specific regulations.

Xpressbet – Our Verdict

Xpressbet has a lot to offer bettors that enjoy horse racing. However, if you are looking for fully-fledged internet casino games to play, Xpressbet is not an option. This entity is dedicated exclusively to horse racing, and although the sport brings an abundance of excitement, this is not a site to sign up for if you are interested in cards, slots or live dealer games.

Five Things We Love about Xpressbet

If you enjoy placing bets on horse races, you should not pass up the opportunity to make your wager through Xpressbet. We love Xpressbet for the following reasons: 

  • Live streaming
    Xpressbet picked up on the fact that bettors enjoy watching horse races in real-time, which is why they developed a way to live stream races through their website. Considering that every race is not always televised, this is an excellent way for players to enjoy the added excitement of watching the race from the convenience of their computer or phone.
  • Bonuses
    The bonuses at Xpressbet are great. Instead of offering one generic initial bonus for every new player, Xpressbet allows a user to pick which bonus will benefit them based on the amount they are depositing.


  • Great reputation
    The fact that Xpressbet has had less than ten complaints in its almost 20-year history is awe-inspiring and should instill immediate confidence that Xpressbet is trustworthy. Xpressbet is always willing to work with a player that has a problem and tries to work quickly to remedy the situation.
  • Track partners
    An impressive feature of the Xpressbet platform is that they have partnered with over 300 tracks which give users a vast selection of races from which to choose.
  • Multiple betting options
    Players are not restricted to funding their account through the website. They can also add money to their account over the phone. While users should never be worried about providing Xpressbet with their financial information, sometimes hearing the confirmation from a live person that funds have been transferred helps to boost player confidence.

How Xpressbet Could Improve

While any avid horse racing bettor will love most of the features of Xpressbet, there are a few ways that they could improve their platform: 

  • Website navigation
    Until you become accustomed to the feel of the Xpressbet site, it is difficult to navigate. This difficulty is likely due to the number of race options that players have along with Xpressbet trying to manage players on a state-by-state basis.
  • Customer service hours
    Unfortunately, customer service is an area of Xpressbet that is lacking. While the representatives are incredibly courteous and helpful, the fact that their hours are so limited is a detriment. To have representatives available only eight hours per day through live chat when that is easily the preferred method of communication is frustrating because players may feel restricted into making bets during just those times to ensure there is someone available to address any issues that may arise.

Customer service would have been a feature that we loved about Xpressbet if it was not for the extremely limited hours. 

  • Limited withdrawal options
    Although the funding choices for Xpressbet are expansive, there are only a handful of options available for withdrawing winnings. Although Xpressbet promises to process withdrawals quickly, they request at least 24 hours to review the request. Additionally, with a check by mail being one of the main options, it is highly unlikely that you would receive a payout with this option in any less than at least three to five days. 

Our Xpressbet Review Rating

Although Xpressbet does not offer typical casino-style games, it is an excellent option for any gambler that is either interested in trying out horse racing or who makes exclusive horse race wagers. If you are looking for live dealer casinos, we encourage you to read through our other reviews on trustworthy options. Our experts believe that if you give Xpressbet a chance, you will not regret it. While there are some things that we hope Xpressbet will change about its platform, it is guaranteed to provide a fun, exciting and safe experience to any user. 

We are happy to award Xpressbet a 4 out of 5-star rating as one of the trusted sports betting sites.

Operator details
Company Name: Xpressbet, LLC
Address: 200 Racetrack Road, Building #26, Washington, PA 15301
Licenses: No specific license; operated within the mandates set down by the individual states in the United States
Established: 2002
VAT Number: N/A
Registration Number: N/A
Awards: None
Languages Supported: English
Associated Brands: None
Affiliate program: None
Customer support
Live chat: Yes
Live chat 24/7: No
Devices & Apps
Devices: Desktop, Tablet, Mobile
Apps: iOS
Games & Providers
Amount of games: 300
Games: -
Amount of providers: -
Providers: -
Banking & Payments
Currencies: USD
Payment (Deposit): Bank Transfer, Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, PayNearMe, Neteller, Cash at Cage
Minimum deposit: $10
Payment (Withdrawal): PayPal
Minimum withdrawal: $10
Pending withdrawal period: Between 24 hours and seven business days
Bonuses & Requirements
Deposit: -
No deposit: -
Free spins: -
Wager requirements free spins: -
Wager requirements: -
Coming Soon
Accept players from USA USA Flag

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