Table with the richest cricket players from India (Descending order)

Name of Cricket PlayerNet worth in INR (₹)Converted to USD ($)
1. Sachin Tendulkar₹1,110 Crores INR$148 Million USD
2. Mahendra Singh Dhoni₹785 Crores INR$108 Million USD
3. Virat Kohli₹770 Crores INR$105 Million USD
4. Sourav Ganguly₹365 Crores INR$50 Million USD
5. Virender Sehwag₹286 Crores INR$40 Million USD
6. Yuvraj Singh₹255 Crores INR$35 Million USD
7. Suresh Raina₹185 Crores INR$25 Million USD
8. Rahul Dravid₹172 Crores INR$23 Million USD
9. Rohit Sharma₹160 Crores INR$22 Million USD
10. Gautam Gambhir₹147 Crores INR$19 Million USD
Top 10 richest cricket players from India in INR and USD.

Indian cricketers Earnings and Net Worth

Richest cricketer in India
Richest cricketers in India, based on their net worth from public sources.

In India, cricket is revered as much as any other religion, and our renowned Indian cricketers enjoy the highest levels of affection in the game. 

Their enduring appeal in our daily lives has also elevated them to prominent commercial personalities, allowing them to craft a sphere of bright brand endorsements even after retirement.

Indian cricketers generate a lot of earnings through various contracts and deals, both cricket and non-cricket associated. With more and more betting sites entering the market betting related sponsorship deals are common and sometimes they even sponsor whole teams, visit our list of Indian cricket betting sites to see some of them. 

The BCCI pays Indian cricketers well, and the bulk of them endorse a variety of products, which adds to their income.

Other than playing sports, practically every cricketer or athlete makes a fortune by endorsing a brand. Some even have their own branding that they advertise during matches.

Though brand sponsorships in today's game greatly increase their opulent profits, on-field earnings, on the other hand, significantly increase their entire net worth. 

In other words, their entire playing life becomes the primary source of sustenance, allowing them to ostensibly construct a wealth of life span profits.

As a result, with each passing generation generating some true heroes of the game in Indian cricket, let us have a look at-

Cricket is said to be a religion in India. The cricketers, of course, are the country's own Demigods. Over 4/7th of the country's population is thought to follow the sport on a regular basis, with many more watching it sometimes. When you're single, it's obvious. 

Cricketers get funds in various ways. The first is, of course, the BCCI contracts. The board has divided the players into four groups:

It pays 7, 5, 3, and 1 crore per annum to players in grades A+, A, B, and C, depending on their rank in the squad.

Money from the Indian Premier League and endorsement fees, for example, are other sources.

Here at JustGamblers, we have made it easy for you and below is a list of the top ten Indian cricketers who have made it onto the list of India's wealthiest cricketers, along with a list of their brand sponsorship products.

1. Sachin Tendulkar – ₹1,110 Crores INR

sachin tendulkar net worth
Sachin Tendulkar is the richest cricketer in India

Sachin Tendulkar, who is also known as the God of Cricket, tops the list of India's wealthiest cricketers. Sachin Tendulkar is India's only cricketer with a net worth of more than 1000 crores INR (1,110 crores).

Sachin, the greatest cricketer of all time, is not just India's highest earning cricketer, but also the highest paid cricketer in the world. 

Since 2013, the God of Cricket has been out of international cricket. He is in charge of maintaining a record of India's and the world's wealthiest athletes from a decade ago. Until now, his image has remained unchanged.

The little-master has an average net worth of Rs 1,110 Crore ($148 Million USD) based on his 22 years of international cricket. This includes all of his properties, cars, remunerations, investments, and other miscellaneous assets. It all started in 1995, when Sachin signed a multi-crore deal with WorldTel worth INR 30 crores, which gradually enhanced his brand value.

Following his retirement, the little master now possesses the Premier Badminton League's Bengaluru Blasters and recently sold his stake in the ISL's Kerala Blasters. Sachin's current residence, a 6,000-square-foot villa in Bandra, Mumbai, is expected to be worth INR 38 crore, and he also owns a 7.15-crore apartment in BKC

MRF, Visa, Pepsi, Adidas, and Canon are just a few of the notable brands that the icon has endorsed. His most well-known brand endorsement is with the luxury car manufacturer BMW, which allows him to own some of the automaker's most expensive vehicles. Apart from that, Sachin's yearly earnings from brand endorsements are estimated to be in the range of Rs 17 to 20 crores.

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2. Mahendra Singh Dhoni – ₹785 Crores INR

mahendra singh dhoni net worth
Number 2 Mahendra Singh Dhoni

MS Dhoni has made millions of dollars as India's most decorated captain, with an estimated net worth of Rs 785 Crore ($ 108 Million USD). The man who owns every ICC trophy in his cabinet is also one of the smartest minds in the realm of entrepreneurship. Captain Cool established his fitness enterprise, SportsFit World Pvt Ltd, in 2011, with the goal of opening a chain of gyms across the nation.

Dhoni's interest in other sports, including hockey and football, is evident, since he not only holds a part in Chennaiyin FC of the ISL, but also owns the side 'Ranchi Rays' of the HIL. Furthermore, his newly launched company 'Seven' is an active lifestyle brand that focuses on men's products and footwear industry. Furthermore, by owning a significant piece of real estate, MS Dhoni's famed 7-acre farmhouse in Ranchi is reported to be worth more than INR 50 Crore.

In importance of brand endorsements, MSD has several good brands to represent, particularly the well-known ones such as Dream 11, Cars 24, Indigo Paint, Orient, and so on. Furthermore, his love of luxury timepieces has led him to solely work with the luxury watchmaker Panerai, who recently released a special MSD edition sumptuous timepiece in the cricketer's honour. Aside from all of this, MSD also has various antique automobiles and bikes, which may contribute to his overall net worth.

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3. Virat Kohli – ₹770 Crores INR

virat kohli net worth
Number 3 Virat Kohli

There's no doubt in saying that skipper Kohli has become the face of international cricket, earning him a net worth of Rs 770 crore ($ 105 million). Kohli's appealing personality makes him an attractive pick for most marketers who want to develop a long-term relationship with the Indian captain. 

Virat is thought to charge a phenomenal INR 2 crores every day for any commercial representation, which accounts for the majority of his income.

Virat now has an INR 110 crore deal with Puma that is expected to extend through 2025, which is his highest revenue from brand endorsements. Presently, the Indian skipper's most well-known sponsorships are with MRF, MPL, Bluestar, and Hero Motocop, among others. Because of his lengthy affiliation with the luxury brand Audi, the cricketer now owns one of the automaker's flagship models.

Although the Indian captain's endorsement deal is a big deal, he also has some of the most costly real estate assets in his overall net worth. His most well-known Gurugram home in Haryana is valued at INR 80 crores, and the pair also owns a Rs 34 crore condominium in Worli, Mumbai. Virat is also believed to own a 12 percent ownership in FC Goa, a team in the Indian Super League.

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4. Sourav Ganguly – ₹365 Crores INR

sourav ganguly net worth
Number 4 Sourav Ganguly

Sourav Ganguly, widely recognized as the "Dada" of Indian cricket, is a renowned personality whose net worth is reported to be approximately INR 365 Crore ($ 50 Million). 

The sportsman is well-known for living in a luxurious property in Kolkata that is likely to cost more than INR 10 crores. 

The majority of his revenues come from commercial endorsements, yet the player has remained an active member of the BCCI since his retirement.

Sourav Ganguly is also widely regarded as one of India's most successful captains. The most offensive and aggressive leader produced by the Indian cricket team is Saurav Ganguly. He was a more than capable medium fast bowler in his prime.

He is the one who established in the Indian team the belief that they are capable of defeating the best team in the world right in their own backyard. One of the most graceful players to have ever represented India.

To be the current president of the BCCI has significantly increased Sourav Ganguly's brand recognition, and he now has partnerships with companies such as JSW Cement, My 11 Circle, Aciler Lens, and Fortune Oil. Dada is now well-known for his entrepreneurial interests, particularly his co-ownership in which he owns a minority stake of the famous Indian Super League team, ATK Mohun Bagan.

Sourav Ganguly has also made some substantial real estate investments, which contribute significantly to his entire net worth. Aside from that, there is a widely held belief that the prince of Kolkata was once on the verge of buying a stake in one of the IPL's most illustrious teams. The Prince of Bengal is a well-known figure. Kolkata Knight Riders purchased him for $1.1 million in his playing days. He is India's fourth wealthiest cricketer.

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5. Virender Sehwag – ₹286 Crores INR

virender sehwag net worth
Number 5 Virender Sehwag

Virender Sehwag, also regarded as the "Nawab of Najafgarh," is a successful businessman as well as an exceptional cricketer. 

His net worth is believed to be INR 286 Crore ($ 40 Million), and he has a long list of value-adding investments to his name. The 'Sehwag International School' in Haryana is one of his most well-known initiatives from his numerous investments.

The outstanding opening batsman also gets a lot of money through his TV commentary, cricket teaching, and his superior endorsement deal with Adidas. In terms of real estate, Viru is well-known for owning a home in the Hauz Khas neighbourhood of Delhi, which is one of the city's most affluent neighbourhoods.

Regardless of the game's format, Virendra Sehwag was recognized for his aggressive batting style. His earnings from the sport have also been phenomenal. Apart from his other businesses, Sehwag owns a cricket academy.

Every bowler's threat, as well as the devastating previous opener of the Indian team, is on the list of India's most noteworthy acquiring cricket players. He has retired from cricket, but his commentary in the analysis Box and tweets on Twitter have kept us entertained until now.

Sehwag's other ventures include a 25% ownership in the Chennai-based sports data analytics firm 'Sports Mechanics,' as well as the introduction of his own range of clothing and sports equipment under the brand name 'VS.' 

Recently, the player revealed his sports training firm 'Cricuru,' which provides cricket coaching via the internet.

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6. Yuvraj Singh – ₹255 Crores INR

yuvraj singh net worth
Number 6 Yuvraj Singh

Yuvraj Singh, the Sixer King, was undoubtedly one of the most spectacular cricketers during his playing days, and advertisers have always coveted casting him to acquire enormous fame. Yuvraj is currently projected to have a net worth of Rs 255 Crore ($ 35 Million), which is expected to climb dramatically due to his recent investments in food and wellness firms.

Yuvraj Singh, affectionately known as "Yuvi" by his fans and teammates, is the Indian cricket star who has reached such a pinnacle in his career. He has demonstrated time and time again that if you have a goal, love and respect for your country, and a desire to realise your dream, nothing can stop you from becoming a world player.

Yuvraj has enthusiastically invested in 10-11 businesses through his VC firm YWC Ventures since 2013 and has effectively become a venture investor. The former India all-rounder is also known to have some opulent real estate interests, particularly in Mumbai and Goa. Yuvi purchased an exquisite INR 64 Crore Worli flat in Omkar Towers 1973 in 2013, which allows the batsman to enjoy some stunning views of the Arabian Sea from his 29th level. Even his vacation house in Goa is a tranquil villa with stunning views of the surrounding.

Yuvi's net worth further comprises the dazzling presence of some luxury automobiles, which adds to his lavish lifestyle. In addition to all of this, his cancer care charity, YouWeCan, is a well-known organisation that supports and empowers cancer sufferers.

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7. Suresh Raina – ₹185 Crores INR

suresh raina net worth
Number 7 Suresh Raina

Despite the fact that Suresh Raina retired early, the batsman is remembered for his eventful batting in India's lower-middle order. His decade-long affiliation with CSK has greatly aided the batsman in increasing his magnificent net worth, which now stands at INR 185 Crore ($ 25 Million).

The former Indian batsman and his young family are said to live in an INR 18 crore mansion in Ghaziabad, which possesses lush greenery and a gorgeous balcony. His recently launched business venture Maaté, a baby care brand, has also garnered news, owing to its use of solely pure and natural materials.

Raina also had several great commercial endorsements, including as with Ceat, during his two-year captaincy spell with Gujarat Lions, which considerably helped him increase his total brand value. According to some reports, his endorsement payments are INR 1 Crore, and the batsman now makes an annual income of roughly Rs 6 Crore. The southpaw is also reported to own several trendy and luxurious cars, which adds to his entire net worth.

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8. Rahul Dravida – ₹172 Crores INR

rahul dravid net worth
Number 8 Rahul Dravida

Rahul Dravid's calm demeanour and polite attitude have always helped the legend to gain incredible respect and recognition in the cricketing world, which is reflected even in his brand endorsements. With his 16 years of international cricket experience, Dravid is estimated to have a net worth of INR 172 Crore ($23 Million).

Whereas the cricketer gained this title mainly through hard work on the Cricket field in his playing days, his current financial earnings come from brand endorsements, TV commentary, and coaching. 

Dravid earns around Rs 60 lacs per month as the NCA's Head of Operations. Furthermore, by managing the position of head coach in the U-19 and India teams, The all-time great was reportedly paid INR 5 crores for the position.

Rahul Dravid's investments include a luxurious house in Indira Nagar, Bengaluru, valued at around INR 4 Crore. Team India's very own wall also has some luxury cars that are as innovative as his persona. The cricketer's recent partnership with CRED was a huge success, and it possibly has the potential to increase Dravid's overall brand value.

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9. Rohit Sharma – ₹160 Crores INR

rohit sharma net worth
Number 9 Rohit Sharma

Rohit Sharma's unwavering stability in recent years has earned him comparisons to the team's captain, and he is now regarded as India's white ball legend. Rohit is now in his senior years and is a member of BCCI's yearly grade A+ contract, which pays him a total of Rs 7 crore each year. However, Hitman is reported to be around INR 160 crore ($ 22 million) in terms of his net worth.

A match price of Rs 15 lakh per Test match, Rs 6 lakh per ODI, and Rs 3 lakh per T20I is paid in addition to Rohit's annual contract. 

Rohit Sharma, the top-order batsman, is also on top of his endorsement game, representing businesses such as Ceat, Hublot, IIFL Finance, Noise, Oakley, and others. It's also been suggested that Rohit earns around Rs 7 crore in advertising revenue from these firms.

In the upcoming ICC Cricket World Cup, Rohit Sharma will represent as the Indian team's Vice-Captain. He holds the record for the highest individual score in cricket (264). On the commercial side, the Hitman has amassed a sizable fortune from the IPL after participating in the competition for the last 11 years. Along with MS Dhoni, he notably became the first player to earn more than 100 crores from the league in his career.

The Mumbai-based cricketer also owns an opulent apartment in Worli's Ahuja Towers, which is reported to be worth over Rs 30 crore and has stunning views of the Arabian Sea. Even in terms of his automobile collection, India's vice-captain has a number of high-end vehicles to choose from.

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10. Gautam Gambhir – ₹147 Crores INR

gautam gambhir net worth
Number 10 Gautam Gambhir

Gautam Gambhir is a former Indian opener who is best remembered for his 97-run hit in the 2011 World Cup final. He, like many others on this list, made good income from IPL. He was also the captain of the Delhi Daredevils (now Delhi Capitals) and the Kolkata Knight Riders. 

Gambhir's 13 years in the Indian jersey helped him amass a fortune, and he now has a net worth of INR 147 Crore ($ 19 Million). Gambhir disclosed movable assets of approximately Rs 116 crore, immovable assets of Rs 28 crore, and liabilities of nearly Rs 34.20 crore in his poll affidavit filed in 2019.

Despite his absence from the Indian team, he continues to put on eye-catching performances in the IPL and Ranji. Since joining the KKR in the IPL, he has been on the list of the richest cricket players. His total assets include his BCCI expenses, IPL charges, mark underwriting, and individual properties, among other things.

Also, because he is now a BJP member, some of his earnings will significantly rise.

Gambhir is currently recognized to reside in a lavish home in New Delhi that he purchased in 2013 and which is said to be worth a multi-crore sum. The batsman further attracted attention when he invested an unknown sum in FYI Health, a New Delhi-based health business. 

Also, there was considerable talk at the end of 2019 that the southpaw was interested in purchasing a 10% stake in the IPL team Delhi Capitals.

Gambhir is currently working as a commentator and analyst, which helps him support his brand sponsorships and earns him a good living, he is a frequent guest on the commentary panel for popular competitions. In addition, during the 2017-18 financial year, the former India captain disclosed an annual income of roughly INR 12.5 crores.

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