The most important trust factors for a new online casino

Since the popularity of new online casinos has soared in recent years, more platforms have entered the market. While the majority of sites are reliable, there are those that are set up to defraud players. For these reasons, it’s essential to identify the trust factors of a new online casino.

The Statistics Behind Online Casinos

To put the popularity of online casinos into perspective, consider that there’s been an increase of 255% of new online poker players in the US alone.

There hasn’t been any research conducted within the Indian market, but given the populous state of the country, we’re confident that percentage could be more on the sub-continent.

The financial forecasts for the industry estimated growth from $58.96 billion back in 2019 to $92.86 billion in 2023, which is an eye-watering figure.  

The Need for Safe Gambling

Indian gamblers want to enjoy playing their favourite games or betting on sporting fixtures on a reliable and trustworthy site. They constantly ask the question; can I trust this new casino?

The answer to that depends on multiple factors. Several sites pop up and make bold claims, but they don’t have the credentials to support these statements.

We have picked 7 different trust factors that you can look at when determining the trust for a newly launched casino.

Reputation for Being Trustworthy 

Word of mouth remains one of the most powerful marketing tools for any business, including online casinos. Indian players may enjoy a particular site and refer their friends and family members to their favourite casino because of the experience they’ve had. 

The more the cycle goes on, the better the reputation for the casino. New providers may struggle to attract players because they simply can’t compete with the history of other platforms. 

New Casinos Must Possess a Proper Gaming Licence

A casino is certainly trustworthy when they have a proper gaming license to operate. Players immediately search for these details to be present somewhere on the site, indicating that they won’t be defrauded or cheated by the platform. 

Some popular global licenses include the Malta Gaming Authority and Curacao Gaming Control Board which proves the site is legitimate. Additionally, obtaining licenses from these authorities carries a considerable cost which the platform must renew annually. 

As such, if a casino displays this information, you can trust it to deliver a safe and secure gaming platform. 

Language Should Be Tailored to the Market 

While it’s not a defining feature of an online casino, it’s essential for Indian players. The majority of reputable casino sites are available in English and Hindi, amongst other Indian languages. 

When the casino has invested time and money to ensure their platform can communicate with players in their language, it’s a sign of legitimacy. 

If a fraudulent site popped up simply to steal money or have you play games where the odds are entirely stacked against you, they wouldn’t bother about translating the site to your mother tongue. 

Customised Game Selection to Generate Interest

Similar to the language category, it may be worth considering the selection of games available on the site. Several casinos for Indian players include a sportsbook in their product offering because they’re aware of Indian citizens' love for cricket and other sports betting. 

The owners of the casinos are typical entrepreneurs who want to provide exactly what their customer wants. The inclusion of traditional Indian card games such as Teen Patti, Andar Bahar, and Indian Rummy clearly indicates that the site has been designed and tailored towards the Indian market. 

As a result, the site should be considered trustworthy. 

Multiple convenient online payment methods exist in India that consumers use every day. Some of these include UPI, PayTM, Skrill, and other e-wallets that originate in the country. Having these available makes transacting easy for gamblers in India which is a sign that you can trust the site. 

Coupled with payment methods, online casinos cater to Indian players by offering them to deal with the Indian Rupee. A fair number of platforms haven’t made this feature available yet, which doesn’t necessarily mean they aren’t trustworthy, but we’re sure they will include it in the future. 

Sites that don’t allow Indian Rupee transactions cause players to lose out on conversion fees so having the currency available is a trust factor. 

Evidence of Legitimate Customer Support

This section of the online casino is integral to promote customer loyalty and safety. Reputable casino sites have multiple methods to contact their support team to handle customer queries. 

When you consider the amount of money people spend in an online casino, it’s the least the casino can do to allay fears of being defrauded. 

Some providers invest heavily in their customer support channels. Instead of solely relying on bot chat support, they employ people to control the 24-hour live chat, telephone lines, or email inboxes. When you’re confident that you can contact a casino representative, it’s a positive sign.

Additionally, some casinos take it a step further by providing customer support in Hindi. As a result, Indian players are more comfortable disc

ussing their concerns with an individual who speaks and understands their home language. When a site goes the extra mile in this regard, it’s one of those trustworthy casinos. 

Fast Withdrawal Processing is a Trust Sign

Players want to withdraw their winnings as soon as possible, and while it may take a few days depending on the process, anything longer than a week would raise the alarm. 

When it’s easy to deposit money and start playing and then withdraw winnings and have access to it in a few days, it’s a sign of trustworthiness since players can depend on the casino to honour their payments. 

Consider These Points When Trusting a New Casino 

While online gambling is entertaining, you must protect yourself and play on trustworthy sites.

These are some of the essential points you must bear in mind to determine if you can trust a new online casino. 

  • A platform that caters to your home language and currency.
  • There is evidence of several customer support avenues.
  • Prompt withdrawals to ensure that you receive your winnings quickly.
  • A valid gaming license from a reputable authority.
  • A developing positive reputation amongst Indian players.
  • Wide selection of games including traditional Indian games.

After checking these factors, you can decide if you’d like to sign up and play on a new online casino.  

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