Teen Patti Real Cash in India 2024

We have reviewed a list of legit Teen Patti real cash sites where you can sign up and play for real money. Find our list below, which one we think is the best site. Including a guide on how to get started.
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List of Best Teen Patti Real Cash Sites

This is our recommended list if you are looking for a legit and trustworthy site where to play teen patti for real cash as a card player from India (तीन पत्ती रियल कैश).

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As professional gamblers, we know how to evaluate teen patti cash sites to ensure that they’re legitimate. We’ve listed some of the best Teen Patti casinos to play with real money to win real cash, and you can simply click on any one of the online casinos to enjoy the game. This is what you will notice in our list of platforms where you can play Teen Patti cash game online. 

  •  Alongside the name of the platform, we’ve provided a hint regarding the bonuses on offer. Some casinos offer a bonus based on your deposit, and others extend a welcome bonus to new users.
  • Our team has immersed themselves into the experience that these casino sites offer, playing Teen Patti online for cash amongst other cash games.
  • You can obtain more information about Teen Patti casinos with our thorough review that you can click on, so you are fully aware of the casino’s finer details.
  • On the list, you’ll discover our rating out of five for the site and a direct link that takes you to the site instead of searching for it and falling prey to cybercriminals. 

 All that’s left to do is for you to enjoy 3 Patti with real money and cash.

We are Teen Patti Experts!

We have an experienced team of online gamblers who have been playing Teen Patti for real money since they became available. This is how we go about reviewing Teen Patti casinos and their welcome bonus offering. 

  • We test each site by playing real Teen Patti for cash and give you examples of some of the best and worst cash games we’ve encountered. 
  • We’ve seen everything from online platforms, including promotions that offer a welcome bonus that’s unrealistic in addition to rigged odds and withheld winnings.
  • Some may appear professional, but they can’t be trusted, which is where we demonstrate our value. We take the hit so that you don’t have to, and we provide in-depth reviews of the sites we visit. 

You can trust our team to deliver unbiased and current information about the leading gambling sites offering Teen Patti and other traditional Indian games to win real cash.

What You Need to Play 3 Patti for Real Cash

  • When you’re ready to use real cash and play online Teen Patti as opposed to a land-based casino, you should trust our team and reviews of the casinos you’d like to visit. These are the steps to follow to play 3 Patti online.
  •  You require a device that allows you to connect to the internet.
  • Depending on your preference, you can download a smartphone app for an Android or Apple device.
  • Alternatively, you can use your internet browser to access Teen Patti tables for real money bets.
  • If you’re keen to play Patti for real money, you should have a payment method handy to deposit your funds.
  • You may have to download certain payment methods such as an E-wallet to ensure you receive your winnings from playing Teen Patti live online.

Guide: How to Get Started

If you’ve never had the opportunity to play Teen Patti for money, this is how you start the process.

1: Pick a site from our list

With multiple Teen Patti casinos available to you, it can be tricky identifying one that is ideal for you. However, we’ve done the research and tested each site to demonstrate which platforms are the best for Teen Patti. We’ve ranked these online teen patti sites in order of preference. Selecting the first platform that our professional gamblers think is the best is why we recommend playing on this site. 

2: Sign up

Some Teen Patti sites have various requests for you to sign-up for an account. Generally, you’d require a valid email address and password to create your playing profile. However, to fully enjoy the experience and your winnings, you’d have to verify your account by producing your identity document, proof of address, and in some cases, your bank statement. 

3: Deposit cash

Since you’re gambling online, the only methods you can use to deposit cash involves internet banking sites and E-wallet applications. You can either use a credit or debit card to deposit funds into your playing account or a bank transfer, or an e-wallet. The majority of these sites have a ‘deposit’ button near your account section, where you will be asked to enter your preferred method. After entering the amount you wish to deposit, you’ll be taken to the necessary pages to confirm your deposit, and you’re ready to play a teen patti real cash game.   

Every teen patti gambling site features a search box commonly found on the top right-hand corner of the screen. You can move your mouse over the box and click once. When you see the cursor, enter the words ‘Teen Patti’, and you’ll find all the versions of the game on that particular site.

Below you will find an example from a site how you usually find the game after you have signed up.

Where to find teen patti game
Follow these 3 steps to find the game.
Teen patti for real money at Melbet
When you have registered your account you can switch to play for real money mode here.

If you want to try out Melbet you can do so by signing up here and then follow the image instructions above to get started with this teen patti cash game.

How to Play Teen Patti with Real Cash

You may have grown up playing the game with your friends, but the online version with a live dealer is quite different. To put you at ease, we’ll explain exactly how to play the game using real cash to place your bets. The steps are primarily based on Ezugi, which is one of several gaming providers.

Step 1: Consider how much money you’d like to bet

Choose how much cash to bet by selecting the different valued coins.

Before the game commences, you have to place down an Ante - your initial bet. Various coin sizes are available from which you can select. They are 1, 5, 10, 50, 100, 500, 1000. You only have ten seconds to place your bets, so you need to be composed and calm when playing. Aside from your regular Ante bets, you can place side-bets such as Pair or Better and 3+3 Bonus.

Step 2: Wait for the dealer to hand out the cards

Wait for the dealer to hand out 3 cards.

After you’ve placed your bet, the dealer lays down the cards giving you a total of three face-up cards. It’s up to you to decide if you’d like to continue playing or quit the round.

Step 3: Make your decision by clicking on either ‘Play’ or ‘Fold’ on the screen

Play or fold
Decide if you want to play or fold.

Two buttons will show up on your screen. The green button is to play, and the red one is to quit or, in this case, fold. If you decide that you want to play, you’d have to bet on your cards by wagering twice the amount you placed for the ante. Clicking the green ‘Play’ button will automatically deduct the required amount.

Step 4: The Exciting Part

The results
The results, in this case the player won 2000 INR!

The final step is finding out if you won real cash or not. 

  • The dealer will turn their cards face-up to reveal their hand.
  • While the computer automatically assesses both hands, it’s clear for you to see whether the dealer has beaten you or not. If you have a better hand, you win the hand, and you’ll see a notification in the centre of the screen.
  • However, even if you’ve lost the hand, you still stand a chance of winning a side bet. Bear in mind that hands of the same rank means it’s a draw.

The amount you win depends on where you placed a wager, but the process occurs automatically, and there’s nothing for you to do since the money will be added to your playing account.

PayTM Deposit method for your cash

There are multiple ways to deposit money into your playing accounts, such as bank transfer, credit cards, and Neteller.

However, the most popular method amongst Indian players is PayTM, as it allows you to pay and withdraw Indian Rupees. The transactions are safe and secure, and you don’t have to pay any transaction fees. 

Here is how you can use Paytm:

  • Click deposit on the online casino site.
  • Enter the amount you wish to deposit.
  • Select NetBanking.
  • Enter your PayTM Virtual Payment Address or UPI ID.
  • Accept the payment request on your device.
  • Start playing Teen Patti with real money. 

Read our full guide on how to use PayTM when playing 3 patti for cash here.

Pay-outs for your wins

If you’re unsure about the payment options for Teen Patti, it’s as follows.

Regular Bets 

Type of HandOdds for Pay-out
Straight or Lower1:1
Straight Flush5:1
Royal Flush5:1
Regular Bets and their odds

Pairs or Better

Type of HandOdds for Pay-out
Straight Flush40:1
Mini Royal200:1
Pairs or better and their odds

3 + 3

Type of HandOdds for Pay-out
Three of a Kind5:1
Full House25:1
Four of a Kind50:1 
Straight Flush200:1
Royal Flush1000:1
3+3 and their odds

Teen Patti Cash Limits

Cash limits depend on the Teen Patti casino and the game provider. 

  • Super Spade Games offers 20/20 Teen Patti, where you have a maximum bet amount of 1,250 INR. However, there are other limits that you need to be aware of before playing.
  • Fixed Limit Teen Patti means that the most you can bet is equal to the amount of the current bet in a round.

Spread limit requires every player to raise to a stipulated amount. If you want to raise, you can only reach the existing call amount. 

Withdrawing Your Teen Patti Winnings

Each online casino uses different methods to deposit and withdraw cash. Your method of choice will have specific conditions for the withdrawal. Generally, the majority of withdrawals take place within one to three working days.

Different Online Teen Patti Cash Games To Play

Primarily, there are two types of Teen Patti online - live dealer and video. We’ll discuss some of the best options you can find.


Ezugi is a gaming provider responsible for the live dealer, real cash version of Teen Patti. The game is streamed live from the company’s studio in Romania, where a friendly dealer hosts the game. In this version, you can only play live against the dealer, but it allows multiple players to interact with the game simultaneously. ‘Player cards’ refers to every player who’s at that table from around the world. You can access the game at any time of the day or night, and you have the option to tip the dealer as you would in a brick-and-mortar casino.

Ezugi also hosts Bet on Teen Patti, which provides players with the opportunity to choose a side - A or B. The dealer, in this case, doesn’t involve themselves in the game but merely hands out the cards. The goal here is to place a wager on who you think will win the hand, Player A or Player B, although there’s nobody behind those profiles.

Super Spade Games

Super Spade Games offers players a unique 20/20 Teen Patti game. Although it’s similar to Bet on Teen Patti, it allows for side bets. Additionally, this provider displays information about the last 15 rounds enabling you to make an educated guess.

WooHoo Games

WooHoo Games is another developer that produced Teen Patti Rapid. This game eliminates the live dealer as a software called RNG does the dealing of the cards. It borders on combining the previous two versions by allowing players to place bets on one side or the other - the other here being a digital dealer. You can play this game for real money, but they only allow regular bets and no side bets.

Live Teen Patti (With live dealer) vs. Classic table game

The difference between these two types of online Teen Patti games is the live dealer. 

The classic table game takes place without human interaction. The classic game is ideal for people who want to learn and develop their 3 Patti skills. Playing for free also allows you a degree of freedom to enjoy yourself. If you aren’t searching for the natural feel of the live dealer, this could be the game for you.

However, if you prefer interacting with the dealer and are seeking a casino-like environment, then the live dealer game is better. Before you start betting real money, you should make sure that you’re aware of the rules of the game, the hands and have an idea about when to bet or not.

Online Teen Patti on Different Platforms

Teen Patti is available through online casinos where you can take advantage of the welcome bonus. For the majority of these platforms, you have to access their cash games through their website. 

Playing games such as Teen Patti live would require you to use your internet browser on your computer or smartphone to log on to your casino account, such as our favourite casino JungleRaja

Alternatively, some casino platforms have evolved to produce mobile applications. Consequently, you can download the app onto your tablet or smartphone and follow the same process of logging into your playing account. The only difference between the two is that you’d have to use a browser to access one and simply open the app on the other.

Some of the popular smartphones that allow you to play Patti for real money include Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Vivo, Xiaomi, Oppo, OnePlus, and Realme, all mobile casinos accepting these devices can be found there.

If you are looking to play a live casino teen patti game on any device we recommend that you play on 24betting.com, they have a lot of TP options for your to play.

Current Indian Laws for Online Teen Patti

You can legally play real cash teen patti at offshore sites listed on this page, as these sites have a casino license in a legit jurisdiction for them to allow international players.


Teen Patti and gambling is a grey area for India. It’s illegal to gamble at a casino physically; however, it’s legal to use online gaming platforms to play the Teen Patti card game. 

  • States such as Goa and Sikkim allow gambling, and you’d be allowed to bet on casino games in person.
  • Delhi’s gambling law doesn’t prevent Indians from gambling on foreign sites.
  • In Maharashtra, only Rummy and Poker are legal, but there’s no law against playing Teen Patti on the internet.
  • Uttar Pradesh follows the same law, which means you can only play Teen Patti on gambling sites with their licenses in foreign countries.
  • The traditional card game Rummy is legal in Karnataka, so offshore casinos are your best bet to play Teen Patti for real money (pardon the pun). 

However, it’s common to find people playing the game around the festival of Diwali without fear of facing legal consequences.

When you should play for free

If you’ve never played the 3 Patti card game before, you can take advantage of several online 3 Patti casinos offering to play the game for free. Consequently, you can familiarise yourself with the rules and develop your playing skills. These are some reasons to play the regular Teen Patti for free. 

  • You have a sense of freedom to bet bravely.
  • You can immerse yourself in the experience and enjoy 3 Patti.
  • Playing for free allows you to educate yourself on the various hands in the game.

You can play without pressure since the live 3 Patti requires you to be quick with placing your bets.

You can find our free game version of teen patti here. Try it out!

5 Best Online Teen Patti Sites

This is our detailed list of the best teen patti real money sites when you want to play for real money. We have tested all the listed sites specifically for the game. Read what type of game is available (live stream or regular table game) and what our review for playing on the site is, all sites are safe and trustworthy.

LeoVegas (Number 1 - Our Favourite)

Amount of Teen Patti games: 2

Type of games: Live casino versions.

Devices: Desktop and mobile.

Overview: On this casino, you have the option to play 2 different types of the game, they are both live casino versions:

  • Teen Patti Live from Ezugi
  • Bet on Teen Patti from

Review: King of mobile apps! A good choice and one of our favourite sites when it comes to ease of use on mobile phones. If you are looking to play on your phone this is the site to choose, click on the link below to go to the site.

Signup Link

10CRIC (Number 2)

Amount of Teen Patti games: 4

Type of games: 2 table games and 2 live casino versions of the game.

Devices: Desktop and mobile.

Overview: 10CRIC is a trusted online gambling site and one of the best teen patti India poker sites in India through which to access games like teen patti. They have 4 different versions of the game:

  • Teen Patti Rapid (Table game from Woohoo Games)
  • Teen Patti Pro (Table game Woohoo Games)
  • Live Teen Patti 20-20, (Live casino version from SuperSpade Games)
  • Teen Patti Live (Live casino version from Ezugi)

Review: Another highly localized gambling site for Indians. This one actually has the most amount of Teen Patti games, an excellent choice if you prefer to switch between the classic table game and the live version of the game. Sign up in a few minutes by clicking the link below.

Signup Link

1XBET (Number 3)

Amount of Teen Patti games: 2

Type of games: Live casino versions.

Devices: Desktop and mobile.

Overview: You will find 2 live teen patti versions to play at 1xbet, you will find them by clicking on the Live Casino link from the top menu, if you cant see them right away you can easily use the search box and they will appear right away. The 2 games that you can find are:

  • Live Teen Patti 20-20 from SuperSpade Games
  • Bet on Teen Patti from Ezugi.

Review: 2 live versions of the game are enough to keep you busy playing this game for quite some time, if you ever get bored they have so many other games that you can play

Signup Link

JeetWin (Number 4)

Amount of Teen Patti games: 1

Type of games: Live casino version.

Devices: Desktop and mobile.

Overview: On this site, you can play Live Teen Patti 20-20 from SuperSpade Games. It is a fun version of the game that suits most players.

Review: We would have liked to see more games on this site, but this is a dedicated brand and site for the Indian market and we are sure that they will add more games later on. If you are fine with only playing one type of game sign up quickly using the link below.

Signup Link

JungleRaja (Number 5)

Amount of Teen Patti games: 1

Type of games: Live casino, streamed from an actual studio.

Devices: Desktop and mobile.

Overview: JungleRaja has 1 Teen Patti game that you can play, it is the Ezugi developed live version of the game. The game is being streamed live from their studio in eastern Europe. The game is scalable which means that there is an unlimited amount of seats around the table. The table is open 24/7, it will always be open for you to play.

Review: This is a highly localized Indian casino with the option to play Teen Patti from a live-streamed table. We highly recommend that you try out the game on this site. Click on the link below to get to the site to sign up.

Signup Link

In-Depth Guide to Teen Patti

As you read this guide, you’ll learn how to play teen patti, a few helpful strategies, and where to play. Our useful FAQ answers the basic questions that most new players have about betting on teen patti online in India.

FAQ about Teen Patti For Real Cash

6 common questions are answered below; click to expand the box to see the answer.

What is meant with real cash Teen Patti?

You can use real money to play Teen Patti with the chance of winning real cash.

How do you play teen patti?

Players bet an ante to enter the game, then the dealer gives each player a set number of cards (depending on the game version). Players take turns betting and raising, then one player calls for a showdown and whoever has the best hand wins the pot.

Can I play with INR rupees?

Yes. Certain online casinos offer you the opportunity to deposit and withdraw INR, you will see which ones in our toplist above.

Will the real cash sites be translated to Hindi?

Currently, you can’t play Teen Patti with a Hindi speaking live dealer, but you can access some online casinos where they allow you to change the language. Sites such as Pure Win are a prime example.

Do I need to download the game, or can I play it directly in my browser?

You can do both. Some online casinos have developed apps for Android and Apple devices which you can find in the respective app stores. However, other providers allow you to play Teen Patti online, such as Octro and Yoozo Global Limited. Alternatively, you can play it on your internet browser. Note that you would have to register an account with an online casino provider.

Do I have to download the game?

Most online casinos have browser-based play options, though some have teen patti download options for mobile and desktop computers.

How can I deposit cash to play with?

There are various deposit methods available, but the most popular in India are PayTM and other E-wallet services.

How fast can I withdraw my winnings?

1-3 days. While you can initiate the withdrawal process whenever you’re ready, your withdrawal method dictates how long it takes for the money to reach your selected account. On average, withdrawals take between one and three days to process and clear.

Can I legally play teen patti in India?

Laws vary depending on the state, on offshore casinos recommended by us you can always play legally.

How to Play Teen Patti - Rules & Strategies

Much of the play in teen patti is psychological. Each player develops a unique style to use to cover their tells and give false information, but there are several general strategies that Indian players can also use to bet within the rules more successfully, read our teen patti rules guide here to get the full overview.

Rules of Teen Patti

After the ante, players take turns betting. As the bets rise, players may call, raise, or pack (fold). If a player packs, he or she forfeits all bets and the remaining players continue. Play continues until everyone except one player packs, or one of the last two players pays an extra bet to “show”, and both players reveal their cards. Whoever has the best hand wins the pot.

The hand values are as follows:

Kinds of Hands (Highest to Lowest)Example
Straight Flush4-5-6 (same suit)
Straight4-5-6 (mixed suits)
Flush3-7-Q (same suit)
High Card2-7-A

Variations & Types of the Game

There are several popular variations in the game. See some examples below, for a full list or variations of teen patti go to our page there.

  • Best-of-four
    Each player receives four cards and chooses the best three-card combination, increasing the odds of each player getting a good hand.
  • Lowball
    The combinations invert, and the lowest-ranked hand wins, making the best possible hand a 2-3-5 of different suits.
  • Wild Draw
    The dealer determines a number or face card to serve as a wild, making it easier to get a good hand.
  • Low/High Wild
    Each player is guaranteed a wild card, which is either their lowest or highest card.
  • Stud
    Some cards are dealt face-down and others face-up to increase the tension and the shared knowledge.


You can get more out of the game by trying these strategies:

  • Bet small amounts so that you can play more hands.
  • Play blind to increase the excitement and avoid getting tricked by more experienced players.
  • Get practice on a site that lets you bet chips for free before using real money.
  • Be comfortable folding if you are certain that you don’t have a good hand.

Summary and What to Do Now

There is no better way to learn about teen patti than to try it for yourself. Most players who learn the game spend years improving their skills if they want to play for real money. We encourage you to play safely but to have fun, too, as you master the art of gambling with teen patti. Pick a site from our list above and get busy playing!

Are you looking to play on the dedicated downloadable teen patti apps we recommend the ones referred to in the guide on that page.

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