Step-by-Step Guide to Closing Your Indian Online Casino Account

If you’ve decided to close your Indian casino account, you can follow the steps outlined below. Perhaps you’ve developed a gambling problem, lost interest in gambling, or are no longer happy with the casino; this guide will inform you how to close your account.
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How to Close Your Online Casino Account?

Online casinos are usually fun, but when it’s become an addiction, you may want to remove yourself from the situation altogether. We’ve developed a step-by-step guide on how to close out your online casino account in India.

Alternatively, you can browse through the terms and conditions section of the casino to find out more information about closing your account. 

Step #1 - Log Into Your Casino Account ➡️ Then Access Customer Support

Log in to your casino account by entering your username and password. Find the live chat feature in the bottom left or right of the screen. Alternatively, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the Contact Us page. 

How to close account Link
Find the Contact Us link at the bottom of the casino page.

Another page will open with all the relevant details of the casino’s customer support. Use the appropriate email address, in this case,, and send the team an email informing them you wish to close your account. 

If you haven’t done so yet, learn how to register at an online casino in India

Step #2 - Initiate the Account Termination Request

How to close account email customer support
Compose an email to the customer support team at the relevant casino.

At Rajabets, you must send an email to the customer support team to close your casino account. However, you will find that some Indian casinos have different ways of closing accounts.

It’s possible to initiate the process through the 24-hour live chat feature—locate the chat button on the site. Below is an example of starting the account closure at another Indian casino. 

Step #3 - Answer Security Questions for Account Verification

How to close your account chat verification
Screenshot of customer support requesting verification information.

It’s standard procedure for the agent to ask you to verify your details. Casinos will do this to ensure they’re chatting with the correct person. The details they require include your date of birth, phone number, email address, and perhaps your ID number.

Once the agent verifies that it is you, they can proceed with your account closure request. On the note of verification, check out the Know Your Customer (KYC) guide that casinos follow when you register at a new site. 

Step #4 - Confirm the Account Closure Request

How to close your account chat confirmation
Screenshot of the casino agent confirming your request.

After verifying your details, the agent will ask you to confirm your request for an account closure. You simply have to respond in the affirmative. It’s normal for the casino to ask why you’re closing your account. You can respond with the relevant reason.

The agent will then proceed to close your account. 

Step #5 - Receiving Confirmation of Account Closure

When closing your casino account, it will take a while for the customer support team to process it. It’s quite different from the cooling-off period, which you can set up quickly. From the time we initiated the request until we received confirmation of the account closure, it took approximately 45 minutes.

Usually, you will receive confirmation of your account closure through the email address you registered with the casino

How to Prepare for Your Casino Account Closure?

Once you’ve decided that you want to step away from a casino, you must take care of your admin. If you have funds remaining in your account, you should withdraw them before the closure request.

If the amount you have in your account is lower than the minimum withdrawal amount, the casino may deduct a portion before returning the rest to you. Additionally, check if you have any outstanding bonuses or wagering requirements to meet before you close the account.

Different Account Closure Types

Casino account closures are available in different forms, depending on the reasons for the closure. We’ll take you through the different types below so you have a better understanding of casino account closure.

Regular Closure

As the name suggests, a regular closure is quite straightforward. If you wish to stay away from the casino indefinitely, this option is for you. This closure is the most common, and you can initiate the process with the casino's customer support agent. When you feel like returning to the site, simply reach out to the team to reinstate your account.

Temporary Closure – Cooling Off

Otherwise referred to as a cooling-off or time-off period, this type of closure is for players who want to take a mini-break from online gambling. Players will predetermine how long they’d like to remain inactive on the site. On some platforms, you can manually activate this closure by accessing the responsible gambling dashboard and entering your parameters.

Once the closure has taken effect, you won’t be allowed to access the casino before completing the predetermined duration.

Permanent Closure Or Self-Exclusion

When you’re entirely done with gambling, this option is ideal for you. This tool forms part of the responsible gambling policies at most casinos, and once you’ve chosen this option, there is no way of reopening your casino account.

The casino deletes your information from its database, and you won’t receive any communication from the site. You can activate this type of closure from your account settings or with assistance from the customer support team.

FAQs When Deleting Your Indian Casino Account

❓ Is there any alternative to account closure?

Yes, there is a cooling-off tool that you can use to take a break from logging into your casino account for a short while.

🤔 Can I reopen a casino account after closing it?

Yes, it depends on which type of closure you activated. With the permanent self-exclusion, you can’t reinstate your account.

🔒 Can I close my casino account at any time?

Yes, you can close the account from the casino page or reach out to the customer support team to help you through the process.

💵 What happens to my remaining balance when I close my account?

Any amount above the minimum withdrawal limit will be returned to you, while amounts below that limit will be returned after the casino deducts a fee.

🔴 Will closing my account affect my credit score?

No, closing your casino account has no bearing on your credit profile.

What to Do If You Experience Difficulties When Closing Your Casino Account?

Closing your casino account is a simple process. Most casinos offer players the opportunity to do it themselves through the accounts page. However, if you’re struggling with closing your account, you can contact the customer support team via email or live chat, and they will guide you through the process.

If you find that the casino staff isn’t being helpful, you can acquire outside help in the form of the regulatory body that licences the casino and other consumer protection organisations.

Before you decide to close your casino account, assess why you’re doing it and what type of closure would suit your situation. If you aren’t struggling with addiction, opting for permanent closure wouldn’t make sense. Weigh up the different options and apply them to your gambling habits. When you’ve decided, speak to the customer support team for guidance through the process.

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