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Guide to Best Teen Patti sites for Indian Gamblers

Comprehensive guide for Indian gamblers to finding a place to play Teen Patti, maximising the odds of winning, finding answers to common questions, and locating a safe teen patti casino.

In-Depth Guide to Teen Patti

As you read this guide, you’ll learn how to play teen patti, a few helpful strategies, and where to play. Our useful FAQ answers the basic questions that most new players have about betting on teen patti online in India.

Answers to Common Questions about Teen Patti

Q: What is teen patti?
A: Teen Patti (तीन पत्ती) is a popular card game among Indian gamblers. It is a variation on three-card brag, modified to suit Indian playstyles better.

Q: How do you play teen patti?
A: Players bet an ante to enter the game, then the dealer gives each player a set number of cards (depending on the game version). Players take turns betting and raising, then one player calls for a showdown and whoever has the best hand wins the pot.

Q: Can you get free chips to teen patti?
A: Yes, many online casinos offer free chips for teen patti or poker as a signup bonus or as part of a promotional campaign.

Q: Can you hack and cheat the teen patti game in some way?
A: When playing online at reputable casinos, you can be confident that the game is legitimate and you can’t be cheated.

Q: Can I legally play teen patti in India?
A: Laws vary depending on the state, but many online casinos offer a legal way to play teen patti using chips to bet rather than money.

Q: Do I have to download the game?
A: Most online casinos have browser-based play options, though some have teen patti download options for mobile and desktop computers.

Q: What does the name mean and where does it come from?
A: “Teen patti” means “three cards.” It originates from an English game brought over during the colonial days.

Q: How do I win at teen patti?
A: Players compete to have the best three-card hand. The best hand is three-of-a-kind, and aces are the best card to have as a triple.

Where to Play Teen Patti for Free

Start your online teen patti experience with these free providers, available in mobile app stores or through their websites.

Play Teen Patti Gold by Moonfrog on Android & iOS

Signup Link

Platforms: Desktop, Apple iOS, Android

Reviews: Positive reviews, 4.6/5.0 at the Google Play Store

Play Teen Patti Gold by Octro

Signup Link

Platforms: Desktop, Facebook, Apple iOS, Android

Reviews: Positive reviews, 4.5/5.0 at the Google Play Store

Play Teen Patti Live by Octro

Signup Link

Platforms: Windows Phone

Reviews: Positive reviews, 4.5/5.0 at the Google Play Store

Play Teen Patti Superstar by Yoozo Global Limited

Platforms: Android, Apple iOS

Reviews: Positive reviews, 4.5/5.0 at the Google Play Store

Play Teen Patti for Real Money

Browse our selection of the world’s top online casinos where you can play teen patti for real money.


ShowLion is a full online casino featuring table casino games, slots, and more.

Signup Link

Platforms: Desktop, Android, Apple iOS

Reviews: Indian players are positive regarding this casino’s security, bonuses, and gaming options.


10CRIC is a trusted online sportsbook and one of the best poker sites in India through which to access games including teen patti with a live dealer.

Signup Link

Platforms: Desktop, Android, Apple iOS

Reviews: Many gamblers approve of 10CRIC’s safe approach to online gambling.


Bodog is designed with the table game gambler in mind, offering the most popular international games such as blackjack.

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Platforms: Desktop, Android, Apple iOS

Reviews: This casino is popular because of its many bonuses and promotional opportunities.


Betpukka focuses on live dealer games and also offers Dragon Tiger.

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Platforms: Desktop, Android, Apple iOS

Reviews: Players enjoy Betpukka’s flexible deposit and withdrawal methods.

How to Play Teen Patti – Rules & Strategies

Much of the play in teen patti is psychological. Each player develops a unique style to use to cover their tells and give false information, but there are several general strategies that Indian players can also use to bet within the teen patti rules more successfully.

Rules of Teen Patti

After the ante, players take turns betting. As the bets rise, players may call, raise, or pack (fold). If a player packs, he or she forfeits all bets and the remaining players continue. Play continues until everyone except one player packs, or one of the last two players pays an extra bet to “show”, and both players reveal their cards. Whoever has the best hand wins the pot. The hand values are as follows:

Kinds of Hands (Highest to Lowest)Example
Straight Flush4-5-6 (same suit)
Straight4-5-6 (mixed suits)
Flush3-7-Q (same suit)
High Card2-7-A

Variations & Types of the Game

There are several popular variations on the game.

  • Best-of-four
    Each player receives four cards and chooses the best three-card combination, increasing the odds of each player getting a good hand.
  • Lowball
    The combinations invert, and the lowest-ranked hand wins, making the best possible hand a 2-3-5 of different suits.
  • Wild Draw
    The dealer determines a number or face card to serve as a wild, making it easier to get a good hand.
  • Low/High Wild
    Each player is guaranteed a wild card, which is either their lowest or highest card.
  • Stud
    Some cards are dealt face-down and others face-up to increase the tension and the shared knowledge.


You can get more out of the game by trying these strategies:

  • Bet small amounts so that you can play more hands.
  • Play blind to increase the excitement and avoid getting tricked by more experienced players.
  • Get practice on a site that lets you bet chips for free before using real money.
  • Be comfortable folding if you are certain that you don’t have a good hand.

Summary and What to Do Now

There is no better way to learn about teen patti than to try it for yourself. Most players who learn the game spend years improving their skills if they want to play for real money. We encourage you to play safely but to have fun, too, as you master the art of gambling with teen patti.

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