JustGamblers Editorial Guidelines

At JustGamblers, our priority is responsible gambling, which means we prioritize our readers. That’s why we share our policies, including how we make money and how JustGamblers editorial guidelines uphold integrity that promotes safety and responsibility. We do it all so you—the reader—can enjoy safer and better gambling experiences with the help of our tools, advice, and recommendations.
Patrik Lidin
Expert: Principal Writer and Editor / Head of Content
Experience: Sports Trader, Market Maker, Product Owner Sportsbook, Professional Gambler, Poker Player

All-in on Originality, Accuracy, Integrity and Responsibility

Our gambling experts and writers create original, accurate, expert content free of ethical concerns or misinformation. All content is written by gamblers and intended for gamblers worldwide.

Our readers’ interests guide decisions and content where we put the user first in the context of online gambling. All contributors at JustGamblers must understand and anticipate readers’ questions and concerns about gambling brands and products. Whether it’s an online casino review about bonuses or local legal requirements for online sports betting—content must address matters effectively and accurately in a way that resonates with our readers’ expectations.

Accuracy and clarity

Our editorial team ensures that material in guides, advice, and reviews is accurate and not misleading through robust fact-checks, ensuring that all published content meets JustGamblers' high standards.

Due to the sensitive nature of online gambling, we take our responsibility to provide accurate and responsible information seriously.

If we publish inaccurate or misleading information, we always provide prompt and precise updates to correct and clarify.

Integrity and transparency

Without trust, JustGamblers wouldn’t be able to exist, so we don’t publish inaccurate information or material that reflects or was gathered by deceptive or unfair means.

We are committed to quality and trustworthiness throughout our content and editorial processes. Our team of gambling experts, writers, editors, fact-checkers, illustrators, and photographers are professionals who ensure our content is up-to-date and accurate.

Each page and article includes information about the author, editor, or fact-checker—their name, a brief description, and a link to more information about the people who contributed to the content. Some pages have visible dates indicating when the content was published and last updated, along with links for citations and sources.

Authority and responsibility

JustGamblers content is created by gambling experts through first-hand experiences. Our team is dedicated to researching, testing, and recommending the best brands, products, and services—always prioritizing responsible gambling and safe experiences.

As experts, our gambling experts and editorial team attend major iGaming events spanning all gambling verticals: online casinos, online sportsbooks, sweepstakes casinos, online poker, daily fantasy sports, horse racing apps, and other games of chance online involving real money. Such events include iGB Live, iGB Affiliate, ICE, SBC Summit, G2E, and SIGMA. This allows us to witness and gather information about the latest offerings and trends—product reveals, changes & updates from gambling brands’, and regulatory changes across the United States.

The JustGamblers editorial team regularly interviews our in-house gambling experts and external professionals to include quotes in content. We also rely on internal and external sources for credible and reliable information transparently disclosed on pages.

Independence and Impartiality Policy

JustGamblers is committed to responsible, impartial, and independent content. While we have multiple partners, our commercial dealings never affect our content. Guides, reviews, and ratings follow a strict methodology to uphold integrity and impartiality to minimize bias and ensure that content accurately represents reality—the competitive market, gambling brands, and laws and regulations. 

All content is built on honesty and transparency, and all contributors at JustGamblers are held accountable to guarantee high standards that safeguard you—the reader.

Our editorial team's primary purpose is to provide helpful information that helps gamblers make informed and safe decisions about where to spend their money and time. We aim to educate, inspire, and solve problems through unbiased, impartial reviews of gambling brands and their products and services. All research is independent based on professional experience, robust analysis, and thorough product testing.

While JustGamblers may receive compensation through affiliate partner links within our content, our team members or company never receive any compensation regarding reflections and content of our recommendations. All contributors are prohibited from giving preferential treatment to any partner or third-party resource. Whether you are reading a guide, review, or a piece of advice, you can trust that the information from JustGamblers is impartial, credible, and dependable.

Our Editorial Team of Gambling Experts

The editorial guidelines disclosed on this page apply to all writers, editors, fact-checkers, illustrators, and photographers. All published content follows the JustGamblers editorial guidelines and is sometimes supported by supplementary guidelines such as our rating methodologies and responsible gambling policy.

All our content is independent and free from ethical concerns and produced by the editorial team in accordance with internal stakeholders, leadership, and the JustGamblers gambling review board. You can always see who has created the content you are reading from the author box on the page, along with persons conducting fact-checking and editing.

All persons creating content have extensive knowledge about online gambling and the iGaming industry. We leverage this knowledge and expertise to educate and provide insights, resulting in safe and entertaining gambling experiences.

Originality Policy

JustGamblers strives to provide original, valuable, and unbiased content. All information is verified and does not infringe on copyright or intellectual property. Plagiarism or repeated failure to comply with our editorial guidelines is investigated and can result in dismissal. All contributors are held to the same high standards and must comply with US laws and regulations, standards, and accepted practices of writing and publishing content, including:

Hedging Our Bets: Fact-Checking

Internal resources and all information gathered for guides, recommendations, articles, and news are fact-checked—rigorously evaluated for accuracy, relevance, and timeliness. We only use credible and reliable sources and provide proper context and background of when and why the information is included. We prioritize sources from the United States where it’s applicable.

Quality Assurance and Corrections

To ensure accuracy and consistency, all content published by JustGambers is subject to correction practices. This includes routine checks and systematic approaches to continuously evaluating, verifying, and updating content.

Published content is date-stamped and includes information about recent updates. This is useful for our internal processes while also giving readers confidence that the data is accurate and up to date.
We correct the content if we have outdated or published inaccurate information. We encourage you—the reader, to participate. If you discover a possible error, please contact our editorial team so we can investigate and correct any mistakes.

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