Play 3 Card Poker Online Real Money in India

You have come to the right place if you want to play three card poker online, we have a test game for you to try out for free. We also have created an ultimate guide that will help you to play better and also guidance on where you should play for real money.
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Play 3 card poker online real money in India

Our favourite and the best-rated casino for this game is JungleRaja, they have 4 different versions of the game that you can play. To get started see the picture below and go to the site by clicking the link from the table.

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4 three card games available at JungleRaja

4 three card poker games on JungleRaja
Currently 4 three card games available at JungleRaja (Click on the Image to play)

Step by step

  1. Click on the "image" to go to the site.
  2. Sign up for your account.
  3. Go to the start page and use the search box, type in "three-card" and 4 different versions will pop up.
  4. Click on the image to start the game.

Three card poker online is only one of the many options that this trusted name in the industry has to offer. Indians who prefer to play bets on mobile apps might especially choose to try their hand at this online casino’s mobile-friendly interface. JungleRaja is a trusted name that offers some side bets in addition to the ante, such as a 6-card bonus. You want to play with the confidence that your details are protected. You want to know that the platform that you have chosen to play your favourite table game is fair, which is true for LeoVegas.

Here the fun and excitement never have to stop. The online casino has 1 table available for 3 card poker. Their table limits for 3 card poker offers the widest range in bet limitations, and side bets offer a great advantage for players with different budgets for play.

1 game available at 1XBET

This online casino is another huge favourite among Indians keen to play bets with real rupees. . This platform is also where you can indulge in the fun and excitement of 3 card poker online.

It is a trusted name with proper licensing and certification. The online casino offers exhilarating welcome bonus options and those keen on playing their range of casino games benefit from these too. Thus, if you are not a fan of slots and rather prefer to play with a certain level of skill, 1XBET offers all you need. You also have the option to immerse yourself in a live version of three-card poker on this site to compete with some real live dealer action.

1 game available at JeetWin

JeetWin is a trusted name in the online casino industry in India. They have numerous licenses and are certified by recognised authorities. This certification gives players of three-card poker the peace of mind that they are protected during play.

JeetWin has a wide variety of games on offer. This variety includes exciting games such as three-card poker. Indian players will be able to indulge in their live three-card poker and compete against a live dealer. A true indulgence for JeetWin fans is when Sunny Leone, brand ambassador to the online casino, shows up to fill the role of a live dealer in live games. Since many in India trust and enjoy the opportunities and safety of this well-known online casino, we recommend them as a brilliant option for three-card poker.

3 sites where you can play

Three card poker is one of the most popular table games when people head out to play bet at online casinos. The following casinos offer exciting bonuses and rewards and are trusted names within the online casino industry where you can place your bets.

®️ Name of the site & Sign up link♠️ Type of game💰 Bonus & Offers
🥇 JungleRaja (5 stars)4 versions of the game. Both table games and live dealer option. ₹500 No deposit bonus
🥈 1XBET (3 stars)1 version of the game with live dealer developed by Evolution.₹20,000, use code: CRICLIVE
🥉 Genesis Casino (4 stars)1 version of the game. With live dealer, developed by Evolution.The regular bonus does not apply to this game.
These 3 sites are our favourites for playing three card poker

Three card poker for Indian Players

If you are looking for an easy and straightforward way to play poker online that still offers a bit of a challenge and requires some skill, three-card poker is the game for you. It is one of the youngest versions of poker that you can try. It comes as no surprise then that it has quickly grown into one of the most popular options when players head out to their online casinos to try their hand at a table game, either for the first time or as a regular player.

First, for clarity, this game is not real poker and leans more towards being a casino game. Yet, it does make use of similar hand rankings as in a real poker game. It also means that the strategic thinking real poker requires is not a determining factor in three card poker and makes it so much easier to learn to play.

Three card poker is a challenge that you accept against a dealer and not other poker players at a table. It boils down to merely competing against the house’s cards. When you sit down at a three-card poker table on any online site, the details of play are clearly explained. Take note that depending on what three-card poker sites you decide to play, the finer details regarding house edge and odds might vary.

FAQ - How to play three card poker

How to play three card poker

Three card poker is a simple game that you play with two hands and three cards per hand. The player places a bet on the ante and play follows. The dealer deals the player’s cards face up and the dealer’s hand facing down. The player can decide to fold or raise, and the game continues.

Is three card poker the same as Teen Patti?

No, it is two different card games even though they are very similar, and both rely on three cards for play. The main difference between three card poker and the well-known Indian Teen Patti is that in Teen Patti high and none cards are merged. In three card poker, the ranking of a straight flush and three of a kind is usually interchanged with each other.

Can you play three card poker for free?

Yes, you can. Most three-card poker casinos offer the player the opportunity to try their hand at the game free of charge. This game is excellent for those who only play for fun or want to get to know the game before wagering any money on it. Some online casinos even offer a free live dealer option to three card poker players. You can also play it for free here on this page by clicking that link.

Is there any strategy for three card poker?

There is indeed a bit of strategy involved, although it is not as challenging as a poker when you play bet in this game.

What are the odds of winning in 3 card poker?

In general, it is safe to say that the house edge is small and can be set around 3.3 %. It is also good to know that even though you can win larger amounts on side bets, the house edge of winning on them is even lower. When you want to only place bets on the ante and play, the house edge is much higher. The reality is that hands such as a straight flush happen very seldom.

What is three card poker in an online casino?

3 Card poker is a casino game that was invented by a man called Derek Webb in 1994. Even though it is more a casino game than poker per sè. When you play 3 card poker online or in three card poker apps, you compete against the dealer’s hand by placing your bet on the ante. It means that three card poker rules stipulate that you don’t play against other players.

What is the highest hand in 3 card poker?

The dream is always to hold onto a straight flush. A straight flush is when you have three cards that are of the same suit and in sequence, such as having the King, Queen and Ace of Diamonds in your hand. Having a straight flush in your hand gives you the overhand in play.

Three card poker with bonus

When you are new to the game and want to play bets, the entire bonus system might be confusing. Let’s explore two of the best-known side bet options in three card poker which you can choose to play next to the ante. This includes the six-card bonus or a royal flush and the pair plus bet. Another is an ante bonus option which you might find enticing too.

  1. Six-card bonus - This bonus option depends on a royal flush. When a player opts for this bonus, they choose to make use of all 6 cards on the table. From these 6 cards, they have to select the best 5 cards for their poker hand. In the case that the player’s hand qualifies, they will receive the pay-out according to the paytable on the site. In the case that the player is unfortunate, the dealer collects the entire 6-card wager. The collection rate for the six-card bonus varies from one online casino to another, and the odds are very slim, so think twice before placing your bonus bet on this.
  2. Pair Plus Bet - This bonus pays out when you have a pair of cards in your hand, irrespective of whether your hand won against the dealer’s hand. Based on 3 card poker rules, odds are better to make some money on pair plus bets.
  3. The ante bonus - The bonus doesn’t require that you have to have a better hand than the dealer. It is paid out anytime that your cards are on the paytable. The paytable for ante bonuses varies from one casino to another depending on the house edge for that casino. . Thus the more money you have on in the ante wager, the more you win with the bonus.

Should I play on a live casino with dealers or on a regular table game?

Most online casinos offer players of three card poker the option to play a table game or to join a live dealer game. In both versions of the game, 2 hands of 3 cards each are at play. In the one, the cards are dealt by an RNG and the other by a live dealer.

Live Dealer Games

If you prefer to have some interaction with your dealer and experience a very authentic casino feeling, the live dealer version of three card poker is definitely for you. Since it is such a basic format and you can interact with the dealer, it might be a better solution for first-timers. The con is, of course, that the cards are dealt with slower than when an RNG is in charge of dealing.

Table Games

When you opt to play 3card poker at the table game section of a trusted online casino, you will find that the entire game speeds up a bit. You can still enjoy the same excitement and odds of playing only against the dealer and no other players, but you won’t be able to interact with anyone.

Play three card poker online for free here

Most online casinos make it very easy for the player in search of free 3 card poker action. Free play usually doesn’t require any downloads or registration. They offer the same high-definition playing experience, and a gaming authority usually certifies free play. This certification means that if you prefer free to play enjoy the same kind of trusted and safe play as those that play for real money.

Do you want to play this game for real money instead? Pick our best-rated site from our list here above.

To serve as general guidance, we will explain the process of playing three card poker in a few simple steps.

  1. You don’t need to register or download anything.
  2. You can start playing instantly online.
  3. You start by placing your bet on the ante and play follows.
  4. Your cards are dealt facing up.
  5. You decide to raise or fold. When you fold you immediately forfeit your ante wager.
  6. The dealer reveals their hand.
  7. If you have the higher hand, you win. If not, you lose.
  8. Ready for the next round?

Rules and strategy

Playing three card poker is relatively simple, and the rules are not complex to grasp at all. Yet it does offer enough of a challenge to make it popular amongst if you prefer a bit more of a challenge than playing the slots.


  • Three card poker is a game played with 2 hands, yours, and the dealer’s. Both hands contain 3 cards.
  • The player places an ante bet and any other side bets if so desired.
  • The dealer deals the player's cards, and the player can peruse them.
  • The player decides to either fold or raise.
  • When a player folds, you instantly forfeit your ante wager.
  • If a player raises, the player must make another bet, equal to the initial ante bet.
  • The dealer’s hand is turned over.
  • If the dealer has a queen or higher, their hand qualifies.
  • If the dealer doesn’t qualify, the player wins money equal to the ante bet.
  • In the case that the dealer does qualify, the two hands are compared.
  • The hand with the highest value wins the money on the table including the ante wager.
  • In the case that the player’s hand includes a straight or any higher ranks, the ante bonus pays out.
  • The Pairplus bonus pays out depending on the hand of cards that the player holds.


  • The best tip that anyone can follow when they are new to the game is to know the rules. When you know the rules, you lose no time over doubt during this fast-paced gameplay.
  • Practice as much as possible. The more you play, the better you will get at playing and winning. You don’t have to lose money in the process as most trusted online casinos do offer free play options.
  • Set your bankroll in advance. It is better to start at smaller wagers until you are better and can wager larger amounts of your cash.
  • Try several online casinos until you find the one that is the best for you. The options to play three card poker is vast, and many casinos are available to try your hand.

Three card poker odds & hand rankings

It is helpful when you want to improve your skills at the three card poker tables to acquaint yourself thoroughly with the various ranks and what defines them. Also, learn more about what the odds are of getting them during play.

Straight Flush3 cards of the same suit that fall in a sequence0.22%
Three of a kindThree cards of the same rank from the different suits0.24%
StraightThree cards that fall into sequence – not necessarily of the same suit3.26%
FlushThree cards from the same suit4.96%
PairWhen your hand contains 2 cards of the same rank16.94%
High cardNone of the above74.39%
Odds for different three card poker hands.

3 card poker software provider

Software providerName of gameType of game
Evolution GamingThree card pokerLive dealer
Scientific GamesThree Card Poker™Table game
Ezugi3 Card PokerLive dealer
This is the best game creators for 3 card poker games.

Evolution Gaming brought live 3 card poker to the next level of excellence when their technologically advanced version of this game in live dealer format hit the online casino industry. The real experience that live games offer enhances the popularity of this relatively easy game.

Thanks to the partnership between Evolution Gaming and Scientific Games, players of three card poker now have remote access to a live and vivid casino experience that even excels the experience that a land-based casino has to offer. The graphics and sound quality are immaculate, and it is no wonder that Evolution Gaming is the powerful platform from which most online casinos run their live version of the trendy three card poker online.

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