Local Indian Online Casino Payment Methods

There are many types of local online casino payment methods for Indian players. This article explores the most popular online payment methods for casinos and how you can use them. We will also discuss what makes each option unique.
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What Are The Best Local Indian Online Casino Payment Methods?

Indian payment methods

Below, we investigate the most common payment methods for Indian online casinos. These methods include various forms of payment, from bank transfers to e-wallets.

Remember that you cannot deposit funds into casinos if you do not have an account with said casino.

We have an article for registering an account with Indian online casinos if you need help with that first. 

We also have a quick guide for Aadhaar ID online casino registration – a supportive tool when registering.

It’s also important to note that some casinos will require KYC verification before you can make deposits or withdrawals. If you want a step-by-step guide to KYC at Indian online casinos, we also have an article for that.


UPI – or Unified Payments Interface – is forming a large part of India’s digital future. This payment method unifies different banks into a single system, allowing you to make various transactions from one place. You need a registered phone number and other personal details to sign up.

Last, you must link a bank account to your UPI account. You can install UPI from their website. There are several fantastic UPI casinos in India that we can recommend.

Net Banking

Net Banking – also called Internet Banking – is a payment system that allows various features typical for debit and credit cards, such as paying bills and even doing online shopping. You must create a net banking account with your bank before transacting at digital casinos.


This payment method has become exceedingly popular globally. There are many different e-wallets to use, but the most popular in India include those listed below. These payment methods require that you download the respective app, link a bank account to it, and deposit funds into it. You can transact on various platforms once you have funds in that account.


Paytm uses UPI as a backend, allowing users to make instant payments from one app to several platforms. You can use this method to pay utility bills or to make online payments to casinos. You can download Paytm from their website. Simply click the download button from your mobile device.

Google Pay

Google Pay integrates with your mobile device and links with your existing debit or credit cards. Once you download Google Pay, you can quickly link any number of your cards and use them to make physical or online payments.


As the name suggests, PhonePe is only available on mobile devices. PhonePe accounts can recharge phone numbers, pay utility bills, and more. Simply download the PhonePe app, create an account, and link your bank account.

Credit & Debit Cards

Credit and debit cards are also a popular choice for casino transactions. You can use any credit or debit card from your bank to deposit funds at casinos. The most popular include VISA and Mastercard.

Bank Transfers

Direct bank transfers are also allowed by many digital casinos. It’s worth noting that withdrawals with bank transfers are not always available, and when they are, it can take much longer to clear. You only need a bank account and an account with an online casino that allows bank transfers for payments.

Fast Facts of the Different Payment Methods

Below is a quick summary of the payment method options:  

UPINet Bankinge-WalletsCredit & Debit CardsBank Transfers
Transaction SpeedInstantInstantInstantInstantInstant
ConvenienceIncredibly ConvenientIncredibly ConvenientIncredibly ConvenientLess ConvenientLess Convenient
Potential Fees1.1% on ₹2,000 or higher.Similar to your banking fees.Around 1.1% expected fees when meeting required transaction amount.Similar to your banking fees.Similar to your banking fees.
Comparative table on the different payment methods in Indian Online Casinos.

How Do You Choose the Right Payment Method?

If you cannot decide between the listed payment methods, we can help. Here are some aspects of your payment methods to consider when choosing which you want to use for a digital casino account.

These factors are relevant if you wish to deposit money at an online casino or withdraw from an online casino.

Do you want convenience?

The first and probably most influential factor is whether you want convenience from your payment methods. If you want a single payment method that will work everywhere, your best bet will be e-wallets or UPI.

Do you want the fastest processing times?

If you are after the fastest processing times for your payments and withdrawals, you are better off using e-wallets or UPI. Bank transfers – especially when making withdrawals from casinos – can take much longer to clear.

Do you want to deal with additional accounts?

The only way to use UPI or e-wallets is to create more accounts and link your bank cards to them. If you prefer not to create additional accounts, the only real option is bank transfers or net banking.

FAQs About Local Indian Online Casino Payment Methods

🤔 Can I use international e-wallets like PayPal in Indian online casinos?

No. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find any Indian casino taking PayPal as one of the preferred methods for deposits and withdrawals.

⏳ How fast are the transactions with local Indian payment methods in online casinos?

You can expect instantaneous transactions with all local Indian payment methods when depositing into casinos. Withdrawal times can differ for various reasons, from the casino to the withdrawal method.

💵 Is it possible to deposit and withdraw Indian Rupees (INR) in online casinos?

Yes, it is possible. You can read our comprehensive list of Indian online casinos that accept INR for more information.

💸 What is the minimum deposit amount in Indian online casinos using local payment methods?

The typical minimum deposit amount with Indian online casinos is ₹830 or equivalent.

❓ What should I do if a transaction fails or isn’t reflected in my casino account?

The first step is to contact the casino’s support team. If they cannot assist you, you should contact the support team for your payment method.

Ready to Make Your First Deposit?

We hope this article has assisted you in understanding and choosing a payment method for your first deposit. Remember that the preferred payment method ultimately comes down to personal taste and what you want from a transaction system. Always remember to gamble responsibly and research before linking accounts to casinos.

Also please make sure to pick a site from our vetted list of the best online Indian casinos in order to make sure that they have as many local Indian payment methods in place as possible.

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