How to Remove Yourself From the Self-Exclusion List for NJ Online Casinos?

While self-exclusion is an excellent tool to cool off a gambling problem, the question remains, how do you reinstate yourself to be eligible for gambling again after you've completed your chosen exclusion term?

Simple process to Follow

As a New Jersey gambler, there is a simple process to follow to opt out of the self-exclusion list. Consequently, you can reaccess your favorite online casinos and start playing the games you enjoy. (1)

Fast Facts about Getting Removed from the Self-Exclusion List:

Link to Request Removal from the list:
Minimum time to request removal:The initial term is between one to five years.
Requirements to present:Self-exclusion removal form, identification with signature, and photo.
Response time:Five business days. 
Table with facts on getting removed from the self-exclusion list in NJ online casinos.  
nj request removal self exclusion
Request for removal from voluntary self-exclusion list


When can I submit a Removal Request from the NJ Self Exclusion Program?

After a minimum of one or five years of the exclusion period has expired.

After my name has been removed, will the waiver of liability I signed previously remain in effect?

Yes. The submission of your voluntary self-exclusion request remains in place.

Can I play in any online casino in the state after my name is removed from the Self-Exclusion List?

Yes, you will be allowed to gamble online at all New Jersey casinos once more.

How fast will I be removed from the banned list?

It should take approximately 5 business days for your name to be removed from the list.

How do I Remove Myself From NJ Online Casino’s Self-Exclusion Program?

The self-exclusion program is a tool to help people struggling to control their gambling. By signing up for self-exclusion, you won’t be allowed to gamble at any physical or online casinos in New Jersey. (2)

After deciding on the self-exclusion term, you must serve that time being away from gambling to remove yourself from the list. You can apply for removal when you:

  • Complete the term for self-exclusion.
  • Feel as if you don’t have a gambling problem anymore.
  • Can control your emotions and your bets. 
nj self exclusion registration instructions
Instructions for removal from Self Exclusion in NJ

Requirements to be removed from the list

When you want to apply for the removal from the list, you’d need to fill out the “Request For Removal From Voluntary Self-Exclusion List” form that you can access from the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement. (3)

The form must be accompanied by proper identification that clearly displays your photo and signature, such as your passport, military identification card, or driver’s license. 

Steps to follow when making the decision

After serving the initial self-exclusion term, you qualify to remove yourself from the self-exclusion list. These are the steps you must take to complete the process.

  • Finish your time between one to five years.
  • You need to read the instructions to remove your name.
  • Proceed to the removal page.
  • Provide the details as the form requires.
  • Submit the form either electronically or physically.
  • Wait 5 business days for your name to be removed entirely. 

What Happens After I Submit My Removal From the List?

After submitting the removal form with your identification to the NJDGE, it should take 5 business days for them to communicate your request to all gambling platforms in the state.

You should have access to gambling sites after this period, bearing in mind that you must have served your self-exclusion term. You may find that you won’t be allowed access to online casinos while the casinos update their records.

The waiver of liability you signed when requesting voluntary exclusion will remain in effect. Furthermore, you may be required to continue with the Responsible Gambling programs some casino companies offer. 

My Request Has Been Denied. Now What?

Your removal request can be denied if you haven’t entirely met the self-exclusion term. You'd likely be rejected if you try to remove yourself before its expiration date.

In this case, you must wait out the exclusion period you selected before applying for removal. 

Takeaway on Removal From NJ Online Casino Self-Exclusion List

Removing yourself from the self-exclusion list is entirely possible and involves a simple process. The first thing you must remember before attempting to remove yourself is to meet the period of your exclusion which is usually a minimum of 1 year or a maximum of 5 years.

When you’ve served the time, fill out the removal form on the NJDGE site and submit it along with your identification. The Division will review your information and arrange for your removal from the self-exclusion list, which takes approximately 5 business days. More often than not, you can access online casinos after this period. 

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