Complaints and Corrections Policy

Acknowledging and addressing issues related to our content is a fundamental aspect of our editorial processes. Complaints and corrections provide an opportunity to improve the overall quality of the JustGamblers platform and our publishing policies and procedures.
Patrik Lidin
Expert: Principal Writer and Editor / Head of Content
Experience: Sports Trader, Market Maker, Product Owner Sportsbook, Professional Gambler, Poker Player

When writing JustGamblers’ editorial content, we require that each writer asks themselves the following:

  • What is my responsibility to the truth?
  • What is my responsibility to the reader?
  • What is my responsibility to the author?
  • What are my business responsibilities, meeting partners’ expectations and standards?
  • What is my responsibility to my own convictions?

These questions promote ethical writing behavior and are further reinforced by rigorous editing before publishing. Considering the sensitive nature of online gambling regarding general advice and disclosed promotions, we take extra steps to ensure responsible content, as outlined in our editorial guidelines

However, sometimes mistakes make it past editing and end up being published. This includes factual errors and simple spelling mistakes. You can contact us if you have any complaints or corrections about an article. We take all complaints about editorial content seriously.

In the absence of an organization that sets out standards and codes in the United States regarding editorial code of conduct, we choose to refer to a UK standards code set out by IMPRESS. This code is comprehensive in scope and exists to protect the public from unethical reporting and practices.

When making a complaint or requesting a correction, you must clearly state your intent and purpose according to either factual inaccuracies or breaches in the above-mentioned standards code*. We only deal with complaints and corrections relating to any of the following:

  • You are personally and directly affected by an alleged breach of the Code;
  • You are a representative group affected by an alleged breach of the Code;
  • You seek to ensure the accuracy of published information.

You can send your request to the following email address:

We acknowledge complaints by email within seven calendar days and aim to give a final decision within 21 calendar days about possible corrective action, following consultation with senior editorial staff and, where applicable, our Gambling Expert Review Board.

*JustGamblers are not under the supervision of IMPRESS nor a partner of their organization. We simply prefer to refer to their standards code in the absence of nationwide standards in the United States. This allows us to provide comprehensive guidance to our readers from a recognized independent regulating body.

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