How do New Jersey Online Casinos Know Your Location?

They are using a technology that triangulates your location via your Wi-Fi signal, these are highly accurate tools. Make sure to be compliant to avoid fees by sticking to the law that we will learn you more about in this guide.
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Fast Facts about Geolocation for Online Casinos in New Jersey:

Type of Devices:If it works with tablets, laptops or mobiles.
Geolocation Services Providers: Central Account Management SystemXYverify LocaidGeoComply
Circumvent with VPN:  No, not possible/allowed.
Geolocation legal text:New Jersey Administrative Code 13:69J-1.2
Consequences when failing to comply:Up to five years in prison for illegal gambling. Banning from online casinos.
Table showing all you need to know about Geolocation on NJ internet casinos.

Background to why your GEO is important

The online gambling laws for NJ require that players gamble online from within NJ state. 

When you play on a particular NJ online gambling site, you and the online casino must adhere to the gambling laws in that state. 

In NJ, you must be in the state to gamble on their online casinos. Geolocation is a technology that can show providers your location. 

It can track your IP address or triangulate your location via your Wi-Fi signal. It is a GPS service but for your computer.

You have to be vigilant and know how the geolocation software works if you want to stay compliant.


Why do Online Casinos work with geolocation software in NJ?

Online gambling sites in NJ are responsible for ensuring online players are located within their state lines per the online gambling law signed into law in 2013. Legally the casinos are responsible if players cross state lines and play for real money. Players can play demos, manage their accounts, and make deposits or withdrawals from anywhere in the US.

Can a third party steal my information with Geolocation?

No, very unlikely. Any third-party service provider may only collect information about your location, online gambling, or online transactions. The online casino or software provider may share this information and any other information with the Division of Gaming Enforcement. They are, however, not allowed to share any of the information they collect with third parties for online behavioral advertising.

Is Geolocation accurate?

Initially, there were issues with false negatives where geolocating Wi-Fi triangulation was not accurate, especially in buffer zones. The DGE has implemented steps to decrease that buffer’s size, and the software providers of geolocation tech have corrected several issues from their side so that a false negative is a rarity today. Sometimes VPN or remote software on your PC may interfere with the process. Always follow the guidelines below to ensure you are compliant.

Can I use a VPN or any other tool to play in NJ’s online casinos?

No, VPNs are not allowed on most online casinos, they will not keep you safe from the geo-location laws, and they are illegal to use. Online betting sites do not allow VPNs to be used to gamble on their sites.

This is what you need to know about Geolocation as an NJ casino player

You need to do your part to ensure you are compliant. If you play on your mobile phone, it already works with GPS, and you don’t need additional software to play online on your tablet or laptop. 

You need to ensure you follow these guidelines:

  • Always complete the plug-in.
  • Ensure your Wi-Fi is on. No connection to a wireless network is necessary, but your Wi-Fi allows the geo-tech to locate you. If you don’t have a Wi-Fi adapter, it’s advisable to get a USB adapter.
  • Disable your Remote Desktop, Virtual Network Client or Virtual Private Network software. These often cause geolocation checks to fail.
  • Check that your Wi-Fi signal is strong enough. To confirm your location, you need a consistently good connection. An excellent way to check is to make sure at least two other networks are available.
  • Contact your internet service provider to ensure it only assigns you IP addresses inside the state.
  • Avoid using corporate or public connections and other third-party internet services, including Wi-Fi hotspots–they could assign IP addresses outside the state.

This is what you need to know about Geolocation as an NJ casino operator

Gamblers have raised billions in New Jersey since sports gambling was made legal in 2018. 

The state does all it can to ensure all activities are legal.

  • The New Jersey Casino Control Commission is in charge of overseeing gambling online as well as at physical casinos in the state. The Division of Gaming Enforcement is one leg of this commission that enforces the Casino Control Act for sports gambling.
  • The Division of Gaming Enforcement is responsible for issuing casino licenses, auditing casino activities, testing the platforms and investigating gambling-related crimes.

Companies Providing Geolocation Services in NJ

  • Central Account Management Systems
  • XYverify – API software developer for mobile location security
  • Locaid – based in Nevada, they have partnered with GeoComply to develop the best, safest, accurate geo software
  • GeoComply – the top software used by most casinos
Geocomply Gaming Geolocation
GeoComply, one of the companies offering geolocation services in NJ.

What type of technology is implemented for Geolocation?

GPs technology determines your IP address and location via a plug-in you have to install. 

The tech companies have done a lot of work to ensure the accuracy of the location information on your PC and mobile phone, and it is very doubtful your location will be inaccurate.

How can you verify that the Geolocation is working?

You can google “What's my IP” in order to see where your current IP address is located, there are plenty of free tools for this purpose.

Known issues with the GEO technology

ISPs such as AOL can reroute your connection, showing your IP address to be located outside New Jersey. 

Contact them if this is the case. You may also want to try to connect to the internet from another location/connection source.

What is buffer zone technology?

Buffer zone tech is constantly-updated tech that ensures anyone on the state’s buffer zone has an accurate location and is not banned from sites by accident.

What happens if you play anyway, and the casino accepts it?

A technical vulnerability can allow players to get illegal access to play on some sites. 

The player using a VPN or software to bypass the laws will be held liable and fined, or they have to pay back some of the winnings they acquired illegally. 

Casinos have the best software to ensure this doesn’t happen, and they do everything from their side to ensure legal gambling in NJ online casinos.

Does the Geolocation Work for all Devices?

Yes, it works on mobiles, PCs, tablets and laptops.

Provided the plug-in is installed with a stable Wi-Fi connection or your mobile’s location service is activated.

Takeaways from our NJ Casino Geolocation Guide

When you gamble on NJ online casinos with real money, always ensure you know that your IP address reflects your actual location, especially if you are in a buffer zone. 

Make sure your device is always connected and phone the software company or SP if you have any doubts.

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