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Besides having expertise and experience in online gambling, which makes us suitable to advise on all things gambling, JustGamblers may also be required to have appropriate licensing to act as an affiliate for online gambling brands in the United States. In some states, we are legally obligated to pursue and acquire an affiliate license to offer our services and insights to residents. On this page, we have disclosed information about our current affiliate licenses.
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State Licenses

There are different regulatory requirements within each state. Some states, like Pennsylvania, do not require affiliates to hold a license. Other states, like New Jersey, require affiliates to hold a license to share services and insights about online gambling.

We actively follow industry news, including legal coverage. We can adapt to a changing regulatory landscape if the legal requirements for licensing change in any state where we are currently operating.

New Jersey

The state of New Jersey requires casino owners and operators, casino employees, and companies that do business with casinos to have a license. JustGamblers falls under the category of doing business with casinos and has obtained an active vendor license for New Jersey (link to official press release):

The purpose of this license requirement(1), according to the Division of Gaming Enforcement (DGE), is for all participants to meet the statutory requirements of good character, honesty, and integrity to keep the New Jersey casino industry free of unlawful acts and misconduct.

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iGaming Vendor Registration Document for New Jersey

JustGamblers iGaming Vendor Registration New Jersey
Click the image to see the full vendor registration document.

Overview of All States That Require iGaming Affiliate Licensing

StateAffiliate License NeededJustGamblers License StatusLicense Number
New JerseyYes✅ ActiveVendor Number 0093903
ArizonaYes❎ In Progress❎ In Progress
ColoradoYes❎ In Progress❎ In Progress
IndianaYes❎ In Progress❎ In Progress
MichiganYes❎ In Progress❎ In Progress
PennsylvaniaYes❎ In Progress❎ In Progress
VirginiaYes❎ In Progress❎ In Progress
West VirginiaYes❎ In Progress❎ In Progress

Justgamblers Vision for a Sustainable Online Gambling Industry

“We want industry participants to put the same innovation, tools, and devotion into customer protection and responsible gambling as they do with driving profitability. Regulations and licensing help realize this vision as everyone is held to the same high standards. Beyond that, it’s everyone’s responsibility to raise awareness of the potential risks of online gambling, to create a genuine public commitment to minimize harm.”

Magnus Boberg, Co-Founder and Managing Director of JustMedia Ltd.

Purpose of Licenses

The purpose of gambling licenses, particularly affiliate licenses, is to support the following aspects.

Social Responsibility

Regulations and licenses allow the government, society, industry participants, and consumers to work together to improve the standards for online gambling, where the most important aspect is social responsibility:

  1. Crime and misconduct should be kept out of gambling and society.
  2. Online gambling should be conducted in a fair and open way.
  3. Children and other vulnerable persons should be protected from the potential harm or exploitation from gambling.

Trust and Dependability

Since safety is integral to online gambling regulations, a primary purpose is to make it safer for all participants. Licenses create trust between vendors and service providers, consumers, governments, and the public. This improves safety in the whole iGaming value chain.

Marketing and Advertising Standards

The ways and means of advertising and distributing information about online gambling should be held to the same high standards as that of the activity of gambling in actual online casinos or sportsbooks. Marketing and advertisements of online gambling products and services must be conducted in a socially responsible manner, primarily:

  • Ensuring that marketing communications do not mislead consumers.
  • Consumers are only directly approached about marketing communications with their informed and specific consent.
  • Only feature adults in marketing communications relating to online gambling.
  • Do not place digital advertisements on websites providing access to illegal content or unauthorized access to copyrighted content.

Determining Suitability

Licenses only allow suitable persons and businesses to carry out the activities the license allows. Regulatory bodies in the United States consider the suitability and require evidence to support and enable the assessment of pursuants of affiliate licenses.

  • ✅ Identity and ownership.
  • ✅ Finances.
  • ✅ Integrity.
  • ✅ Competence.
  • ✅ Background.
  • ❌ Criminality.

Resources & Sources

General licensing information from the State of New Jersey Office of the Attorney General, <https://www.njoag.gov/about/divisions-and-offices/division-of-gaming-enforcement-home/vendor-licensing-reports/>

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