Playing games is an excellent pastime, especially when you’re on the train or waiting in a queue. However, thanks to some games, you can now earn real money while enjoying some entertainment on your mobile device. We have tested the best money earning games for Indian players, see our recommendations below.

5 Factors used when analysing the best money earning games

 We’ll discuss the top 5 money-earning games that are available to Indian players based on:

  • The frequency of wins.
  • How easy it is to sign up for an account.
  • Deposit and Withdrawal Methods.
  • Bonus offers.
  • Level of difficulty. 

Below, we’ll go into detail regarding money-earning games in India.

Top 5 Earning Money Games

This list is what you’ve been waiting for - the names of real cash games where you can use your money to make larger amounts of money. We understand that you may have a favourite game to play when you need to kill time, but with these games, you have a realistic chance of earning real cash.

1. Fantasy Cricket - Dream11

Fantasy Cricket Home-Webpage

Fantasy Cricket is an online game based on strategy and real-life cricket. Players can select a virtual cricket team of eleven players and earn points based on those players' performances in live matches. 

The game aims to score more points than your opponents.

Ideally, Fantasy Cricket is suitable for cricket fans with a strategic mind. You must understand cricket on a deeper level than simply being a fan, as the choices you make will determine how many points you end up with after the game has ended.

How you make money in the game Fantasy Cricket

You can enter your team into a paid contest as multiple leagues are available with varying entry wagers. The prize money ranges from INR 6 Lakhs to INR 35 Crores. 

Type of game: Fantasy, Strategy
Need to sign up:Yes.
Need to download:Yes, Android and Apple App stores.
Need to deposit money: Yes. No minimum required.
Accept Indian Players:Yes.
Any bonus offers:Yes, up to INR500 for inviting a friend. 
Is it a trustworthy game/app:Yes. There are more than 13 Crore users, and the site has cricketing bodies as its official partners. 
Table with facts about the game Fantasy Cricket from Dream11.


  • You can earn real money at different levels.
  •  Anybody who loves cricket can play the game.
  • The rules are simple and easy to follow.
  • You can test your skills in a non-money game.
  • Players have won large sums of money playing this game.


  • You must thoroughly understand cricket and its players to have some success.
  • Selecting famous players doesn’t work.
  •  It’s easy to place all your money in one tournament instead of spreading it out.

2. Warship - GetMega

Warship GetMega Homepage

Warship is a strategy-based game that can be played between 2 to 4 players. It’s a classic game that people once played on paper but has now entered the digital world where playing the game can lead to winning cash prizes.

You have to arrange your fleet of ships along the playing grid in such a way that your opponents will miss when they strike. 

When you have the opportunity, strike down their ships and reduce your points from 10 to 0 to win the game. Strategic individuals will enjoy this type of mobile game.

How you make money in the game Warship

Every battle in the game ends with a win with actual money for one person. Players can play any number of games on a table, and the total amount won is transferred to your winnings wallet when you leave.

Cash tables have a buy-in of either INR 2 or INR 10, but you can host a game with customised minimum buy-ins.

Type of game: Strategy, Creativity, Motor
Need to sign up:Yes.
Need to download:Yes, download link sent through SMS. 
Need to deposit money: Yes. INR 50. 
Accept Indian Players:Yes.
Any bonus offers:Yes, new players get INR 400 cashback with a deposit of INR 50. 
Is it a trustworthy game/app:Yes, it is a member of the All-India Gaming Federation. 
Table with facts about the game Warship from GetMega.


  • Use several convenient deposit and withdrawal methods.
  • Enticing welcome bonus for new players.
  • Easy to play and understand.
  • Games with varying odds.
  • Channels your inner soldier.


  • Game may become boring eventually.
  • App only available for Android devices.
  • Some games can be too fast and end quickly.

3. Rummy - GetMega

Rummy Getmega Homepage

Rummy is one of India’s most cherished card games. It requires some skills with a degree of luck. From the initial cards a player receives, they must try to produce perfect sets or sequences before other players on the table.

The game is based on 13-card Rummy, where 2 decks of cards are used with 2 jokers. From those 13 cards, a player must make two sets, one of them being a pure set. The first player to rid themselves of all their cards is the winner.

How you make money in the game Rummy

The table buy-ins for Rummy on GetMega range from INR 1 to INR 4,000, so you can play on a table that suits your budget. 

The amount on the table from all players is up for grabs by the end of the round. 

For example, if four players buy-in for INR 2 each, the amount awaiting the winner is INR 8. 

The same principle is applied to higher wager games. 

Type of game: Card, Logic, Luck
Need to sign up:Yes. 
Need to download:Yes. The download link is SMS to you. 
Need to deposit money: Yes. Minimum of INR 50. 
Accept Indian Players:Yes.
Any bonus offers:Yes. The welcome bonus offers INR 400 cashback for a deposit of INR 50. 
Is it a trustworthy game/app:Yes. It is regulated by the All-India Gaming Federation.
Table with facts about the game Rummy from GetMega.


  • It’s a familiar Indian game.
  • Various tables with odds to suit every budget are available.
  • Attractive welcome bonus on offer.
  • Convenient payment methods are used.
  • Opportunity to win massive amounts of real money.


  • Game rules can be confusing to a newbie.
  • App not available for Apple users.
  • Withdrawal process may be slower than usual.

4. Fantasy sports – First Games (by PayTM)

First Games by PayTM Homepage

As the name suggests, Fantasy Sports is a game that merges the virtual world with reality. Players can decide if they’d like to select a cricket or football team. You use 100 coins to buy various players and then hope they perform in their actual matches to reward you with higher points.

You can start playing by creating your fantasy team and hopefully win real cash in your bank account. After selecting your team, you choose a contest to participate in based on your desired entry fee, and you’ll find out how much is up for grabs. 

How you make money in the game Fantasy Sports

You will have to pay an entry fee into a specific competition. All the users in that division would have done the same. There will be a prize total for that group, which the winner walks away with at the end of the match.

Type of game: Strategy, Skill, Sports
Need to sign up:Yes. 
Need to download:Yes, through the link sent via SMS. 
Need to deposit money: Yes, no minimum amount was listed. 
Accept Indian Players:Yes. 
Any bonus offers:Yes, a welcome bonus of up to INR 20,000
Is it a trustworthy game/app:Yes, the game was crafted by PayTM, a reputable e-wallet. 
Table with facts about the game Fantasy Sports from PayTM.


  • Easy to enter and use.
  • Convenient payments are made through your PayTM account.
  • Withdrawals and Deposits are instant.
  • Prize money of various levels is on offer.
  • 4 different sports from which to select.


  • You must have a PayTM account to play this game.
  • Players need to have an in-depth understanding to stand a chance of winning.

5. FruitKaat - GetMega

FruitKaat - GetMega Hompage

This game is similar to Candy Crush, except you’re working with fruit, and you can play the game with up to 4 people. 

Match 3 games are the best pastime for internet users, and FruitKaat takes it to another level by allowing you to earn money from gaming.

Here, you can compete against real players in real-time, adding extra spice to the game. By swiping and matching 3 of your opponent's fruit, you reduce their health while matching your fruit, enhancing your life in the game.

How you make money in the game FruitKaat

You wager money before a game commences, and the winner of the game walks away with the spoils. 

The amount is dependent on the minimum bet placed. Everyone starts at 100 points, and the first person down to zero wins the game.

Type of game: Strategy, Match, Skill
Need to sign up:Yes.
Need to download:Yes, the link is sent through SMS. 
Need to deposit money: No, it doesn’t indicate a minimum deposit. 
Accept Indian Players:Yes.
Any bonus offers:Yes, up to INR 400 cashback for a deposit of INR 50. 
Is it a trustworthy game/app:Yes, the game is from the reputable GetMega stable. 
Table with facts about the game FruitKaat from GetMega.


  • Convenient payment methods.
  • Incredible welcome bonus for new players.
  • Comes from a stable with a host of other real money games.
  • Rules are easy to follow.
  • Winning money has never been this easy.


  • There’s no app for Apple users.
  • Not much information about deposit amounts.

FAQ section

Q: Which apps can earn you money online by playing games?
A: The best apps seem to be GetMega and Dream 11.

Q: How do free online games earn you money?
A: You place wagers on a game and earn the winnings directly.

Q: Which is the best app to earn money in a rummy game?
A: The GetMega app is the best option if you want to play Rummy games and earn decent money.

Q: Which is the best free cricket fantasy game for winning money?
A: The Dream 11 app is probably a shade better than the First Games option from PayTM.

Q: Can I make money by playing Android games?
A: Yes, downloading any of these apps that we’ve mentioned will help you on your way to betting real money and hopefully making larger amounts.

Q: What are the best iOS apps to earn money in India?
A: The Dream 11 app is probably the best for Apple users to play, enjoy the experience, and earn money.

Our favourite game of these 5 is…

You’ll notice that the games mentioned above have similar themes or trends. Three of the games are from one app - GetMega which shows that they’ve done a great job supplying the Indian market with games you can place wagers on to win actual money.

The other 2 games involve fantasy sports, which is a major craze in the country as locals are passionate about all types of sports. Placing bets on a game where you’re entirely in control of your selection is quite attractive.

Furthermore, nobody can control the performance of an individual sportsman or woman, and the points you gain are entirely up to how they perform on the day. The match 3 game has proven to be extremely popular with online gamers. Because you could now win money through this game is a significant plus for Indian players.

Having looked at each of these games, we’d recommend playing Fantasy Cricket from Dream 11 as it allows anybody to learn about the game and then apply that knowledge to help them win some cash.

We will definitely be increasing this list with more site in the near future, as we are seeing more and more skill based gaming platforms entering the market.