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Learn about the best places to find online slots for Canadian gamblers at JustGamblers. Read the rules, strategies, and common money management techniques to stay safe and have fun.
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Best Online Slots Sites for Canadians

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Our Complete Guide to Playing Slots Online

Whether in physical casinos or online, slot machines are among the most popular game options for gamblers throughout the world. With the advent of online casinos, this convenient form of gambling has spread to Canada, with many casinos opening their digital doors to players who previously had to visit physical casinos to enjoy gambling. To help Canadian gamblers who want to enter the online casino scene or are curious about where they can find slots online, we’ve assembled this comprehensive guide to the best casinos through which you can play for free or for real money.

JustGamblers has assembled a team of experts who know the ins and outs of both in-person and online gambling to offer advice on how best to manage money and make the most of your odds when you try online slot machines. We’ve also compiled lists of our favourite casinos (which you can see in our ever-increasing list of casino reviews[EP1] ), so you can search through the most trusted sites around to play online game slots. Before you visit a casino, read through our guide to learn a little more about how to gamble safely.

In this guide, you’ll receive answers to common questions that Canadian gamblers have regarding slots online, including its history in Canada, and our advice on how to make the most of your money.

FAQ for Online Slots – Your Questions Answered

Canada operates in a common grey area: as with other nations such as India, it is not illegal for Canadian players to gamble at online casinos as long as those casinos do not operate domestically. There is one exception in Canada: Quebec’s provincial lottery, Loto-Quebec, operates the online casino Espace Jeux legally.

Are there many different options to play slots online?

Yes, Canadian players can choose from a wide selection to find the best online casino for slots, each with hundreds of options for slots. Mulitple software developers create these slots variations, but they all follow the same basic rules and provide a user-friendly interface. There are many slots categories, including classic slots, video slots, 3D slots, pokies, AWP slots, and fruit machines.

Are there any differences between internet slots and those found in physical casinos?

As with many online casino options, digital slots are designed to function nearly identically to slot machines in physical casinos. Online developers take advantage of the greater control that the digital platform provides and design the slots to take advantage of the audio-visual capabilities of computers to create an immersive experience that you can enjoy as you connect with players from all over the world.

Can I play online slots for real money?

You can find many options for playing slots online for money. While there are free slots options available, most slots are designed for for-money play. Casinos make sure that the slots on average will have a slight advantage to the house, but some games are generous and will have a high RTP (return to player) rate.

Is there any way to ensure that online slot machines are fair?

It’s natural to have this concern, as it might not feel as legitimate playing online slots from home. Governmental regulatory bodies often audit these programs and online casinos to issue licenses. Additionally, reputable casinos including 888 Casino lean on software developers that certify their programs through an agency such as eCOGRA or iTech Labs.

Are there many different kinds of slot games?

More than any other type of online casino game, with slots, you can find a tremendous variety. These games follow the same premise of making a bet, “pulling the lever,” then seeing if you won. Some have slightly different rules or intriguing payout rates while others use popular franchises such as Marvel to draw attention to the games.

What are the best qualities to seek in online slot games?

It’s essential to look for a secure online casino before you bet any real money on slots online. We’ve sorted through and explained which casinos you can trust with your money. Let our experts guide you to casinos that are responsible with player funds, have valid licenses and security certifications, and offer slots with competitive bonuses to encourage new players.

What are the steps to start playing online slots?

Today, the process to sign up and start playing at an online casino is easier than ever. Our reviews link directly to the various online casinos that we recommend, then you can visit the site and click on the convenient “Register” button. Nearly every casino places this button where it will receive high visibility for new players and keeps the registration process minimal, requiring some basic contact information before you create your account. Below, we review this process in more detail.

Introducing the World of Online Slots

These days, you likely have a co-worker, classmate, or friend who regularly enjoys gambling online. You may have heard them speak about it, and if you have, odds are they’ve shared some of the highlights of their experiences. You should be pleased to know that most of the thousands of online slot machines available on the internet are perfectly safe to play. Between governmental regulations and third-party certifications, you can be confident that there’s an online casino out there that you can safely enjoy.

In this section, we review some of the basic questions that new Canadian gamblers ask when they enter the world of online slots. Keep reading for a brief overview of slots’ history in Canada, the potential risks of play, and the technical aspects of how online slots work that you should know.

Is Playing Online Slots Risky?

Due to the nature of the activity, there’s always an element of risk when you gamble. Online slots are no exception, as they operate under the same premise as physical casinos. While you may occasionally experience stretches of good luck due to the random number generation (RNG) in online slot software, the house ultimately has a slight advantage. Despite this truth, online casinos with proper licenses won’t cheat you out of the winnings that you’re due when the odds do come up in your favour.

It’s best to approach slots with the attitude of having fun rather than making your rent or mortgage payment based on your time at the slots tables. Take some extra money that you’re willing to spend as flexible cash, then gamble only with that money when you try slots online.

There’s a lot of fun to be had using your desktop computer or mobile device to access one of our reviewed and approved online casinos[EP1] . We recommend that you start small with slots that only require a few cents so that you can get a feel for playing at an online casino.

Which Slot Machine Games Are Available?

There are more variations of slot machines than any other kind of gambling option at online casinos. Dozens of developers have made thousands of different games, many of which include demo or no-cash versions so that you can try them out. This vast array of slot options breaks down by:

  • Cost to Spin

Slot machines have different denominations when it comes time to pull the lever. Common options are $.01, $.05, $.25, and $1, though you can find slots that accept much more than that if you’re willing to risk it.

  • Number of Reels

Reels are the different bands of symbols that rotate before settling into their final position. The original slot machines used three reels, and that remains the most popular reel number. Other common reel numbers are five, six, and seven. While a machine with more reels makes it harder to win a jackpot, the payout is much greater if luck is on your side.

  • Game Type

The final distinguishing category is type of slot game. There are still traditional slots online, but many modern designs take advantage of the flexibility of software designs to create more immersive experiences. Some common categories that take advantage of these options to varying degrees are pokies, video slots, AWP slots, fruit machines, and 3D slots. New slot sites tend to have the latest versions of games in these categories.

Documents Required to Play Online Slots

Online casinos want to make it easy for players to sign up, deposit money, and start gambling with online slots for real money. They’ve found ways to simplify the registration process and eliminate common hurdles. Now, most casinos only require basic information to prove your age and location so that you can confirm you’re legally eligible to play at the casino.

The usual information that you’ll need to provide at any casino is: 

  • Name and address
  • Email and phone contact information
  • Username and password
  • Social Insurance Number

The trusted online casinos that we’ve reviewed use modern security methods to protect your information, so you can safely provide your Social Insurance Number without fear that it will be compromised. These sites don’t sell or share your private information; they simply use your contact information to alert you to promotions and help you recover your password if you ever forget it.

Won a big pull on the slot machines? Congratulations! Common regulations demand that casinos collect additional identifying information about you when you want to withdraw those funds. You will likely need to scan and submit a copy of a government-issued ID such as a driver’s license or passport.

The Legality of Online Slots in Canada

Except for in Quebec, where the provincial government runs an online casino, Canadian laws on gambling are uniform. There is no prohibition for Canadians to partake in online gambling, though companies are forbidden to run online casinos based in Canada. As a result, many international casinos based in Europe, Asia, and the United States appeal to Canadian players with some even accepting Canadian dollars.

The most trustworthy online casinos use IP addresses and geolocation to ensure that you’re not in a prohibited jurisdiction. As a result, if you travel abroad, you may not be able to access your account. You should be able to log in and start gambling again once you return home.

While there is no federal law against online gambling, it is incumbent on each province to license online casinos according to their citizens’ desires. Other provinces may follow Quebec’s lead in this area or license third parties to open online casinos to serve the domestic Canadian market.

A Brief History of Online Slot Machines

Compared to other games in physical and online casinos, slot machines are relatively new. People have been gambling with dice and cards for hundreds or thousands of years, but the mechanics of slot machines required electricity and complex manufacturing before gambling enthusiasts could enjoy the random fun of pulling the lever.

The first slots were introduced in the United States in 1895, and since then they’ve become a fixture in casinos around the world, often taking up large spaces on multiple floors of the largest casinos. When casinos reached the internet in the 1990s, they brought slot machines with them. Now, software simulates the mechanical levers and reels, but the concept remains unchanged since more than a hundred years ago: match the symbols and win cash!

Developers continue to enhance slot machines’ performance and appearance, so you can now enjoy slots that feature your favourite movie characters, call back to video games from your youth, or evoke the simplicity of the world’s earliest slot machines. The most innovative designs take advantage of both sight and sound to create an immersive experience for thousands of players or use the connectivity of the internet to join thousands together to create an ever-growing progressive jackpot.

Where Can I Play Online Slots Games?

It’s easier than ever to find online casinos where you can choose from hundreds of unique slots online. With such variety, it becomes difficult to know what to trust. Which games are the best, and which casinos are trustworthy with your information and bank account?

JustGamblers’ team of experts has assembled a list of reliable casinos [EP1] where you can try online slots for yourself and gamble without fear that your information is being harvested. We’ve also reviewed these casinos’ game selections so that you can make an informed decision about the kind of game that you’d like to play before you begin.

It’s always smart to try before you buy, so one of the best features of online slot machines is the ability to find a demo mode that you can play for free. These demo versions often give you a good sense of what the slots are like without having to risk any money. When you’ve figured out which slots you enjoy the most, you can follow our reviews to find the best online casinos offering excellent promotions to help you get the most for your money. There are also new Canadian online casinos where you can try some of the latest trends in slots such as Megaways, bonus buy games and drops & wins.

How to Find the Best Online Slots

Given the sheer volume of slots options, your taste and preferences will help you narrow the list of options to those that appeal most to you. Some people favour the convenience that comes from playing at an online casino that supports mobile devices while others prefer immersive experiences that utilise the full extent of desktop computers’ powerful processors.

Another major factor is determining which style of betting you prefer. Do you like to risk a little each time but take a lot of spins? Or do you prefer the chance to win big by betting on a slot with a higher wager? Perhaps you like to be part of a larger group betting for the same growing pot, in which case a progressive jackpot would be best for your preferences.

Next, we review the different styles of online slot machines so that you can see which one appeals most to you before you sign up at any online casino.

Choosing the Best Online Slot Machines

Based on our research, we’ve discovered some of the best online slots to choose from, including:

  • Bonanza

This game harkens back to the old Wild West, where casinos became a fixture of lawless American towns. Players spin for huge jackpots while enjoying the 3D graphics and easy-to-learn player options.

  • Immortal Romance

Immortal Romance captures the intrigue of the supernatural to provide an enticing experience. Take a few spins in a magical world similar to the Twilight series.

  • Dead or Alive 2

A new creation from the popular developer NetEnt, Dead or Alive 2 offers exceptionally high jackpots topping out at well over a million dollars. This game is ideal for new players, as there are many free spin options to try.

  • Starburst

Enjoy the delightful chaos of Starburst with its five reels and three rows, creating a lattice of matching options—more than most other slots. The attractive colour schema and design are sure to dazzle you with glamour.

  • Book of Dead

Pulled directly from “Book of Ra,” a popular slot in physical casinos around the world, Book of Dead takes the tried-and-true formula of slots with an Egyptian flair and brings it to your office or living room.

Where to Find the Best Slot Jackpots

Many people like to learn about the hidden gems in casinos and care more about the numbers than the appearance. For such gamblers, “return to player” (RTP) is one of the most critical factors. This rate determines how much money you’re likely to win over time based on your spins.

The number is as a percentage which indicates how much you’ll win on average if you keep spinning. With an 85% RTP, for example, you’ll win about $85 for every $100 that you bet. While random luck plays a huge role in winning big, most players find that the RTP is quite accurate over time.

Not all developers post their slots’ RTP rates, which concerns some players. If you care about this number and consider it a factor in which games you’d like to play, then you should review some of the highest RTP games that are fun for both new and experienced players:

  • Arabian Nights (RTP: 96.25%)
  • Mega Fortune (RTP: 96%)
  • Mega Moolah (RTP: 88.12%)
  • Hall of Gods (RTP: 95.3%)
  • Mega Fortune Dreams (RTP: 95.9%)
  • Divine Fortune (RTP: 96.59%)
  • Empire Fortune (RTP: 94.3%)
  • Genie Jackpot (RTP: 96.49%)

Not everyone prioritises RTP. Slots with a higher rate tend to have smaller jackpots. Progressive slots are always the ones with the highest rates as those jackpots are built from the large pool of players competing for the same prize. Such games combine concurrent play with tournaments to build up larger jackpots, only resetting when someone takes home the big prize. If you want to take a shot at being the big winner, then you may enjoy the opportunities that progressive slots present.

Games with Low Win Potential

While some players want the chance to win a big jackpot, others simply enjoy the experience of gambling and look at the money as already spent from the moment they deposit it into their online casino account. Such players prefer immersive experiences and pulling the lever more than any other aspects. That said, not every game with a low RTP is sure to be a hit regarding how fun it is to play.

Consider some common games that remain popular despite their low RTP:

  • Fantastic 4 (RTP: 8.01%) – Fantastic 4 is based on the old Marvel franchise and lets you play up to ten lines at a time. It offers sudden jackpots and bonus spins that offset the low average payout rate.
  • Farmer’s Market (RTP: 8.03%) – An example of a game that doesn’t offer much for its low RTP, Farmer’s Market greatly favours the house without innovating on the general slot machine design. Nevertheless, some players enjoy the calm and simple aesthetic style.

Greatest Odyssey (RTP: 5.9 – 26.43%) – This game is the epitome of an entertainment-oriented slots game. It offers a low RTP and doesn’t provide bonuses, yet the design is engaging and features attractive animations. It’s generally worth taking a spin with Greatest Odyssey when you start to play slots online to see what it’s like—knowing, of course, that you’re not likely to win big on this game.

Which Bonuses Do Online Casinos Offer for Slot Games?

Some casinos offer significant bonuses or promotions for their players. The reason that online casinos offer these benefits is that they lack the enticement that comes with a physical casino’s glitzy interiors, alcoholic drinks, and chimes throughout the building. Most players enter the online casino while still remaining in their homes, so the casinos must find other ways to encourage players to stay.

There are several kinds of bonuses, including:

  • Sign-up Bonuses – These bonuses may represent free spins, bonus cash, or loss reimbursements for new players.
  • Deposit Bonuses – Online casinos will often match a portion of your deposit. These bonuses generally apply to your first deposit or deposits on particular days of the week.
  • Jackpots – Although these are technically a payout, large jackpots are “bought” with a lower RTP that gets disbursed to the lucky players who win big—with pots that sometimes exceed millions of dollars.
  • Free Spins – By far the most popular way that casinos try to get Canadian gamblers to play slots online is by offering free spins. Players can only use these spins on the slot machines but still have the possibility of winning you real money.

Online casinos frequently update their bonus structures, so you should check back often for updates and read our latest reviews [EP1] to find out which casinos provide the most compelling bonuses.

The Top Online Slots Software Developers

There are a few standout developers that create excellent online casino games. While nearly every developer creates slots for online casinos around the world, some companies are consistently recognised as creators of the best online slots games.

  • Microgaming

For many years, Microgaming has held one of the top spots among online casino game developers. You can find its games in over 600 casinos. Its hundreds of games feature prominent franchise names such as Jurassic Park and Tarzan. Microgaming is also leading the pack in progressive jackpots: to date, these jackpots have awarded nearly $1 billion to players from around the world.

  • NetEnt

With more than 1,000 employees and a client base exceeding 170 online casinos, it’s no surprise that NetEnt is one of the world’s best-known and most trusted software providers. You’re likely to see some of their games everywhere you go, including Dead or Alive, Starburst, Aliens, and Scarface.

  • IGT

Short for International Gaming Technology, IGT is based in the United States and boasts hundreds of slot games in its portfolio. Many online casinos contract with this company to secure the popular Five Times Pay game, which is one of the highest-rated three-reel slots in the industry.

  • QuickSpin

QuickSpin is not nearly as productive as Microgaming in the number of games that it produces, but it has a strong reputation for quality. When you see a slot game produced by QuickSpin, such as Treasure Island, The Three Musketeers, or Sindbad, then you’re in for a pleasing, attractive gaming experience.

  • NextGen Gaming

Despite its name, NextGen Gaming is one of the longest-lasting online casino software developers with a history that goes back to 1999. The company relies on a tried-and-true method of creating high RTP games for players with its games generally paying back 95-98%.

  • Playtech

This company is a mainstay in the world of online casino games. Playtech supports over 250 online slot games that are found in the highest-rated online casinos. Casinos strike the right balance between payouts, user experience, and security with Playtech’s software.

How to Start Playing Online Slot Machines

Now that you have an idea of what to expect regarding playing slots online, the next step is to find the perfect online casino for you and sign up—explore a few free casino games before you open our expert reviews of the contenders for best online casino for Canadian players.

For each of those casinos, we let you know exactly what to expect. Considering how many online casinos there are, it’s best to trust the experts—don’t let malicious actors take advantage of you with unlicensed casinos or insecure databases.

It is vital to gamble responsibly. Never bet more than you’re willing to spend as part of your entertainment budget, and if you’re afraid that your gambling is becoming a bad habit, take advantage of the free resources available. At JustGamblers, we want to ensure that everyone is having fun, and that starts with responsibility. Play safely and enjoy yourself—and if you’re lucky, you’ll win a little something to show for it!

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