Best Slot Bonuses India

Slot bonuses are effective tools used by slot sites to attract the interest of new Indian players. You can also benefit from this promotional offer as it is free money on the table. The best slot bonus is the one you can afford to withdraw without complex wagering requirements. We have collected them for you on this page, enjoy!
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List of Slot Bonuses 2024

Finding the best slot bonuses can be challenging as there are so many to choose from, and the selection process can be complicated and confusing. Our team saves you the trouble with our list of the best slots bonus offers for Indian players in 2024.

casino days india review
Casino Days
Welcome Bonus
Bonuses icon Welcome Bonus up to ₹1,00,000
Deposit bonus ₹100,000 No deposit bonus - Wagering requirements ×35
rajabets india review
Welcome Bonus
Bonuses icon Welcome Casino Bonus up to 100.000 INR
Deposit bonus ₹100,000 No deposit bonus ₹1,000 Wagering requirements ×30
jungliwin india review
Welcome Bonus
Bonuses icon ₹25,000 + Freebet ₹100
Deposit bonus ₹25,000 No deposit bonus - Wagering requirements ×40
lucky spins india review
Lucky Spins
Welcome Bonus
Bonuses icon Get a 100% bonus up to ₹20,000
Deposit bonus ₹20,000 No deposit bonus - Wagering requirements ×35
10cric review
Welcome Bonus
Bonuses icon 100% up to ₹15,000 + ₹500 Free bet
Deposit bonus ₹15,000 No deposit bonus - Wagering requirements -
bettilt india review
Welcome Bonus
Bonuses icon Deposit bonus 74,000₹ + 400₹ in Freebet
Deposit bonus ₹74,000 No deposit bonus - Wagering requirements ×15
jet casino india review
JET Casino
Welcome Bonus
Bonuses icon ₹150,000 + 50 Free Spins
Deposit bonus ₹150,000 No deposit bonus - Wagering requirements ×40
sol casino india review
SOL Casino
Welcome Bonus
Bonuses icon ₹150,000 + 50 Free Spins
Deposit bonus ₹150,000 No deposit bonus - Wagering requirements ×40
bollywood casino india review
Bollywood Casino
Welcome Bonus
Bonuses icon ₹100,000 + 250 Free Spins
Deposit bonus ₹100,000 No deposit bonus - Wagering requirements -
luckyniki india review
Welcome Bonus
Bonuses icon ₹100,000 + 250 FREE SPINS
Deposit bonus ₹100,000 No deposit bonus - Wagering requirements -
casilando india review
Welcome Bonus
Bonuses icon ₹30,000 + 90 bonus spins
Deposit bonus ₹30,000 No deposit bonus - Wagering requirements ×35
MegaRush Review
Welcome Bonus
Bonuses icon ₹30,000 + ₹100 in cash on first deposit + 10% daily cashback
Deposit bonus ₹30,000 No deposit bonus - Wagering requirements ×25
jungleraja review
Welcome Bonus
Bonuses icon ₹500 welcome no deposit bonus without an initial deposit requirement
Deposit bonus ₹2,021 No deposit bonus ₹500 Wagering requirements ×40
paripesa review
Welcome Bonus
Bonuses icon ₹130,000 + 150 Free Spins
Deposit bonus ₹130,000 No deposit bonus - Wagering requirements -
4rabet review
Welcome Bonus
Bonuses icon 200% sign-up bonus, 100% deposit match up to ₹10,000
Deposit bonus ₹10,000 No deposit bonus - Wagering requirements -
bons review
Bons Casino
Welcome Bonus
Bonuses icon Up to ₹200,000 + 200 Free Spins
Deposit bonus ₹200,000 No deposit bonus - Wagering requirements -
betmaster review
Welcome Bonus
Bonuses icon First Deposit: 100% up to €200 + 10 Free Spins
Deposit bonus ₹200 No deposit bonus - Wagering requirements -
1xbet review
Welcome Bonus
Bonuses icon ₹130,000 + 150 Free Spins
Deposit bonus ₹8,000 No deposit bonus - Wagering requirements ×35

This is how you choose the best slots offer for you

When you’re searching for the best online slots bonus offers, you might become overwhelmed by the abundance of classic slots with bonus games, all of them ready to entice you to play slot machines. To prevent merely opting for some insignificant choice, you can follow the trusted system of many who have been in the same position as before.

  • Decide what size of bankroll suits your budget the best. The deposit offer might sound exciting, but your budget set aside for play might be inefficient to reap the reward you desire.

  • Whether you are playing table games, live casino games, or slots, opt for suitable solutions. You’ll find all these details in the promotional terms section or the privacy policy of the site. Take note that not all bonus games offer 100% eligibility.

  • Research the betting requirements. The bonus might be a terrific offer, but you’ll only truly benefit from this promotion once you’ve fulfilled the betting requirements, which can be quite challenging and maybe even impossible.

  • Determine if there are any time limitations on the promotion. Not always, but in some instances, there is only a limited time for you to reap the rewards of the offered promotion. Once again, study the terms of the site before making any final decisions.

  • What are the pay-out schedules of the specific site? You’ve jumped through all the hoops set by conditions, and now you want to claim your reward. Yet sometimes pay-out schedules can be tedious and take several weeks or even months before you receive your bonus. 


What are slot bonuses?

Slots bonuses refer to the rewards slot casinos offer players for various reasons, so you can spin the wheel for bonus money instead of your own money but still have a chance to win.

Where can I find slots with bonuses?

Here! On this page. There are many slots with bonus offers available to Indian gamers. We have listed them on this page.

What slots have the best bonuses?

Several variations of slot machines offer very promising slot bonuses. We list the best at the top of our list just here above.

What are bonus rounds in slot games?

These refer to either free spins or in some cases, it also refers to several bonus cashback offers. These allow you to spin for the progressive jackpots.

Where can I find the slot bonus wagering requirement?

The terms and conditions set out for any kind of promotional offer are always provided in the terms and conditions section of the site or underneath ‘promotional requirements’ and are in place to protect the house edge.

Are bonuses in slots predetermined?

Yes, they are. A player will know in advance what percentage is on offer and what the wagering requirements are, before making a deposit or even registering an account with specific slot casinos.

Can I get a bonus on a new slot game recently launched?

Yes, slot game bonus offers are an effective way to attract the attention of slot players, and as the new slot game wants to attract the interest of players, it will most probably offer a lucrative slot bonus.

What’s the difference between an in-game slot bonus and a welcome bonus for a slot game?

The latter is a bonus option which you receive only once-off when you make your first deposit. This bonus is usually much more extensive than an in-game slot bonus. The first being something given to existing members at certain pre-determined intervals or events.

How you get started with your slot game bonus

You can receive your slot game bonus in a few simple steps:

  • Select the slot of your choice
    Browse the bonus slots offers and read reviews on deposit bonuses and the wagering requirement linked to each of these bonus slots to find an option best suited to you.

  • Register an account
    Most online bonus games offer an easy registration process that requires minimal details such as identity, address, email address, and contact number.

    Obtain your bonus slots code or simply head off to the promotions page. Some slot machine providers might require a bonus code, but not all. If it isn’t the case, you can simply go to the promotions page and claim your bonus.
  • Make your deposit
    To receive your bonus amount, you might have to make a deposit, unless it is a no deposit bonus. Yet, mostly this isn’t the case, and as slots sites offer instant play, you can immediately make the first deposit into your bankroll.

  • Start playing
    As soon as these few simple steps are done, you can spin the wheel and start playing immediately on several devices.

Remember you’ll be able to play with your bonus money, but not withdraw it or any winnings from it, until you’ve fulfilled the wagering requirements. 

Different types of slot bonuses

Several types of slots bonuses exist, each with its unique features.

  • Slots welcome bonuses are one of the most common forms of slots promotions and occur when a new player signs on and the online casinos reward them for making their first deposit of real money. This kind of bonus is defined by a certain percentage of the initial deposit paid in real money up to a certain amount. Gamers usually have to fulfill wagering requirements to withdraw these bonus funds.
  • Reload deposit bonuses or cashback bonuses occur when the online casinos add a payback percentage of your deposit to your bankroll in funds or bonus credits. It is much the same as with deposit bonus slots except that cashback bonuses apply to existing players and is usually much less than a welcome offer.

  • Free spins is another popular bonus option for slot machine providers. It is often part of a welcome bonus and entails that members receive free spins.

  • No deposit slots offers are online casino bonuses that you receive without making a deposit first. It can take on the form of funds, points, or free spins.

  • Video slots tournaments are another way to make extra rupees by playing a slot machine over an entire day or longer. 

Bonuses to avoid

There are so many casino slots bonus offers for Indian players to choose from and as you are spoiled for choice it is best to avoid bonuses that set terms in place which are unrealistic to achieve or have time limits in place, enticing you not to play responsibly. 

Bonus wagering requirement for a slot game

A bonus wagering requirement refers to the amount the site wants you to play according to the house edge before allowing you to withdraw your winnings of bonus funds. An example of sign-up bonus slots and wagering requirements can look as follows:

You can deposit the bet size range of INR100 to INR5,000. The betting requirement for the video slots deposit bonus is 20x within 30 days. The slot casino will match your deposit up to 100% when you make your first deposit. Your first deposit equals INR2,000. Now you would have to wager the following amount to claim the INR2,000 that the casinos offer, INR2,000 x 20 = INR40,000. You only have 30 days to complete this task; otherwise, the entire promotional offer falls away.

The question you need to ask is whether you were planning on wagering INR40,000 within 30 days to win INR2,000. If this betting requirement is too expensive for you, it is best to step away from this offer and rather play responsibly.

The slot bonus feature & structure

Casino bonuses are available in various forms and have several features. These can vary from one casino game to the next, but in general, the structure comprises the concept that the casinos offer something free to gamers in return for their time and money spent on the site.

The structure of these promotional offers usually entails that the casino offers a percentage of deposited money up to a specific set amount. In return, you need to bet a set amount to claim your casino promotion. Depending on the requirements set to claim these funds, it can be a lucrative opportunity or time and money wasted. 

List of slots with in-game bonus rounds

Several online casinos offer bonus rounds or bonus spins to existing players. You can activate the bonus rounds provided you fulfill various set requirements. These requirements can include finding several scatter symbols or whatever the online casino provider decides.

Examples of such a bonus game offered in some of the most reputable games have scattered and wild symbols in a specific order to obtain free spins, spins of the wheel of fortune, or entry into jackpot rounds. Look out for these trusted slots bonus games with bonus symbols to earn extra: 

The difference between a bonus round and a slot bonus

A bonus round is a round of free play or even a free spin on a wheel of fortune offered to existing players. A slot bonus can take on several forms and is offered to both newly registering gamers or existing ones and entails free cash in your bankroll. You only need to fulfill the wagering requirements to qualify. 

What is a “Bonus Buy” or “Feature Buy”?

Bonus buy = You get the option to buy your way to a bonus round right away.
Feature buy = You get the option to buy a specific feature in the actual slot game.

These functions are only available on very few slot games.

Some online casinos offer you access to their main bonus features without having to play through many rounds to collect the scatter symbols which are needed to activate the progressive jackpot round. The premium you have to pay can be high but considering that you’ll have to play on average anywhere between 50 to 150 times to access this bonus round, you can partially cancel out the cost of the premium.

Another benefit is that you have instant access to much greater excitement and that the odds of winning large amounts are much better than working your way up to avoid the premium. 

How are Clearplay Bonuses and Free Play Bonuses used in slot games?

This kind of bonus by MicroGaming allows you to withdraw your winnings whenever you want to be provided you fulfill all the betting requirements. This bonus feature was initially introduced by MicroGaming and a technique quickly adopted by most online casinos offering bonus game offers developed by MicroGaming. 

This is what you should do now

Slot casino providers put considerable effort into creating lucrative offers to persuade new members to register accounts and to keep loyal clients coming back, while still protecting the house edge. Their efforts can be very beneficial to you if you read reviews, make individual wise decisions about the specific casino you sign up with, and therefore, we recommend that you make the most of this opportunity.

Follow our recommendation of the best online slots machine offers we list and claim the share of your cash out. 

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