Online Roulette Guide for US-Players

Learn everything you need to know about Online Roulette in our in-depth guide.

Our In-Depth Guide to Roulette Online

Roulette is one of the quintessential casino games. It’s seen in movies, cartoons, TV shows, and more. Alongside poker and blackjack, roulette is so iconic that the mere sight of the spinning wheel sets the tone of a fun, exciting time at the betting tables. Our guide will take you from the basics of how to play roulette through to understanding the best places to play online roulette. Along the way, you’ll learn some of the conventional approaches to betting and the correct approach to online roulette strategy.

Whether you’ve never played roulette before or you’re a casino veteran looking to take your play online, this guide will answer all your roulette strategy questions. Consult our FAQ to get quick answers to your questions or browse further down below for more in-depth explorations of the finer points of starting your online roulette game. Learn about the ways that you can play roulette from home without sacrificing any of the fun and excitement of the casino atmosphere.

There’s good news to be found here, as you likely already have everything you need to start playing roulette on your computer today. There are both free and real money options available at various casinos online. These casinos have spent a lot of money to provide players with exciting roulette experiences. If you have questions that persist even after reading this guide, JustGamblers is ready to help. You can contact us to find fully-detailed answers to even the most specialty, niche questions.

Answers to Common Questions about Roulette Online

What devices can I use to play roulette online?

Because online casinos are web-based, they are usable on many devices. Nearly every home computer, including Apple and Windows-based machines, will allow you to access these casinos. Additionally, mobile versions and apps are increasingly common, as with reputable casinos like 888 Casino.

Are there free options to play online roulette?

Yes. Most online casinos allow the player to enjoy roulette games without risk in free play modes. This mode of play is a convenient way for players to practice with the user interface and enjoy the excitement of an online casino without risking real money.

Are there limitations for American players?

Unfortunately, many American players are heavily restricted from playing casino games online. While there is no federal prohibition, gambling is also not seen as a protected activity, so states are left to determine their own regulations for its legal status. As of 2019, online gambling is only legitimate for players in Delaware, Nevada, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. Several other states that have brick-and-mortar casinos within their borders are debating the legality of online casinos, so expect this list to expand in the coming years.

How is playing online different from playing in a casino?

Many players find playing online to be more comfortable than playing in the casino. You have full control over your surroundings, you have privacy, and you can play any time you want without having to commute to or from the casino. Those players who value the face-to-face experience of gambling in a casino can even play live roulette through online casinos that stream the table experience directly to your screen.

Do roulette games undergo audits?

Depending on where the casino is licensed to play and where it’s based, the legal requirements for audits may vary. The best way to ensure that you have a safe, fair play experience is to seek reputable casinos. 888 Casino is an example of an online casino that voluntarily seeks eCOGRA (e-Commerce Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance) certification. Certificates such as eCOGRA confirm that the casino observes industry-recognized standards for random number generation and a return-to-player percentage that’s in accord with live casinos. While an online casino need not feature these certificates to be a fair host for online games, those that do feature the certificates are proven to be fair. In most cases, roulette software uses number generation to determine which number the virtual roulette ball lands on during play. When licensing bodies conduct audits of online casinos and roulette games, they pay special attention to how that winning number is determined. They also consider payment methods and withdrawal from the players’ accounts when rating fairness.

Do I need to download software to play online roulette?

Most online casinos will allow you to play roulette online without downloading special software. Digital casinos such as 888 Casino have robust online software that can be used directly through your browser without having to download a user interface.

Are my roulette winnings taxable?

This answer depends on your local jurisdiction. Rules vary, but American players should be aware that roulette winnings, like all casino winnings, are considered income. As a result, roulette winnings are generally subject to taxation according to the IRS, and, occasionally, winnings are subject to state taxes as well. In most cases, you will need to report your winnings on your form 1040 as “Other Income”. The same rules apply to regular roulette winnings: taxation applies to online roulette winnings despite the heavier restrictions on play in many states. If you are uncertain about your tax obligation or have special exemptions, you should consult an accountant or tax specialist.

Can I play with a live dealer?

Yes! Like many online casino games, it’s now possible to play live roulette with a real dealer at a casino from the comfort of your home. These games will require actual money, so this option may not be available for players who are playing for free.

All the Details You Need to Know for Roulette Online

If you have further questions, keep reading below. In this section, we review the basic ways to find an online roulette wheel, the technical aspects of finding a safe place to play, how to deposit or withdraw funds, a basic overview of strategy, and a brief history of the game. With a few documents and a simple procedure, you’ll be online and spinning the wheel in fun games that use reliable software.

The first step is to find the right online casino for US players, as there are many restrictions on players in most states. No matter how fully-accredited or properly licensed an online casino is, it’s ultimately up to your state government to permit you to play games online. If you live in one of the four states that allow online gambling, then keep reading to learn more about playing roulette online for real money.

How to Play Roulette Online

The first step to playing roulette online is finding a casino that permits players in your state. While many UK-based casinos listed on the London Stock Exchange have a blanket prohibition on US players, US-based casinos are willing to welcome players from states where online gambling is legal. A simple search will bring up a list of many competing online casinos to play online roulette.

Unfortunately, such a search is also likely to give you false starts. Many of the results will point to apps or sites that don’t allow you to play online roulette for real money or merely feed into another casino when you click on a link within the page. Read below to find our suggestion for reputable online casinos that have the certification, games, and user interface needed to play roulette online in comfort.

Once you choose a casino, you will need to find the signup page. There you can create a username and password to log in securely. Whether you’re looking to play for real money or simply enjoy the free games, you will be asked for some verification information, whether it’s an email address for exclusively free-to-play games, or a social security number and government-issued identification like a driver’s license for real money games.

Online roulette functions the same way as land based roulette, with players making a bet before the ball spins and lands in a slot. If the ball lands in a slot you bet on, you win a payout. Otherwise, the house collects your bet, and the game continues to another round.

Consult this table for the legal bets and payouts:

Color – Reds or Blacks1:1
Number Set – Evens or Odds1:1
Number Set – Low (1-18) or High (19-36)1:1
Dozens (1-12, 13-24, 25-36)2:1
Line of 6 Numbers5:1
Square of 4 Numbers8:1
Street of 3 Numbers11:1
Split of 2 Numbers17:1
Straight (Single Number)35:1

How to Play Roulette Safely

The general rules for online safety apply when you’re playing roulette online. Several tips will help you remain secure in your online gaming:

  • Always follow all the standard advice for safe online gaming that we offer in our individual casino reviews.
  • Roulette is an exciting game with the potential for players to get hooked into a run that ends with a big loss. Use caution when betting and take a few moments to walk around the block or complete a quick exercise, such as pushups or sit-ups, after a big win or a big loss. When you get your blood moving, it breaks your mental state out of a rut and helps you to think more clearly.
  • Don’t let yourself be sucked into a particular strategy just because someone else vouches for it. Your friend’s personal experience is an anecdote, but the data is clear that no strategy is ultimately better than random chance. Base your choice of roulette strategy on how you enjoy playing the game.
  • Ensure you play at an online casino that uses software from NetEnt of Evolution Gaming. If the casino doesn’t expressly say that they rely on this software, you can contact their customer support department or explore our expert reviews for answers. When you take the step to ensure that you’re playing a legitimate, fair game, you can avoid the heartbreak of a glitch causing your money to disappear..

Digital Money Management

Managing your money, both for deposits and withdrawals, is a consideration for playing online roulette. Players who remain exclusively in the free casino games play area of online casinos won’t have to worry about this, but it’s a necessary step for those who want to play with real money and withdraw real winnings.

Deposits into your account are more flexible than withdrawals, but the following table details the various ways you can move your money to and from your online casino accounts:

MethodProcessing TimeDetails
Credit/Debit CardInstantaneousUsing credit or debit cards is the most common method for depositing funds into your account. Generally, casinos will not provide this as an option for withdrawals so it will need to be paired with another method to extract your winnings.
Prepaid CardInstantaneousPrepaid cards function in much the same way as credit or debit cards but must always be backed by a major credit card company such as Visa or Mastercard, unless the casino states otherwise.
Money TransferVariesMoney transfer services like Western Union can serve as facilitators for transferring your money both to and from your account but may incur a processing fee. These transactions range from 1 to 5 business days.
eChecks / ACHVariesLike money transfers, these can take 1 to 5 business days and allow you both to deposit and withdraw funds. Unlike money transfers, you will likely do so without a fee.

You may decide to use one method over another depending on your personal financial situation. We favor using Visa or Mastercard deposits using points cards. Using such cards helps you to earn frequent flyer miles or cash back while enjoying the games that you would have wanted to play, anyway. Be alert regarding whether the online casino that you’re using to play roulette charges processing fees for any of these methods. Those fees will usually outweigh the benefits of earning points on a credit card.

Where You Can Play Roulette Online

We provide a lengthy list of casinos that our experts have reviewed. Most of these casinos allow you to play online roulette. If you conduct an independent search, you run the risk of finding a dead-end link to a casino that does not permit players from your state to participate. In addition to wasting time, you may risk using an unaccredited, unsafe online casino. Due to the possibility of identity theft or financial fraud, it’s essential that you remain diligent while seeking an online casino. We encourage you to look to JustGamblers online guides to specific casinos to make a safe, informed decision about where you play roulette online.

One of our favorites is 888 Casino. This online casino is fully certified by eCOGRA, as well as licensed to operate in the state of New Jersey. 888 offers players the full online casino experience and the ability to play live roulette. Players seeking additional games and gambling opportunities will find sports betting and over a thousand other casino games available for both free and real-money play. Beyond the play options and user experience of its games, 888 Casino boasts generous bonuses and campaigns that put extra money in your account to let you spin the wheel longer and keep the fun going.

888 Casino hosts all three traditional categories of roulette. Additionally, the platform offers many variations, including High Limit French Roulette, Deal or No Deal European Roulette, and Super Stakes Roulette. Each subtype of roulette game lets you maintain the excitement of experiencing something new while you enjoy the familiarity of classic roulette. Our go-to for a longer casual playing session is Low Stakes European Roulette, which permits betting from $0.50 to $300 per spin. This mode provides an easy way to reduce your risk of overspending if you run into several bad spins.

Exploring the History of Roulette

While gambling in any form has existed for longer than recorded history, roulette is one of the casino games that has a well-documented history. The prototypes of this game were played in France and England in the 1600s. Players developed variations that succeeded or failed at the local level but didn’t achieve uniformity of play style. After more than a hundred years of experimentation, the game achieved its modern form in Paris in 1796.

The game quickly gained in popularity, as casinos enjoyed the beneficial odds (due to the “zero” slots being none of red, black, odd, or even bets) and players were enthralled by the flexible betting options. The game spread throughout Europe and into America, and by the mid-1800s, roulette gambling was as ubiquitous as card games in casinos.

In modern times, the game has remained just as popular. It expanded across the world and can be found in casinos on nearly every continent. With the advent of the internet, it is now possible to play roulette online. The same experience pioneered in the first gambling houses of Western Europe has been brought to players both in the casino and at home.

The Different Styles and Strategies for Playing Roulette Online

Due to the nature of the game, there’s no one sure method of how to win at roulette online. Rather than focusing on the way to score an edge against an online roulette system, the best games of roulette are those in which you have fun. For some players, this means sticking with the free-to-play online roulette games. To help those who are interested in real-money games, this section will highlight a few popular styles of roulette, several ways to maximize the odds of winning at the wheel, and what strategies to avoid overall.

While individual games may not be profitable, you can still earn extra money to play the wheel. This is possible when you take advantage of generous bonuses and campaigns that reward you simply for participating and enjoying the available games. When you've received bonus money, you can take the risk of losing it without the danger of losing even more real money.

Deciding Between the Three Types of Roulette Online

Most online casinos offer several variations on the core game of roulette. Some players may enjoy niche alterations to the game, but most players prefer one of three conventional styles of online roulette:

  • American Roulette is the most popular version in the United States and features both the ‘0’ and ‘00’ slots, which give the house a significant 5.6% advantage. Because you have a higher chance of losing your bet, the returns are bigger when the wheel lands in your favor.
  • European Roulette is the original variant of the game and only has a ‘0’ house slot. Aside from the alteration to the number arrangement, this game offers the house only a 2.7% advantage, making it more attractive to players.
  • French Roulette is available online and in regular casinos, as well. This version is usually the player favorite because it takes the European roulette board and reduces the losses from a ‘0’ to only 50% of your bet.

Make the Most of Your Cash with Roulette Online

Roulette is a game that’s entertaining both to beginners and those who have considerable experience. Unlike poker or backgammon, there aren’t many play strategies. There are no cards or piece positions to worry about, and each spin is completely disconnected from those that came before. Due to this, players who operate by feel and enjoy risks that are independent of their actions are often drawn to roulette.

The most important roulette strategy then is managing your money correctly. Never bet more money than you’re willing to lose because the trend of the online roulette wheel will eventually bring you to zero. If you’re lucky, you may beat the system, but if you aren’t willing to rely on that, you can enjoy many spins at the table by betting calmly and not getting swept away by where the ball has landed on previous spins.

What this means for your strategy is that you should ultimately play for fun and find a way that you’ll enjoy whether you win or not. If the possibility of winning big on a 1-in-37 roll by betting on a specific number excites you, then feel free to try that. If you favor the safer approach of betting on a color, there’s nothing wrong with that. When it comes to roulette, there’s only one wrong way to do it, the breadbasket method, which we describe below.

Two Common Roulette Betting Strategies

Some players attempt the martingale betting strategy wherein a lost bet will be followed up by doubling down. In that case, the first win recovers all the lost money with a slight gain over the beginning. While this may work in many instances, there are no guarantees and judiciously following this strategy may cause you to run out of money or hit a table limit.

Another strategy is the D’Alembert system, which uses a necessary bet amount of $10 (for example). After each loss, the bet increases by $10, while a win reduces the bet by $10. This limits the algebraic growth of potential losses but still tends towards a loss of all money if kept up indefinitely.

The positive side of there being no guaranteed winning strategy is that each player may find their preferred approach. As you play, feel free to try different variations and see what style of betting appeals to your play style.

Common Money-Losing Mistakes to Avoid

Even though there’s no single winning strategy, that doesn’t mean there aren’t any losing strategies. Here are several examples:

  • Breadbasket – This strategy involves American Roulette, so it doesn’t apply when you’re playing online European Roulette. This method involves betting on five numbers: 0, 00, 1, 2, and 3. The reason that this is bad is that it improves the house’s edge by 2%, meaning you’re less likely to get ahead on your bets than if you selected positive numbers at random.
  • All In, Even Split – If you put 50% of your available funds on black and 50% on red, you may find that in most cases, you’ll break even. However, you’ll learn two things from this: 1) You’ll never get ahead of where you started, and 2) every once in a while, you’ll lose everything.

Because roulette is a pure chance game, it’s best to focus on how to enjoy the games as they happen. Don’t worry about having a strategy, but instead approach the game with the mindset that the odds are against you and you’re there to have fun. When you do win big on a lucky roll, it’ll be all the sweeter.

Roulette Online: Best Bonuses and Campaigns

One piece of good news for players is that most reputable online casinos offer numerous bonuses and other campaigns to encourage players to keep spinning the wheel. If you take the time to see these for what they are, you’ll find great deals to help you enjoy playing roulette online.

The single most common bonus you’ll find is a welcome bonus. This strategy is how online casinos will reach out to you and encourage you to play their games. With the extra starting cash, it’s easier to have a good time playing with real money.

Quality sites such as 888 Casino also offer daily specials, which are excellent ways to try new games. An example of this kind of special is the “Lucky 8” event, where a bonus is paid out to players every time the roulette wheel lands on 8 during a specified timeframe.

Another standard bonus among online casinos is the deposit bonus. The details and eligibility requirements vary depending on the casino, but these bonuses can be quite substantial if you make significant deposits. When coupled with loyalty points programs that reward you for any action on the website, these bonuses can truly add up.

Trustworthy Software Providers for Roulette Online

Besides the reputation, licensure, and certification for a casino, the best way to know you’re playing a fair game is by the software developers behind it. Each developer has a distinct take on how to showcase the games. Some focus on the visual spectacle while others prefer to invest further in an easy to use interface. Here are several of the most common developers who produce games that let you play online roulette for real money:

  • Microgaming – This developer supports many online casinos, including 888 Casino. You’ll find this software behind every variety of roulette, including those that permit multiple players for a single spin, and those that let players bet on various wheels simultaneously.
  • Evolution Gaming – You’ll find smooth play experiences for nearly any style of roulette. The software supports both digital and live roulette play and offers language localization in most participating countries. They rely on quality RNG in their software, so you’ll always be getting a fair spin on the wheel.
  • Net Entertainment – Recognized as one of the premier developers for roulette online, you can find this name behind quality free-to-play roulette games. While their software also supports real money games, you’ll find that the elegant software is easy to use and produces an attractive user interface.

Putting Theory to Practice with Roulette Online

Once you’ve found the right casino to play online roulette, all you need do is to click on the “sign up” link and begin the process. You’ll be playing online roulette with real money before you know it, and you’re set to take advantage of the best bonuses and campaigns to maximize the number of spins for your dollars.

Some players may want to get started, but desire additional information on the risks and rewards of online play. In that case, you can contact JustGamblers for answers to questions about online gambling or roulette in general. If you need more information about a specific casino, review our collection of online casino reviews or use the casino’s “contact us” link to learn more.

If you’re still uncertain as to whether playing online roulette is right for you and you want to learn more of the fundamentals of roulette, there are ways to learn more. You can explore YouTube for videos from real players sharing their experiences with online casinos. Nothing beats first hand experience, though, so the best way to know if roulette is your style of game is by trying one of the free to play versions. After a few spins, you’ll know if this is a game you’d like to wager on. Regardless, the team at JustGamblers is here to help you get started today with a game that’s a lot of fun. We’ll see you at the wheel!

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