The Jungle raja VIP Program is a prestigious and lucrative way to reward the highest playing Indian players on their site. We ask if it is something for all to aspire to achieve, is it? Let’s find out!

ShowLion vip program level names
The different VIP levels are indicated by these animals: Puma, Leopard, Lion.

Jungle raja Rewarding Players for Loyalty

Everybody likes a bit of recognition and to receive some reward for their loyalty. The Jungle raja VIP Program is one such platform where Indian players don’t only receive recognition but can also determine how big this reward must be. This flexibility is what the Jungle raja VIP Program offers to its loyal players in India. The Jungle raja VIP Program has 3 levels. Each level is represented by the symbol of one of the wild cat species for each level. These are symbols of power, speed, and leadership. As a loyal Jungle raja player, you can determine which of these levels would suit you the best. If you are not a registered member yet we encourage you to read our Jungle raja review here.

We explore precisely how lucrative the opportunities represented by these levels are. Then we also take into consideration the size of the investment that players need to make to achieve this success and whether it is worthwhile.

What Does It Take to Be a Part of the VIP Program?

Offers of rewards can often be the smoke and mirrors that hide added expenses. We can only imagine that as a loyal registered player at Jungle raja, you would be keen to know what their VIP program can mean to you. Would it mean any added costs for you?

  • For any Indian player to be part of the Jungle raja VIP Program, you have to be a registered account holder at Jungle raja, excluding any player younger than 18 years of age.
  • It would also exclude any player with multiple accounts registered at the online casino.
  • Jungle raja also requests that you have to agree to the terms and conditions of their VIP program. These terms and conditions give Jungle raja the freedom to change the requirements and rewards for the various levels in their VIP program when needed.
  • Indian players have to replenish their accounts with an amount of more than Rs 800 000 to qualify for level 1 of the program.
  • No player will be able to transfer any benefits pertaining to their level to any other player.
jungleraja vip levels table
Amount of Rs. you need to deposit in order to reach the different levels.

What Will You Get?

The Jungle raja VIP Program offers multiple levels of rewards based on the number of rupees that players bet on their site. The more rupees you place on bets during play, the higher the level you qualify for becomes. Thus, players have a choice of betting more or less or even disregarding the VIP program completely. It is not compulsory and purely to reward players who are very active in the online casino.

Level 1 – Puma

To qualify for the entry-level in the Jungle raja VIP Program, you need to deposit a minimum amount of Rs 800 000. You also need to maintain a level of Rs 160 000 for 30 days, after which you will receive the following benefits in return for your loyalty. You will qualify for a VIP manager who is available via either e-mail or WhatsApp to answer your concerns as well as up to 5% cashback of the rupees placed on bets.

Level 2 – Leopard

When you deposit more than Rs16 000 000 and maintain the 30-day level hold of Rs 400 000, you qualify for the next level of benefits. In addition to the benefits offered on Puma, you will now also receive up to 7% cashback and priority service during transfers.

Level 3 - Lion

This level carries the symbol of the mighty lion and is the top-level any player can achieve on the Jungle raja VIP program. Level 3 requires a minimum deposit valued at Rs 40 000 000 and a 30-day hold or Rs 800 000. Although this might seem somewhat steep for some players, the benefits are rather lucrative. Players on this level receive up to 10% cash back rewards as well as all the benefits of the two lower levels. You will also have higher limits when it comes to deposits and withdrawals.

The highlight of this level is the fact that it grants you access to VIP private parties. These parties work on an invitation-only basis.

Any deposit is done through any of the accepted payment solutions on the Jungle raja online casino site is considered and accumulates towards the qualifying deposit amount. Another consideration to keep in mind is also that Jungle raja holds the right to downgrade any player as soon as the qualification criteria for the particular level fall away. Jungle raja can also upgrade players at its discretion.

Is It Something a Gambler Should Strive For?

The reward program is quite lucrative, and the added benefits are nice to have. Yet, the amounts required to qualify for any level are rather challenging. It is quite steep and might be out of reach of many regular players. Various other loyalty programs do offer much higher percentages of cash backs in return for far smaller deposit amounts. Jungle raja might only want to reward its biggest investors through its VIP program, yet there will be a large percentage of loyal players who wouldn’t be able to qualify.

When we need to answer the question of whether the Jungle raja VIP program is something that players should try to achieve, the answer would have to come with reservation. If spending the qualifying amounts at one online casino is something that falls easily into your budget, then yes, we strongly urge you to become part of the Jungle raja VIP Program and enjoy the VIP benefits and cash backs on offer.

However, if spending these rather vast amounts is not in line with your budget, we wouldn’t be promoting responsible gambling if we urge you to strive for this recognition. In this case, we would rather advise a player to explore more opportunities to find one that is more affordable to them if they are keen on belonging to a VIP program.