Why are established brands creating so many new casinos?

Any budding or experienced entrepreneur can see the potential in online casinos as a business. It’s no surprise that existing brands that have been around for a while are establishing new casinos to expand their reach and revenue streams.

A Typical Online Gambler Profile

There are multiple types of gamblers that suit specific online casinos. Sports fanatics and players who prefer placing wagers on sports fixtures would gravitate towards a casino with a sportsbook on the platform. 

Additionally, they might grow tired of gambling on one site and seek a new platform that potentially offers better sporting odds.

Some players prefer eye-catching colours or innovative slots and tables. As always, the novelty of something new will wear off, which is why gamblers may hop onto new platforms even though they have a favourite site. 

Ultimately, it’s for this reason that established casino brands expand their empires by creating new platforms. 

Staying Relevant to the Target Market

If a casino brand isn’t syncing its services with the demands of the market, it’s highly likely to become a white elephant—a product that continues to demand maintenance and support even as it outlives its profitability. Casinos must understand their audience and provide a platform that directly reflects those ideas.

When an online casino introduces elements that resonate with gamblers, it ensures that there’s an interest in the market. These platforms achieve relevance through innovation.

Providing players with welcome bonuses or general incentives will always be crucial for casinos. New casinos give brands an opportunity to offer these bonuses to players again while keeping their business afloat. 

It certainly has traces of monopolisation: casinos can compete by offering players a vast selection of different platforms with different offerings and opportunities under the same revenue umbrella. 

A Realistic Chance to Win Money

While some players may be happy with the odd promotion and bonus, others are all about making money through the casino. To achieve this goal, players must feel that they have a realistic chance of winning, which is a nearly lifelong challenge for some gamblers. 

Focusing on jackpot slots and offering communication or profiles on winners can go a long way towards convincing players to sign up for an account at a new casino.

Casino brands may launch a platform to cover a category of gambling that is attractive to a specific market. As a result, they’re catering to a wider audience without compromising their existing products and services. 

Casinos Offer Home Languages and Currencies

Since there are online casinos that gain popularity in different countries, language options vary. For this reason, some companies establish a platform that caters to a specific player base through language or other offerings, such as providing Hindi and Indian Rupee options for Indian players.

Instead of including new options such as these amongst a sea of other foreign languages and currencies, creating a unique casino with these features increases the brand’s market share while satisfying a larger audience. 

Creating a New Visual Experience

Humans automatically react to visual stimulants, which explains the celebrity status that you feel when you walk into a brick-and-mortar casino. The same is true for playing in an online casino. 

The design, colours, and feel of the casino stimulate the areas of your brain that appreciate appearance, and it puts you in a positive mood. For this reason, you find it more appealing to browse a particular site and gamble there.

It makes sense for casino brands to deliver multiple platforms with different aesthetics that appeal to different players. They’re creating competition within their brand’s umbrella, which may be a more sustainable business model to adopt.

Maintaining Multiple Brands Creates Trust Between Casinos and Players

When players are researching certain brands that they want to gamble with, they will look into the brand’s holding company and explore the other casinos that the company owns. 

If the company owns several online casinos, it immediately allays player fears regarding trust. The logic behind this theory is that if the overarching brand wasn’t reputable and trustworthy, they wouldn’t have established multiple casino sites.

These casinos gain a better reputation, and their presence on the holding site allows for cross-promotion of other online casinos within the same stable. It’s certainly a win-win for the brand. 

What You Should Know About a Casino With Multiple Associated Brands

As we’ve demonstrated, when a casino has other sites associated with it, it’s usually a sign that the owners are dedicated to creating tailored experiences for all types of players. 

It’s also a sign that players may feel more trust for the site than they would for an online casino that stands on its own.

We advise players to conduct all their usual checks before trusting any platform, including reading the reviews on JustGamblers before signing up to play, you can find a list of new online casino sites on our page there, all vetted and tested before added to our site.

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