Use MGAs Website to Find New Licensed Casinos

In this article we will guide you on how to use the Malta Gaming Authority website to identify newly licensed and reputable casinos for Indian players.
On the page you are getting all important messages about newly licensed or newly revoked licenses.

What Role Does the MGA Play with Online Casinos

As gambling experts, we understand the importance of finding the online casino that works best for players. While some gamblers stick with one platform, many others opt to play on a variety of sites. 

If you happen to notice a site that catches your attention, particularly if the site is new, you should always take the time to look through the Malta Gaming Authority’s website to ensure that the site is appropriately licensed. 

It will give you the peace of mind of knowing that you’re placing bets through a trustworthy site and that the owners of the site have taken the time to ensure that specific protective provisions are in place for gamblers

The Importance of Identifying Blacklisted Casinos

Remember that not every online casino you happen to come across is necessarily worthy of your trust. In fact, if you aren’t careful regarding the internet platform that you select, you may find yourself in a position where you will never see your winnings or lose any money that you’ve added to your player account. It’s critical that you avoid these internet casinos at all costs.

Luckily, the MGA developed a way for online gamblers to keep tabs on blacklisted casinos and why they have been added to this infamous list. We strongly recommend that you take advantage of the different options available in identifying blacklisted casinos so you never find yourself in a position where your finances are put in jeopardy.

In order to always be safe you can visit our list of vetted and tested new online casinos that you can find on that page.

MGA News and Events

The MGA maintains a news and events section of their site that allows you to check in on the latest issues with online casinos. From problems with connectivity to notices of the cancellation of different authorizations, this part of the website will keep you up to date regarding which sites are safe for you versus which ones you should stay away from. 

The best thing about MGA’s news and events section is that it’s updated seemingly as soon as an issue is brought to their attention, allowing players to are aware of problems sooner rather than later.

The articles that you will find in the news and events section of the site are primarily general notices. They will not be more than just a few lines explaining why the site has been flagged. However, important information in those sentences can alert you to whether you should be worried if you have a current account with the site or not. 

MGA Enforcement Register 

Unfortunately, if the registered owner of an online casino doesn’t maintain specific standards, the authorisation they received through the Malta Gaming Authority can be revoked for various reasons. 

The MGA enforcement register maintains a comprehensive list of online casinos and owners that have not abided by particular regulations. While there is usually some information regarding the cancellation of authorizations in the news and events section of the site, the enforcement register section goes into more detail. 

For example, in August of 2021, the Malta Gaming Authority revoked authorisation for Cyberslotz Services Malta Limited due to pay-out issues to their players. This information is critical for every potential gambler. 

At this time, you cannot open an account through any entity owned by Cyberslotz Services Malta Limited. If this were an available option, you would want to be aware that this company has caused issues regarding timely pay-outs (or lack thereof) in the past and stay away from opening an account with them. 

Turn to the Gambling Experts at JustGamblers

At JustGamblers, we understand the importance of providing gamblers with the necessary resources to make the best decisions regarding the online platforms they select. 

For this reason, we recommend that Indian players regularly visit the Malta Gaming Authority website to review the licenses of the online casinos you want to spend your money at safely. 

A quick dash to view the site can protect you from being defrauded by sites that claim to be safe for online gambling.

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