How do I make a complaint regarding a New Jersey online casino?

While you may enjoy casino games and sports betting at an online casino in NJ, there are times when you can take exception to something that the online casino operator did or failed to do. Thankfully, since the New Jersey Division of Gaming regulates online platforms, they must have customer support channels to handle NJ online casino complaints, we walk you through the process.
nj online casino dispute page nj gov
The complaint page on the gaming divisions website.

Example of when to file a complaint

Your first avenue to pursue a complaint is addressing the casino directly to file a complaint with its in-house team. Perhaps the provider didn’t pay you the correct amount or changed the odds after placing a wager. These are typical grounds for a complaint. (1)

What constitutes a dispute?

According to the State of New Jersey, a dispute is an unresolvable complaint after all reasonable means have been exhausted by the NJ online casino. Casino players can take their complaints to the Jersey gaming division to seek assistance.

Follow these steps to file a complaint

New Jersey has the privilege of providing gamblers with several online casinos licensed in NJ. You have the freedom to stop playing at a particular provider and hop onto a new one. However, instead of avoiding an issue, it’s advisable to contact the casino to file a complaint. (2)

Consequently, other players won’t experience the same issue in the future, and the operator will be aware of what they should avoid to reduce and eliminate player complaints.

First step: Speaking to Customer Support

Every online casino in New Jersey has helpful support teams representing their brand. Part of their casino license requirement is to provide contact details for all queries, including patron complaints. 

Typically, online casinos offer a 24-hour live chat where you can immediately connect with one of the customer support team members. Alternatively, there are email addresses and phone numbers that you can use to lay a complaint.

The support agents will often go out of their way to assist and ensure you’re happy with the solution to your query. However, if you feel that you’re not satisfied, you can take your matter further. 

How to make a complaint (Download NJ dispute form by clicking on image)

internet gaming dispute form state of new jersey
The NJ Internet Gaming Dispute Form to fill in.

If you’ve already reported your complaint to the casino’s support team and received no joy, it’s not the end of the road. You can take it up with the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement, follow the 5 steps below.

1.   Access the form

When you’re on the DGE website, you’ll have to search for the Internet Gaming Dispute Form. This link will open up the form on a new internet page. If you don’t have the latest PDF updates, it may not display the form’s contents.

Also available to download from here: under the headline “Gaming Dispute Forms“.

2.   Download the form

While you’re on the internet page, you will find the option to download the form, regardless of your system. Once the download is complete, you can also upgrade the PDF reader or install a new one such as Foxit on your computer.

Not working?

We have had numerous players saying that the PDF is not loading for them in the browser. If you experience the same follow the guidelines from the image below:

download the nj dispute form pdf

3.   What you will need to complete the form

The information you need to provide includes a copy of the original complaint along with the response from the online gambling license permit holder. These are the crucial documents you need to have when submitting a dispute to the DGE.

4.   Complete the form

You’ll need to fill out your details in the form, such as your name, address, mobile number, user ID, account number, website address, and the name of the casino license permit holder.

Describe the nature of the complaint in the large block provided, going into detail about your dispute. Provide the date of your original complaint and when the casino responded. You can add your initials to fill out the form correctly.

5.   Where to send the completed form

Dispute forms have two options at the bottom - print form or submit by email. When you submit your NJ online casino complaints via email, clicking the button will directly open your email software, ready for you to send the document along with the relevant attachments. The address you can use is

Bear in mind that you can obtain a complaint form at the security podium to fill in and submit for patrons of Atlantic City casinos. You can either email or send a direct mail to:

New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement

The Arcade Building

1325 Boardwalk

Atlantic City, NJ 08401 

What to expect after the complaint is lodged

The NJDGE will address your complaint and take it up with the licensed permit holder. All that’s left for you to do is await feedback from a DGE representative to inform you about the outcome of your dispute.


Who can you report a complaint to regarding an online casino in New Jersey?

The first step is to take it up with the casino’s customer support team. If you feel that they’ve not provided a solution, you can file a dispute with the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement.

How do you resolve a dispute with a New Jersey online casino?

NJ Casinos must do everything in their power to resolve player disputes, so when you officially lay a complaint with them, they will try to assist. However, you can take the matter further to the Division of Gaming Enforcement.

Who regulates online casinos in New Jersey?

The DGE is the body that regulates online casinos in the state.

How long does it take to fill in a dispute form?

Filling out the form should take you no more than 5 minutes. All it requires are your details, the name of the online casino, and a description of the complaint.

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