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JustMedia Acquires Domains As Part of Strategy to Protect Brands

As JustMedia is positioning itself as a leading performance marketing company across global jurisdictions, they’re handling an increasing number of…

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As JustMedia is positioning itself as a leading performance marketing company across global jurisdictions, they’re handling an increasing number of domains. Their core objective is to generate valuable traffic for partners while giving consumers reliable and transparent information while protecting the brand. As they grow, domain management and brand protection become increasingly important.

Their latest acquisitions were made in relation to the core domain name strategy of the brands, which includes proactive measures against spoof websites and lookalike domains that may be harmful to the brand and reputation. 

JustMedia has secured domain name variations relating to the flagship brand, JustGamblers©. The following domains were acquired: justgambler.com, justgambler.us, justgamblers.us, and justgambler.co.uk, and justgamblers.co.uk. These newly acquired domain names and JustMedia trademarks go hand in hand and help protect the brand. Justgambler.com stands out as the most important acquisition as it’s closely related to the flagship domain justgamblers.com and was acquired for $2,715.

JustMedia acquired these domains after evaluating our global domain name strategy. We made a risk assessment from a business and legal perspective and decided that the domain properties of .us (United States) and .co.uk (United Kingdom) are important for our growth journey. With JustGamblers©, we are building a powerful brand, and besides mitigating risks, we obtain good synergy through local TLDs.

Magnus Boberg, JustMedia Managing Director

For more information, please contact: media@justgamblers.com

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JustMedia is a leading performance marketing company with expertise in the iGaming industry, delivering SEO, content, tools, guides, communities, and social media with a global reach. Through their flagship brand, JustGamblers©, they engage gambling enthusiasts worldwide while delivering high-quality traffic and leads to iGaming partners. JustMedia grows both organically and via acquisitions while operating its business in accordance with legal frameworks and responsible affiliate marketing practices. For more information, visit JustGamblers.com/corporate/.

Magnus Boberg

Co-Founder and Managing Director

9-years iGaming experience held from a range of high level positions in multiple iGaming companies, both startups and more well known stock listed gambling companies. Today Magnus is Managing Director of JustMedia Ltd