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In or efforts to find the most legit casino in India we recently did a research to find out who are the most recognized casino brands in India. See our findings below.
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online casino brand awareness market share 2021 india
Online Casino Brand Awareness Report 2021 by - See full size image here.

We recently studied all of the top online casino brands in India to find out the most recognized brand in 2021. In our study, we used search data of how often people in India search for a specific brand per month and calculated the average search.

We looked at the scope of the top 10 and here are our findings:

Our data shows that Bet365 hold a 29.9% among the 10 most searched casinos in India with 419,000 searches per month on average. This is 22.5% more than the second most popular brand Dafabet, 86.2% more than the third brand Betway and a range of 1,169-1,995% more than the less popular brands among casino players in India - 10Cric, LeoVegas and Lottoland.

The top 3 brands together hold a total of 70.4% which, in numbers, means an average of 986,000 people searches for these three brands per month. It's clear that Bet365 is the most recognized casino online in 2021.

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