Gambling Expert Review Board

The JustGamblers Gambling Expert Review Board comprises accredited iGaming experts who evaluate our content for accuracy and trustworthiness. While an experienced writer writes all content, the review board’s purpose is to certify the objectiveness, identify inaccuracies or misleading information, and suggest improvements and edits. The board also provides clarity and suggestions to enhance the texts to achieve their purpose—providing our readers with reliable information and recommendations.
Patrik Lidin
Expert: Principal Writer and Editor / Head of Content
Experience: Sports Trader, Market Maker, Product Owner Sportsbook, Professional Gambler, Poker Player

Gambling Information You Can Trust

Our review board comprises iGaming professionals: responsible gambling advocates, compliance managers, C-level management, product managers, investors, and gambling editorial experts. The depth of the boards’ experience and involvement in procuring content and recommendations should give you confidence that everything you read on JustGamblers’ platform is of the highest quality.

Besides the review boards’ involvement in creating content, all contributors also adhere to the following:

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How it Works - The Verification Process

Depending on the complexity of the content, members of the Gambling Expert Review Board will verify and edit selected articles, particularly sensitive topics that require high accuracy due to the potential impact of a person’s:

  • Happiness.
  • Health.
  • Financial stability.
  • Safety.

Besides proofing for accuracy and responsible gambling, this verification process aims to ensure the content is entirely accurate, relevant, insightful, and lives up to the standard of guiding players and punters in the best possible way. Once the review boards have made edits and proofed the article, we can finally sign the content off as verified by our experts.

  1. Content submission: the editorial team submits the content piece to the review board for evaluation.
  2. Expert evaluation: the board reviews the work for inaccuracies and improvements.
  3. Updates and corrections: our writers consider the feedback and make appropriate changes.
  4. Publication: after final approval, the final content is published on the JustGamblers’ platform.

Who Is on the Board?

Meet the experts behind the most trusted source for online gambling in the United States.

  • Magnus BobergCo-founder / Managing Director. Magnus has held four top-level positions at large international iGaming companies over the past ten years before founding and leading operations at JustGamblers. During this time, he has developed a deep understanding of what gamblers are looking for, and as a member of our review board, he helps certify that the content we provide to our readers holds the highest quality.
  • Tobias AlrikssonCo-founder / Chief Technical Officer. Tobias has nearly ten years of working in the iGaming industry, working in technical roles spanning the whole spectrum of online gambling businesses. Besides his technical expertise, enabling compliant user-centered experiences and uptime of the platform, he helps vet content to verify that all information is accurate and relevant.
  • Patrik LidinHead of Content. Patrik is a lifelong professional gambler with over ten years of working experience in the iGaming industry, spanning market making, sports trading, and gambling product development for the North American and European markets. He is the principal writer and editor at JustGamblers and helps ensure that all content is responsible and adheres to our editorial guidelines and policies.
  • Jesper KärrbrinkBoard of Directors / Shareholder / Investor. Jesper is a veteran of the online gambling industry with nearly two decades in various roles, mainly C-level leadership positions at large international iGaming companies. Some of his greatest achievements relate to player safety, where he has been instrumental in raising the standards on how online casinos and sportsbook operators handle their responsible gambling practices. As a Gambling Expert Review Board member, he provides guidance and actionable insights with integrity and authority.
  • Jonas WåhlanderBoard of Directors / Shareholder / Investor. Jonas has nearly two decades in C-level leadership positions within the entertainment industry and almost ten years specifically working with leading iGaming companies, often on the technical side of online gambling, developing user-friendly gaming and betting experiences. Besides aiding with strategic advice of the JustGamblers brand, Jonas lends his expertise to the content we produce, adding another level of quality assurance where it's needed.
  • Johan MoazedBoard of Directors / Shareholder / Investor. Johan is a sports betting guru who innovated the industry through a startup in the early 2000s, developing automated trading services and providing a majority of the liquidity in betting exchanges globally. He later moved on to C-level positions and advisory roles at leading iGaming companies, often focusing on sportsbook product strategies leveraging his extensive sports betting experience, which is now extended to our Gambling Expert Review Board.

Examples of Content That Reach Our Review Board

While all content is edited and fact-checked, the primary focus of JustGamblers expert review board is to vet information and content related to advice and recommendations that impact people's decision of where they gamble and how they spend their money. Examples of such pages include:

Who Can Join the JustGamblers Review Board?

To become a JustGamblers Gambling Expert Review Board member, the person must have a verified track record of being a known contributor or having acted in a meaningful capacity in an authoritative position in the iGaming industry. These conditions ensure our work is trustworthy and supported by relevant expertise.

We Appreciate Your Feedback

If you have any questions about the relevance or accuracy of the content or our verification process, please reach out through the Contact Us page.

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