How will new casinos look in 10 years?

Remember how video killed the radio star? The video didn’t know that there would be DVDs, Blue-Ray, and eventually live streaming that would kill all three to come out on top? The same applies to casinos. Considering the rate at which technology is advancing everyday lifestyles, the way you play casinos online today may be very different in a decade from now.

Land based becoming online based

Think about it; the fact that there were buildings you could walk into all dressed up and experience gambling entertainment was unreal. However, gambling enthusiasts gravitated towards it as well as people who don’t gamble often. The allure of the lights, sounds, and overall appeal was irresistible. People would flock to brick-and-mortar casinos to experience the thrill for themselves and try their luck at one of several popular games. 

With the advent of technology, physical casinos have seen their popularity wane. The reason is the plethora of online casinos that have sprung up in the last decade and a bit. They’ve certainly pushed traditional casinos to niche status. While the takeover is gradual, the revenue that online platforms have generated recently shows that people looking for entertainment are now searching online. 

Virtual Games Continue to Evolve

There’s no doubt that online platforms have come a long way in replicating the traditional casino experience. Gaming providers are constantly working to make their software better to enhance the feel of the online casino. 

The fact that you can gamble at a table where there aren’t people clamouring over you to place their bets is a huge benefit. Additionally, the thrill of slot machines has been effectively transferred online and provides the same if not more excitement.

However, the gaming experience as you know it could transform within the next decade. We’ve already witnessed the introduction of virtual reality or VR games in some entertainment sectors. 

It’s only a matter of time until players can put on their VR headsets and automatically pop up on a grand casino floor in Malta without leaving the confines of their rooms. VR casinos will become an attractive feature for many players who want to immerse themselves in the experience.

Esports Growth Guaranteed 

Esports won’t require a decade to become popular since it already started featuring on some online casinos. In 2020, Esports gambling accounted for over US$14 billion through various providers. With different Esports leagues being established, the younger generation is embracing wagering on their favourite gamers. In ten years, we’re confident that this will be a staple in the world of online gambling. 

Crypto Gambling to Go Mainstream

This feature isn’t too far fetched since some casinos have been offering payment methods via cryptocurrency. Essentially, more people involve themselves in crypto mining which means they’ll have Bitcoin and other popular cryptos as wagers. Online gambling has legitimised cryptocurrencies by allowing them as a form of transaction on their sites. After ten years, we think that the majority of online casinos will be providing this service. 

Signing Up Becomes Easier

Currently, the process to sign up for an online gambling account with a provider is relatively straightforward as you only need to enter your email address, password, and personal details. However, smartphones and tablets feature new technology every year as the prominent manufacturers try to outdo each other. 

Some brands have already introduced fingerprint technology to unlock a device as well as facial recognition. It wouldn’t be too far-fetched that online casinos develop apps to cater to these features. 

In future, perhaps all you require to register for a playing profile is your thumbprint or a scan of your face. In mere seconds, your data will be uploaded to the online platform with the relevant information about yourself, including your preferred games, payment methods, and currency preference. It may be thinking out of the box, but it can soon be a reality. 

How Will Devices Change?

If you mentioned to a friend 20 years ago that they could gamble on their mobile device or watch a movie without a hassle on their tiny screen, they would have never believed you, yet here we are. With driverless cars being a reality in the not-so-distant future, you may have access to your favourite gambling sites on your infotainment screen in the car. 

Perhaps, you can enjoy a few bets while travelling to work or wherever in your autonomous car. Watches have already joined the smart world, but in ten years from now, they could also access online casinos where you could enjoy gaming anywhere and anytime.

Growth and Change is Inevitable

Looking to the future is equally daunting as it is exciting. While several developments will enhance the gambling experience, we’re not sure that all new technology will benefit. Ten years from now though, you could be reading this article on your new watch or autonomous car to see that we told you about it first. Until then, you can enjoy any of our new Indian online casinos that have the latest technology and games.

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