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Patrik Lidin is the principal writer and Head of Content for JustGamblers. Here below, you will find all the details about his role in the company plus all the necessary contact details.
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Summary Experience

Patrik Lidin started his journey in the iGaming industry in 2012. Prior to that, he went from being an amateur to a professional gambler during the 2000s, primarily playing online poker and focusing on American sports betting, the NBA, NFL, and the NHL—player props and spreads.

Since 2012, Patrik has held various positions. Starting from sports trading and market making to gambling product development focusing on end-user journeys and improving the user experience, primarily for sportsbooks (desktop and native apps). With his working experience and gambling background, Patrik can draw on knowledge and expertise when writing first-hand accounts of online gambling experiences and providing original insights.

Patrik's experience in iGaming can be summarized as follows: 

  • iGaming Consultant - Sourcified Ltd consulting with clients about their content marketing efforts and creating content for clients. 
  • Product Owner - Betsson Group optimizing end-user journeys with user experience in mind, along with migrations and brand launches. 
  • Sportsbook Product Specialist - Betting Promotion sportsbook product improvement, research, and development for B2B and B2C. 
  • Sports Trader & Market Maker - Betting Promotion trading fixtures and providing liquidity on global betting exchanges, along with risk management and managing aspects of the B2B sportsbook product. 

Role at JustGamblers

Patrik first joined JustGamblers in a limited capacity, as a freelance content writer, before becoming increasingly involved in the company as the principal writer and editor, and later came on full-time as head of content. In his current role, Patrik is responsible for maintaining a steady content flow, publishing new content based on content plans and strategies, with the intention of scaling production within the organization.

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