Guide to Best Live Casino in Canada

Are you interested in testing your luck at a live casino? Learn more about which casinos you should try and tips for coming away with real money.
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List With The Best Live Casinos in Canada

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Our In-Depth Guide to a Live Casino

Any gambler that has entered a casino will tell you that the excitement associated with placing bets and winning money is an experience that you will not soon forget. The problem with visiting a live casino is that it’s often difficult, if not impossible, to visit one due to your location or the general chaos of everyday life.

If you don’t have the time to go to Casino Niagara or the Elements Casino Brantford, but you love the thrill of making live casino game bets, an excellent solution is to try your hand at making wagers through the live casino section of an internet casino. Numerous reputable online casinos are available in Canada that gamblers are sure to enjoy.

Live casino games give you an experience comparable to attending a physical casino without ever leaving your home. Whether you are looking to spend a relaxing night placing bets for a few hours or trying to pass the time during your lunch break, a live casino will provide you with the same opportunities to win real money that you would get at any live casino.

Answers to Common Questions about Live Casinos in Canada

How do I know that a live casino is legit?

Before you register for any casino that has a live game feature, you should always read through our expert reviews. Our team dives headfirst into the important details of each casino, including the type of software that the entity uses, account funding methods, and game selection so that you get a full overview of the trustworthiness of the casino.

Can I play live dealer online casino games on my phone?

The answer to this question depends on the casino. The majority of internet casinos that offer live dealer options do allow their users to access these types of games on their smartphones. Keep in mind that some casinos may require that you download the application for their casino so that the games run more efficiently.

How do I start playing?

After you register and fund your account, you can navigate to the section of the casino that offers live dealer games. Click on your preferred game, and once you are “seated,” a live dealer will appear on the screen, and you can begin placing bets.

Are live dealer games restricted anywhere in Canada?

Internet casinos in Canada must meet strict standards before their games become accessible to Canadian gamblers. The Canadian government mandates that internet casinos based in Canada must be approved and regulated by the government before it is accessible to a Canadian player. Although this is the standard for casinos that operate a business in the country, it is nearly impossible to enforce this approach for casinos that are based overseas and want to offer their services to Canadian players. Although gamblers have not been told that they cannot place bets through these casinos, Canadian gamers are left unprotected if the entity proves to be untrustworthy.

Is it fun to play live cams roulette games?

If you love roulette, you would undoubtedly love trying online live roulette at an internet casino. The premise of the game is identical to the standard roulette game. For a live cam version, however, players see the dealer spin the wheel and have the peace of mind of knowing that the results are above board.

Do I have to pay taxes on any money that I win through a live casino game?

The Canadian government does not require gamblers to pay taxes on any of their gambling earnings unless you identify yourself as a professional gambler or if your winnings earn interest. If you do need to pay taxes, you will only need to pay tax on the interest, not on the initial winnings.

How old do you have to be to place bets through an online casino?

Nearly every province in Canada requires that gamblers be at least 19 years old. There are only three provinces in Canada that allow users to register for an account when they are 18. Those provinces include Quebec, Manitoba, and Alberta.

When can I play live games?

Each casino has its unique hours during which they offer live games. Some entities provide users the opportunity to play online live casino games around 24-hours a day, seven days a week, while others only offer games during a specified timeframe. If you are a live dealer game enthusiast, you should always check to see when games are available.

All The Important Details You Should Know About Live Casino Games

Are you hesitant to test out a live casino because you’re unsure of what to expect? This section is for you. Here we will cover the critical information that helps you have a better understanding of what to expect when you are registering for an account and the types of live dealer games you will find in online casinos.

Live Casino Games

Entities that offer live casino games tend to offer a diverse selection of games with the understanding that their users will not always have the same gambling preferences. Some casinos offer the classic live dealer choices which include:

  • Roulette
  • Blackjack
  • Deal or No Deal
  • Dream Catcher
  • Monopoly

Looking to improve your skills? We have created separate guides about online blackjack and online roulette where you can learn more about how and where to play those games.

How to Start Playing Live Casino Games

Trustworthy internet casinos will usually require the same information to register for an account. Here are the steps that you will need to take:

  1. Enter your personal information

The entire registration process for any internet casino shouldn’t last any more than five or ten minutes and requires users to enter the following information:

  • Full name
  • Date of birth
  • Complete address
  • Telephone number (using a mobile phone number is best as some casinos send account verification texts)

It’s important to remember that different casinos may require an account representative to verify your personal information. If the casino mandates that you submit copies of specific documentation including proof of identification or the credit or debit card you intend to use to fund your account. This type of verification can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days to complete. Unfortunately, users will not be allowed to fund their account or start placing money bets until after completion of this process.

  1. Fund your account

Once your account is verified, the next step is to fund it. Casinos tend to offer multiple ways to add money to your account. We will cover the popular options that internet casinos offer further down in this piece.

It would help if you decided how you plan to fund your account before you register for a casino. For example, if your standard method of paying for something online is through PayPal, it would make sense that you would want to use PayPal to transfer money into your casino account. While most casinos allow PayPal as a funding method, not every entity does. You will unquestionably find yourself frustrated if you go through the registration process for a casino only to realize that it does not allow you to add money to your account through PayPal. You will need to either investigate using another transfer method or you may need to look for another casino that better caters to your funding preferences.

Is It Safe to Place Bets at a Live Casino?

To ensure that your financial and personal information is safe when you are placing bets, it’s critical that you do your homework and find a trustworthy casino. Unfortunately, there is a multitude of casinos that may appear as though they are safe, but you should steer clear of them. Here are some examples of red flags to look for when selecting the right casino:

  • Numerous customer complaints
  • Extended wait time for payouts
  • Inept customer service that cannot provide you with a direct answer to your question

What Type of Deposit and Withdrawal Methods Can You Use When Playing at a Live Casino?

The type of deposit and withdrawal methods that you can use for a live casino is dependent on the entity. When you’re deciding which casino you’re going to use, it’s vital that you review their range of account funding options.

Some examples of payment methods that you can use include:

  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Neteller
  • PayPal
  • Play+
  • Playsafe
  • Skrill
  • Wire Transfer
  • Credit and debit cards
  • Interac

Where You Can Play Live Casino Games Online

Our experts have reviewed some of the best online live casinos for Canadian gamblers. Here are a few of our top picks that we think you should check out:

  • LeoVegas
    If you are looking for a casino to test out numerous live casino games, LeoVegas is an excellent choice. Our experts loved the different versions of the live games that the casino offered, including the classic options such as Blackjack and Baccarat. They also enjoyed this different live choice to play popular game shows, including Dream Catcher and lightning roulette.
  • Betway
    Betway Casino is an excellent choice for Canadian gamblers. The casino offers an extensive selection of games with impressive options for live casino mobile games. Betway has a great signup bonus, and while there have been some complaints about lax customer service, overall, Betway should be a leading contender among options for Canadian gamers.
  • Betsson
    Betsson casino has a diverse selection of games, which includes live sports betting, live casino options, and classic slot and poker games. Their live dealer library has a little bit of everything by offering games such as baccarat, live casino blackjack, and roulette. Games are typically available around the clock, which makes it convenient for gamblers.

In addition to the above, several new online casinos have opened in 2024, and many of them are offering live dealer games. So if you want to experience the latest in online live casino, these platforms are the ideal choice.

Of course, there are also casinos that our experts believe you should never trust. 1xbet and are examples of such entities. Although the site may look enticing, we have serious concerns about how the casino operates. Be sure to read through our full review [SB1] on this casino and the other ones we have highlighted to find the right fit for you.

A History of Live Online Casinos

Internet casinos initially grew in popularity in the 1990s. The concept of computers combined with the internet gave way for gaming engineers to develop a way for gambling enthusiasts to play their favorite casino games in the comfort of their own home. It took a few more years for live casino games to come to fruition.

As technology began to develop, casino software companies saw an opening to make it possible for casinos to provide their users with the opportunity to interact with live dealers and place bets on games in real-time. The first live dealer games that were offered were live roulette and live blackjack. Over time, other options became available, including live baccarat, monopoly live, and deal or no deal live.

Live casino games quickly became a favored pastime among internet gamblers. Instead of having to travel to a casino, they could simply log onto their computer (and soon smartphones) and play the game of their choice at any time. Additionally, live casino games provide the user with all the fun and excitement of going to a casino without the hassle of having to leave your house.

A Strategic Approach to a Live Casino

The Best Strategies for Playing Through a Live Online Casino

Before you opt to play any live casino game, you should always have a plan of action when it comes to your gaming and betting strategy. The JustGamblers experts suggest that you keep the following recommendations in mind:

  • Set a betting limit

To ensure that you never get too far in the hole, we recommend that you set a betting limit for yourself before you sit down to a live casino game. You can do this by either monitoring your betting habits or playing with a casino that offers a responsible gaming option that tracks your bets.

  • Get some rest

It’s never a good idea to play live casino games indefinitely. If you set aside time to play on a given day, make sure that you take frequent breaks to avoid making silly mistakes. You should also make time to eat and have something on hand to drink during your game play.

  • Practice first

If you are playing a game you are unfamiliar with, a good rule of thumb is to see if the casino offers practice rooms. This option allows you to play the game and learn the rules without running the risk of losing money.

How to Manage Your Money When Playing on a Live Online Casino

Do you find that you get lost in the thrill of gambling? Try to consider these tips to help you avoid losing your life savings:

  • Look into the casino’s responsible gambling policies
    If you are concerned about your gambling habits, you should always make it a point to see if that casino has any responsible gaming policies. Most casinos will provide you with the option to put a cap on your daily deposits or withdrawals. This limitation helps you to be conscious of how much money you’re spending every day.

    Another option that internet casinos give their users is the choice to opt into a period of self-exclusion if you think that you need to curtail the amount of time you gamble. While the self-exclusion process is different for every casino, the premise of it is the same in the sense that self-exclusion freezes your account for some time without being deleted. At the end of the self-exclusion, the player has the choice to either resume play or delete their account altogether.

    Do you think that your gambling habits are out of control? The responsible gaming section of most internet casinos will provide you with resources that you can use to get in touch with support or addiction professionals to assist you.
  • Take breaks
    It’s never advisable to sit in front of a computer and play casino games for hours on end. If you play any game for too long, you are bound to find that you are losing concentration, which could lead to a losing streak. We always recommend that you take regular breaks. Get up and fetch a glass of water, have something to eat or shut your computer down for a few hours. These practices help to keep your mind fresh.
  • Know when to stop
    At some point in your gambling career, you will most probably hit a streak where it feels as though you can’t win the simplest bet. When you find yourself in this situation, it’s essential that you take a deep breath and take a step away from the computer or your phone for the day. Trying to win back the money that you lost during your losing streak could potentially lead to you losing more money.

Mistakes You Should Avoid When Placing Bets

Unfortunately, it's easy to make inevitable mistakes when it comes to placing bets for live games. Our experts strongly recommend that you should not fall into the following traps:

  • Playing a game without understanding the rules
    It’s never a smart idea to bet any amount of money on a game with which you are not familiar. Take the time to read through the rules of the game first. Once you feel comfortable, start by making small bets until you get the hang of the concept.
  • Place a bet with an untrustworthy casino
    The point of gambling is to try to win money, not lose it. When you make a wager through a dishonest casino, there is a high likelihood that you will not receive the money that you “won,” let alone the initial amount of money that you initially placed on your account.
  • Double-check the terms and conditions
    While the terms and conditions of any internet casino may appear like a page full of legalese, there is important information on the page that every user should review. This section of the casino will supply you with details regarding deposit and withdrawal policies, indicate whether the entity is licensed and information regarding the software companies that the casino uses.

Live Casino Online Bonuses and Campaigns

If you are new to the world of live casinos, you may not realize that there are different types of bonuses and campaigns that internet casinos offer to help you get more bang for your buck. One of the bonuses that you should always look out for is the casino’s Welcome Bonus. This bonus usually entails the casino matching your initial deposit up to a certain dollar amount.

For example, if you notice that a casino offers a 100% initial deposit bonus up to C$20, this would mean that if you fund your account with C$20, the casino will add C$20 in casino cash onto your player account. When utilizing this type of bonus, keep in mind that you typically will not be able to cash out winnings earned through the bonus until you reach a specific deposit threshold.

If you have friends or family that enjoy gambling, you ought to see if the casino offers a referral program. For every person that you refer, the casino awards you with casino cash. The terms and conditions for every referral program are different, so make sure that you understand the rules before you begin referring.

Trustworthy Software Providers for Live Casino Games

When selecting a live online casino in Canada, an important detail to consider is which company the entity uses as a software provider. While many casino software companies claim they are the best in the business, it can be hard to tell the difference. Here are a few examples of companies that our experts trust:

  • NetEnt
    Net Entertainment, also known as NetEnt, has been a staple of the casino software industry since it formally launched in 2000. The company capitalized on the online casino market by creating user-friendly games that are easy to navigate and supply gamblers with the option to play live casino games on their mobile device. Although the company has abundant slot game options, they do offer other choices, including blackjack and craps.
  • Evolution Gaming
    Along with high-quality games, the focus of Evolution Gaming is to provide users with the feeling that they are in Las Vegas playing at one of their favorite casinos while still in the comfort of their own home. You are sure to have an excellent gaming experience if you decide to place a bet on a live game that uses Evolution Gaming software.
  • Microgaming Software Systems Ltd
    Microgaming is one of the oldest casino software companies in the industry. Initially developed in 1994, Microgaming was ahead of its time by recognizing the internet boom on the horizon. Game developers took their love of gambling plus their interest in various internet features and combined them to make a profitable, trustworthy, and fun business that internet casinos rely on to produce excellent gaming choices.

Here’s What to Remember When it Comes to Live Casinos

The goal of the JustGamblers team is to provide you with the insight you need to make the right bets. Our reviews are perfect for seasoned and novice gamblers alike and supplies you with our first-hand experience of each casino.

When you’re choosing a live casino, remember that you should not only consider the game options that the casino offers but other critical details, including funding options, website layout, and the efficiency of their customer service. Above all, you should never register for a casino that has a reputation of being anything less than entirely honest in their business practices.

We strongly encourage you to read through our reviews to remove the mystery behind selecting the right casino.

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