The Best Sports Betting Sites in India 2023

We have listed the best sports betting sites in India for you to choose from on this page. We guide you to everything you should know before placing your first bet on your favorite game.
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List Of Sports Betting Bookmakers in India

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Our In-Depth Guide to Sports Betting

With the increase in technological advances and the availability of sporting events around the world, sports betting has grown in popularity over the last few years. Many of the above sites are now accessible as a betting app, you can see them listed there. Although India is no stranger to this type of betting practice, Indian gamblers are restricted regarding their sports betting choices. There are only a limited number of bookmakers that Indian players can access and not every site offers this feature.

Our in-depth guide will answer the question that many Indian gamblers ask, “Is sports betting legal in India?”. 

Answers to Common Questions about Sports Betting

Without a doubt, cricket is the favorite among Indian betters. Cricket is very similar to American baseball in the sense that the sport is made up of two competing teams of 11 players who each take turns attempting to hit a ball to score runs. Horse racing is another example of a sport that Indian gamblers love to wager on due to its exciting and fast-paced dynamic. In recent years, rugby has also grown to become a popular betting option.

Can I place bets with rupees?

Most casinos that are accessible to Indian gamblers will allow rupees as a form of payment. If they don’t, it is up to the player to figure out the conversation between the rupee and the accepted currency.

Are there games that you cannot bet on?

Every casino is different regarding the type of games that they offer. Make sure that you review game availability for the casino before registering for an account to ensure it has the games you prefer.

Is there an age restriction on sports betting?

Yes. Players are required to be at least 18 years old to register for an account. Some casinos will not accept gamblers that are below the age of 21. If a patron does not provide their true age, casinos reserve the right to disable the account and other possible legal action regarding any winnings the player may have collected on.

Is it safe?

Similar to placing bets anywhere around the world, as long as you select a casino that has a trustworthy reputation, it is perfectly safe to place bets for sporting events.

Is hockey betting prevalent on sports betting websites?

While betting on hockey is an option on many casino sites, it is not considered a top sport among Indian players. Indian gamblers tend to steer more toward badminton betting or kabaddi betting because these are events that happen in or near the country.

How do I place a bet?

As soon as your information is verified and you make your deposit, users should have access to all available sports games. Placing a bet is as simple, select a sporting event and confirm the amount you wish to wager.

How often are games offered?

The frequency of sports betting options is determined by the casino. Some casinos have the chance for online cricket betting around the clock while others only offer certain games through the week.

Everything You Need to Know About Sports Betting in India

There are firm laws associated with gambling in India. This section will highlight the legality of sports betting in India along with what steps you should take to ensure that your identity and finances are kept safe. Also, it will provide you with an overview of what information any trustworthy betting site will request. 

While gambling is a popular pastime in India, the sports betting industry in the country is largely unregulated. There are several loopholes that betting entities capitalize on to offer their games in the country. 

Currently, three federal laws enforce the gambling restrictions in India, which are: 

  • Public Gambling Act of 1867
  • Prize Competition Act of 1955
  • Information Technology Act of 2000 

The Public Gambling Act of 1867 made it illegal for any person to own and operate a casino, also known as a gambling house. This law is still in effect today and carries with it a monetary fine plus the possibility of imprisonment when violated. In an attempt to loosen the severe restrictions of this law, adjustments were made in 2007 to classify games of skills versus games of chance. However, many highly religious areas of India still abide by the mandates initially set down in 1867. 

The Prize Competition Act of 1955 was a way for the Indian government to restrict prizes given as compensation for competitions, puzzles, picture and number games. Although the law has been amended no less than five times within the past 20 years, it does not apply to offshore online sports betting. 

The Information Technology Act of 2000 comes close in India’s attempt to set down policies for online gambling. However, the bulk of the Act relates to holding users accountable for their behavior when interacting with other people on the internet. This Act could stretch to online casinos; however, the language is highly ambiguous. 

The missing feature of these “gambling laws” is the fact that they do not specifically mention online gambling. While sports betting is currently allowed in India, the country does not offer an option to obtain a license enabling casino owners to classify their entity as an “offshore internet casino” to bypass any laws imposed.

How to Place a Sports Bet

The most time-consuming aspect of placing your bet for a sporting event is likely the time that it takes you to register for an account. However, as long as you select a trustworthy casino, your account should be activated within a few minutes, and you can begin placing bets shortly after that. Information that you will need to sign up for an account usually includes: 

  • E-mail address and selection of a password
  • Full name
  • Address
  • Telephone Number
  • Date of birth 

Some Indian casinos may also require that you submit documentation regarding this information in the form of a passport or recent utility bills. Also, some casinos require that you show proof of your source of wealth in the form of bank statements or documentation regarding the asset. 

Once your account is up and running, you can navigate to the sportsbook section of the casino and select the game or sporting event of your choice.

How Safe is it to Bet on Sports in India?

While the Indian gambling industry is continuously changing and growing, the country is still very lenient with how they monitor online casinos. For example, there is currently no law on the books in India that mandates the operations of a casino based outside the country, which means that you have no recourse if a business takes your money without paying out your winnings.

It’s vital that every player decides on a casino carefully and does their homework on the merits of the casino to avoid any potential issues. A good rule of thumb is to select casinos regulated through their license by the UK Gambling Commission. 

We highly recommend that you take a look at our honest review of bookmakers in India to determine which entity is worthy of your trust before placing any wagers. You can for example see that there are some sites that we currently cannot recommend, becric is one of them.

Digital Money Management

Trustworthy casino operators provide their players with secure methods of depositing or withdrawing their winnings such as bank transfers or e-wallets. In lieu of deposit fees, most casinos require a minimum deposit. Typically, this is anywhere between INR500 and INR1500. Unless some element of fraud is detected, deposits should happen instantly. 

Casinos try to pay your winning as soon as they receive the request, but Indian gamblers will likely experience a delay of at least a few hours up to a few days until they see their earnings deposited into their personal account. Minimum and maximum deposits and withdrawals so it’s essential that you check these figures before you plan a financial transaction.

Trustworthy Sports betting sites for Indian Gamblers

Unfortunately, there are an abundance of sports betting sites that are undeserving of your trust. Here is a list of bookmakers that are renowned for their commitment to the security of Indian players: 

  • Dafabet
    Dafabet stands out among the competition as a fantastic online casino for Indian gamers. Licensed for gameplay through the Philippines, Dafabet has enrolled for security audits from eCOGRA and TST which are considered leaders in the industry when it comes to the security of online casinos. Although certain features of their sports betting section could be improved, it is a safe choice for gamblers.
  • LeoVegas
    This casino displays a strong commitment to customer security by taking the extra steps to secure licensing through a trusted government entity. They take the time to confirm your identity and source of wealth to provide you with nothing but an enjoyable gambling experience during every bet. Their Sportsbook is just one aspect of a casino that features a great selection of games.
  • Betway
    Betway offers all the fun of a Vegas-style casino with all the benefits of related Indian sports betting options. This casino offers over 750 games with a section of their site exclusively committed to sports betting and live betting. Their customer service is available around the clock either by phone, e-mail, or live chat to address the concerns of patrons.
  • 24 Betting
    They have a highly localized sportsbetting site for Indian bettors. You will be able to find the option to bet on plenty of Indians sports matches, cups and leagues here.

Before you make your final casino choice, make sure that you read through our reviews of internet betting sites accessible to Indian gamblers.

The History of Sports Betting in India

Sports betting in India has grown by leaps and bounds in the last year. The government recognized that there is a dramatic upswing in the amount of illegal gambling happening throughout the country as a result of the strict laws. 

Within the past year, the Law Commission of India has softened its stance on the once controversial practice of placing wagers on sporting events. Although the country still falls under the confines of laws that date back to the 1800s, the Commission is encouraging government leaders to loosen the restrictions. They are gradually allowing more access to sports betting in the country to enable stronger government regulation, which could lead to a boost in the Indian economy. 

The issue is that many Indian leaders throughout the country view gambling as a habit that violates the moral structure of their religious beliefs. While sports betting is currently only available through “offshore” casinos, it may not be long before entrepreneurs are allowed to create original, Indian-based casinos for sports betting.

Strategies for Placing Sports Bets

Many players mistakenly believe that sports betting is a matter of luck. They are under the common misconception that the outcome of the game is out of their hands, and there is no way to predict what will happen accurately. While this is partially true, there are specific steps that you can take to increase the odds of walking away with a profit.

This section will provide you with a roadmap of what details you should remember when considering placing a bet, advice regarding money management, and what you can do to avoid financial disaster due to gambling. 

What Strategies Should You Implement when Betting on Sports?

Whether you are a first-time bettor or a long-time sports gambler, there is always a strategy that you should have going into any bet that you place. Here are some helpful tips to remember before you finalize your bet:

  • Know your team
    Before placing any bets, make sure that you know the ins and outs of certain aspects of the team you plan to back. Common sense will tell you that you probably should not place a large bet on a last-place team in any sport. A good rule of thumb is to review their win/loss statistics, confirm the players in the lineup and analyze past games for a good baseline on what you can expect from the team.
  • Start small
    Until you learn the ropes of lucrative sports betting, it's always advisable to play smaller bets to avoid losing an exorbitant amount of money. While betting on winning a rupee or two will not make you instantly wealthy, it will help to boost your confidence so you can begin to place larger bets in the future.
  • Don’t bet out of desperation
    There is no guarantee that any player will indeed make money on a sports bet. Although every detail may appear as though you are making a fool-proof bet, there is always a chance that the team could come out and play poorly that day. Our advice is to never make a bet in an effort to make fast money.

Managing Your Money When Making a Sports Bets

There are numerous habits that gamblers can implement when placing sports bets to ensure that their spending habits don’t get out of control. Licensed casinos are usually mandated to promote responsible gaming, which means that the casino will offer you the option of placing restrictions on the amount of money you bet on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. If a player believes that their betting is becoming an issue, they can opt for a period of self-exclusion which freezes the account for a period.

Ultimately, it is up to the player to learn to control their spending habits. If you feel that your betting is out of control, we advise reaching out for more help from professionals that can help you discuss the possibility of treatment for addiction.

Sports Betting Missteps That You Should Avoid

Whether you are a novice or skilled gambler, there are always steps that you can take to avoid losing your life savings when betting on sporting events. Our experience has taught us to avoid the following mistakes at all costs:

  • Not understanding the rules of the game
    Before placing a bet, you should always take the time to review the terms and conditions of the casino. Casinos tend to have varying minimum or maximum bet amounts along with timeframes where the betting window opens and closes. Never place a bet until you understand every detail of the rules.
  • Avoid over-betting to make up for a loss
    If you find yourself on a losing streak, one of the best things you can do is stand up and walk away before you lose any more money. Instead of taking a break, some gamblers make the mistake of placing larger bets to try to cover for what they lost in previous bets. This habit could potentially lead to further financial ruin.
  • Stick to one sport
    Placing multiple bets over different sporting events could lead to disaster, especially if the games are happening simultaneously. To make the most profit off your wager, stick to learning the dynamics of one sport so you can make an informed bet.

Sports Betting: The Best Bonuses and Campaigns

It’s challenging to come by bonuses and campaigns for Indian players that are specific just to sports betting online. However, a player can cash in on the initial deposit bonuses and sporadic promotions that appear in any reputable casino.

A match bonus is an easy way to double your initial deposit. Casinos such as Betway and Bet365 offer an initial deposit match up to a certain amount of money. Dafabet is hands down the best choice for this type of bonus as it offers a 150% match up to 10,000 INR which provides avid gamblers with the opportunity to begin their gaming experience with a good stockpile of casino cash. 

Some casinos maintain campaigns that reward players solely for signing up for an account. This money is also classified as casino cash and cannot be withdrawn for real money. However, it can be used to place bets on any game in the casino’s library and often can transfer over to their Sportsbook selection. 

Another suggestion is to determine if the site has a section on its website that displays campaigns that are currently available. For example, if the site runs a promotion specific to football betting, it will be listed here, so try to check that page regularly. 

Trustworthy Software Providers for Gambling in India

Exceptional software is a critical aspect of any internet casino. Although sports betting is a leading draw of many gamblers, online casino owners realized that they needed to create a dynamic combination of gaming options with quality software developers to keep their patrons interested.

    GAMMASTACK is a highly reputable software company that focuses on providing users with options for both sports and fantasy betting. The company has over ten years of experience in the industry and currently services hundreds of clients around the world. They have betting options for the popular sports that Indian gamers love including kabaddi, cricket, and horse racing. When you see a GAMMASTACK sponsored game, you can rest assured that you are in for an excellent gaming experience.
  • SBTech
    SBTech is a company that has won multiple awards for their top of the line sports betting software. Gamers that are familiar with Microgaming and NetEnt will likely recognize SBTech’s name as a company that works hand-in-hand with these two companies. Microgaming and NetEnt are well-known for their dedication not only to an enjoyable gaming experience but to the security of each player.
  • Betsys
    Betsys is a fantastic sports betting software company that not only offers live sports wagering but virtual sport and casino game options. Their games are created so that players can access them easily on either their phone or computer 

Responsible Sports Betting

Indian gamblers must realize that although there is always a certain element of risk involved in gambling, you elevate that risk when you opt to take part in sports betting in India. Due to the limited choices that Indian gamers have, a player is more susceptible to fall for a casino that looks great on the outside but is anything less than honest once you begin to play. Placing this type of bet can be time-consuming as a fair amount of research should be done to try to determine the statistics behind the team and the game. 

We highly suggest taking your time to make the right casino selection and read our reviews on the best betting sites to ensure that you find one that is worthy of your patronage.

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