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Patrik Lidin
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Experience: Sports Trader, Market Maker, Product Owner Sportsbook, Professional Gambler, Poker Player

JustGamblers balances all the content and media with careful placement of ads for our partners’ products and services, where we are compensated by you clicking on certain links placed throughout our platforms. This compensation may impact how and where gambling brands, products, or services appear on pages. While we can get compensation from partners, it does not affect your costs—there are no extra costs when depositing or such. If anything, depending on our partnership, we can offer exclusive bonus deals that are not available anywhere else. While we aim to be inclusive and strive to provide a wide range of recommendations, JustGamblers doesn’t include information about every gambling brand in our market.

Lastly, please note that is not a gambling operator nor offers any related services to online gambling besides content and media for marketing and informational purposes. While we aim only to provide safe gambling advice, we cannot be held responsible for third-party site activities, regardless of whether we included information about such sites through

How We Make Money

For clarity and transparency, we want to explain thoroughly how we make money; trust begins here.

When we refer new users who deposit real money, we may receive part of the revenue from some of our online gambling partners. This compensation is referred to as affiliate commission. When you click on certain links or a button that takes you to a gambling operator’s website or mobile app and make a deposit, JustGamblers may receive compensation.

The commission basis and percentages are negotiated individually with each gambling partner. Typically, after we have thoroughly reviewed and rated their products and services. Potential affiliate commissions do not influence our original reflections and ratings. 

With time, opinions can change based on product updates, such as new features or gambling content, which may reflect changes in our reviews and ratings. But under no circumstances, following our editorial guidelines and rating methodologies, do we favor certain partners based on affiliate commission. In other words, potential financial gain never impacts reviews and ratings.

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