Guide To Wagering Requirement on Bonuses

The definition of the term wagering requirement is the number of times you have to play before you can withdraw your bonus money. This number would be set by the casino to ensure that you spend some time playing and don’t only withdraw the bonus without any expense from your side.
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Common wagering requirements for different gambling products

Below follows information about common gambling products and their wagering requirements that you will most likely stumble upon when playing them with a bonus or offer of any kind.

Sports Betting

In general, the wagering requirements at online sportsbooks are much more relaxed than on casino products. Here there are predominantly three common categories of wagering requirements:

  1. First, we have free bets wagering. This requirement means a player must bet a specific amount to be able to receive the free bet. There are no additional requirements for this option
  2. No wagering requirement is sometimes an option when you sign up at a sportsbook, and it means that you will receive funds immediately in your sportsbook account. Players can withdraw these funds without doing anything.
  3. Free spins is another form of bonus reward often given. You have to wager an equal amount of money as what you have received to withdraw the funds which you’ve won from this bonus.

Live Casinos

Most gamblers will have to place a set amount of wagers before being able to withdraw the bonus. An example of such a calculation would be a 100% match bonus offer at a requirement of 50x.

When you place a bet of INR500, you’ll receive a bonus of INR500, but you have to wager INR25,000 before you’ll be able to withdraw your bonus.


Slot games often offer bonuses in the form of free spins. What it means is that you can use these free spins to play without making any deposit. Yet when you want to withdraw your winnings from these free spins, you have to deposit before accessing them.

FAQ for casino wagering requirements

Can I withdraw the money which I’ve won from my bonus?

Yes, you’ll be allowed to withdraw these funds from your player account as soon as you’ve fulfilled the set wagering requirements.

What does it mean if your wagering requirement is 35x?

It refers to the amount you would need to bet before being able to withdraw your bonus money. Say your bonus was INR100, then you would need to wager INR3,500 to fulfil your wagering requirements.

Do Indian casinos have wagering requirements?

Yes, most casinos available to Indian players offer bonus rewards and wagering requirements that need to fulfill.

What does no wagering mean?

It refers to a kind of bonus option some online casinos offer where players don’t have to fulfil any wagering requirements to receive their bonus rewards.

What is the purpose of wagering requirements?

Wagering requirements are safety measures that online casinos and sportsbooks have in place to prevent players from withdrawing their bonus rewards without investing anything in return. Neither casinos nor sportsbooks can afford to simply give away money without getting any funds into their account, and the results of such behaviour will be detrimental to the house edge.

Is it possible to avoid wagering requirements?

No, the casino won’t release your withdrawal unless you’ve fulfilled your wagering requirements.

Do wagering requirements vary between different casinos?

Yes, it does indeed. It is one of the many ways how casinos compete against each other to attract more players. Hence, you can benefit from some research to find out which casinos offer the best wagering requirements and opt to sign up for these casinos.

Do all wagering requirements work in the same way?

No, wagering requirements can vary between different casinos, for various games and other kinds of gambling. Some casino bonuses also depend on the deposit method players choose.

What is a wager?

The term wager refers to a bet, but more precisely explained; it is the value of the stake you are placing in the form of a spin or abet or even a hand of cards while you are gambling online at your favourite online slots, casino, or sportsbook.

How do wagering requirements work?

There are several ways of how any casino can reward players with bonus offers. Casinos offer this bonus funds to players to attract new clients. The most popular form of casino bonuses is the first deposit bonus

It means that the casino will add a percentage of your first deposit amount into your player bankroll as bonus credit. Yet, making a deposit isn’t the only requirement you’ll need to fulfil to enable withdrawal of your winnings from playing with this amount. 

To prevent players from merely taking the money and leaving without wagering any of their funds, casinos have set up specific terms and conditions which players have to fulfil before earning the cash. 

The most popular of all terms and conditions is the requirement of a certain number of times players have to place bets before they can cash out the bonus amount. 

Once the set terms and conditions are fulfilled, players can withdraw the bonus funds from their account.

What is the purpose of wagering requirements?

Many new players in the 2021 casino industry are often interested in the lucrative cash bonus options that a casino might offer when they make their initial deposit. Immersed in excitement, it might be easy to miss any given wager requirement. 

This bit of information is sometimes hardly visible right at the bottom of the page where it states, “copyright 2021” and “all rights reserved,” or maybe it is even printed in the privacy policy or next to the “contact us” section.

However, you’ll most likely find some form of terms and conditions you’ll need to adhere to, to withdraw any winnings. Casinos have these requirements in place to protect the house edge from losing money when players only withdraw their winnings without placing any bets.

Calculating the value of your wagering requirements?

While many sites offer a wagering requirements calculator, it isn’t always the case. Still, it is relatively easy to calculate how much money you need to pay towards bonus wagering to convert your winnings into bonus cash. 

When you play responsibly, we recommend determining how much your wagering requirement amount would be before you sign up. 

An example of a wagering bonus would be that the casino contributes 100 percent of your deposit up to INR50,000 with conditions set at 10x wagering. This condition would also be an example of very low wagering requirements.

To complete the example, let's suggest you gamble responsibly and only pay INR100 as your first payment to access the bonus amount. 

Now the casino will top your payment with the same amount; hence you will have double the amount to spend towards wagering. While playing any of the games you prefer at your new online casino, you’ll probably gain some winnings.

You will only be able to withdraw the winnings which you made from wagering bonuses once you’ve wagered 10x the amount of the bonus. In this case, 10x INR100, meaning you have to wager INR1,000 on games to gain access to your winnings as set out in your new casino’s terms. 

Choosing the best casino for you

Not all casinos are equal when it comes to these wagering requirements. Sometimes you’ll find a casino with low wagering requirements which you might like, but then have a low withdrawal limit which you don’t like. 

When it comes to sportsbooks, they may have high rollover requirements, but offer fantastic returns. If you prefer slots, your casino of choice can either offer you only free spins or free spins plus a deposit bonus. The bonus amount will then be converted to free spins. Yet, even in this setup, you will have to fulfil requirements to withdraw your spins winnings.

It is best to do comprehensive research and see what others say about any casino before signing up. 

Provided you opt for a casino with proper licensing in place, your funds will be secure, but you have the freedom to shop around to find a casino offering you the best-suited proposal for you. Even if you haven’t been able to fulfil the set wagering requirements, you won’t lose any of your own money, and you still would have had far more chances to play and improve your game with the bonus money sponsoring your practice rounds.

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