How to Determine a Real Indian Casino from a Fake One?

We’ve witnessed a considerable surge in online casinos in India. The convenience of playing on a smartphone has contributed to the popularity. However, cybercriminals have been launching scam sites to defraud players.This article provides information to tell them apart.
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This is How you Identify a Fake Casino Site

  • Unclear information on ownership and casino contact information.
  • Bonus and promotions that are too good to be true.
  • Outdated website design and functionality.
  • Player complaints and reviews.
  • Lack of convenient payment methods.
  • Unsecured website.
  • Pop-up windows.

Red Flags of a Fake Indian Online Casino?

A trained eye and mind will know what to look for in a legitimate casino. By understanding what red flags to identify in a scam site, you can guard yourself against becoming a victim of cybercrime. You can browse our list of blacklisted sites to avoid these platforms or explore the tips from Dafabet to avoid scam casinos.

We’ve listed some blatant signs that the casino you’re visiting isn’t trustworthy. Always refer to these before creating an account at an online casino.

Unclear Ownership and Contact Information

Every legitimate online casino is owned by a company or individual. These details must always be readily available to the public. Scam casinos are often vague with these details or use fake information.

Additionally, malicious sites will use similar domain names, so it’s essential that you carefully inspect the URL. It may be similarly spelt, fooling players into thinking it’s a licensed casino. The absence of proper contact channels is a major red flag. You should immediately turn away if the site has a bogus email address or lacks the basics like a live chat feature.

Unrealistic Promotions and Bonuses

While promotions and bonuses are a given at legitimate online casinos in India, they’re generous within reason. Some may offer a no-deposit bonus, but most offer deposit matches with significant wagering requirements.

If you come across a casino offering bonuses that are simply too good to be true, they usually are. Promotions that don’t require wagering requirements or promise additional funds with higher deposits without proper terms and conditions are major red flags. You shouldn’t be lured into the trap of an attractive bonus. Always check for realistic terms and conditions.

Poor Website Design and Functionality

A scam casino’s main objective is to defraud you of your money. Consequently, the criminals behind the scam won’t always invest money into the upkeep of the site. More often than not, if a site looks shabby and contains broken links, poor-quality graphics, and heavy delays in responding, it’s a scam casino.

Legit sites constantly update their interface to make the experience easier and smoother for players. When you find yourself on a platform that appears dodgy, it’s best to stay away.

Negative Player Reviews and Complaints

One of the best ways to identify a fake casino is through peer reviews. If the casino has been operating legally in India, you will find an in-depth review from one of our team members.

While a legal casino may also have some negative comments from players, if all you find are complaints about a particular site, that should indicate its legitimacy. Additionally, you should ask friends and family if they’ve heard or played on a site to check its authenticity.

Not Enough Payment Methods

When a fake site exists purely to obtain your information or money, they have no interest in offering multiple convenient and popular payment methods. Money transfer companies like PayTM and PayPal will always conduct their verification checks of a casino before becoming an approved option.

The site may be fake if there’s a lack of these popular payment options. Additionally, search the site to find what withdrawal processing times the casino offers. Legitimate casinos will explicitly inform players of the duration to process any withdrawal requests.

Unsecured Site

Casinos always use some of the best security settings to ensure every player who visits the site is safe. The SSL certificate of the site will be displayed on the page. Usually, the security of a site is indicated by a lock either to the left or right of the URL, depending on the browser and operating system you’re using. If you can’t find these icons, the site isn’t secure, and you should leave immediately.

Pop Up Windows

To obtain your information, scam sites will generate pop-ups when you click on a feature or product on their site. Typically, these windows will request information from you, which is how they grab your information to sell to third parties.

Some scam sites will use your registration information and send phishing emails to obtain your data. Never enter your details in these windows, as legitimate sites don’t operate that way.

How a Real Casino Shows Their Authenticity

Trustworthy casinos have nothing to hide and will always display the information you need. We’ll explore all how a proper casino proves its authenticity. We have listed all casinos that we consider to be legitimate in the list here.

Licensing and Regulations

Every reputable online casino in India and worldwide must have a license. An operating license from a regulatory body means the casino must abide by strict guidelines to maintain its status as a licensed casino.

Some casino authorities around the globe include the UK Gambling Commission, Malta Gaming Authority, and the Government of Curacao. These three bodies are central to issuing licenses to online casinos.

Only casinos that have obtained licensing can display the information on the site. Usually, you’d find these details, along with the registration number, at the foot of the homepage. Additionally, the logo of the relevant authority will be featured at the bottom of the site.

Fair Play Certification

To inform players that the games it features in the casino are fair, legitimate sites have their products audited and certified by recognisable organisations like eCOGRA. The stamp or logo of this kind of authority informs players that it’s safe to play the games in the casino and that they’ve been provably fair. Fake sites can’t access this without a gambling licence and legitimate certification from the relevant body.

Responsible Gambling Measures

One of the licence conditions for legal casinos is the provision of responsible gambling tools. Since gambling can become addictive, the casino must offer players various measures to address the issue. Options such as deposit limits, time limits, cooling-off periods, and wagering limits are commonly available at real casinos in India.

Furthermore, if the casino doesn’t have the facilities to offer responsible gambling tools, it will likely feature the details of third-party organisations that can assist with gambling addiction. The absence of these measures should be a concern to any gambler.

What Else Can You Do to Identify the Authenticity of an Indian Casino?

Before you decide to create an account at a new online casino, we recommend reading this article first to learn about spotting a fake site. Additionally, you must do your due diligence and investigate the casino.

You can check the history of the casino and its background to find out when it was launched, the location of its headquarters, and who the owners are. If you’re struggling to find that information, our reviews should contain everything you need to know.

Alternatively, you can search the government databases to see if the casino is on the list of legal sites allowed to operate in India. Reading testimonials from fellow gamblers is another way you can understand more.

Are You Now Confident on How to Determine a Real Indian Casino from a Fake One?

With the information we’ve supplied in this article and in-depth reviews of every casino available in India, you should be confident to identify a scam casino from a real one. Remember, the key points are that casinos must have proper licensing, realistic bonuses, multiple popular payment methods, updated sites, several customer support channels, and responsible gambling measures, amongst others.

If you’re still having trouble distinguishing a scam casino from a real one, read our article on what online casinos in India are and create an account at a reputable site.

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