How to Do a Self-Exclusion From NJ Online Casino Activity

If you feel your gambling is out of control and you need a break from all forms of gambling, you can self-exclude from all New Jersey online casinos and physical casinos. We will guide you on how you can get help or do a voluntary self-exclusion in person or online. (1)

Fast Facts about Self-Exclusion from an NJ Online Casino:

Minimum Self-Exclusion Period:1 Year.
Maximum Self-Exclusion Period:5 Years.
Where to submit your application in person:New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement 1325 Boardwalk, Atlantic City, NJ 
New Jersey Racing Commission 175 Oceanport Ave, Oceanport, NJ
Where to submit your application online:
Form you need to submit:
Where to report a gambling problem:Call: 1-800-GAMBLER (1-800-522-4700)
Table with facts on self-exclusion from an NJ gambling site. 


Can I request a Self-Exclusion from my player account?

It is best to fill in the self-exclusion form on the official NJ portal at the DGE address above. But New Jersey residents can file this form through their online player account via the internal sign-up option.

Can I join the self-exclusion program for less time than the minimum established?

You must be very sure of the option you choose when submitting the form. You can only submit a request to be removed after the minimum, which is one year. If you request lifetime self-exclusion, you will never be allowed to gamble online again.

What happens if I change my mind and I want to opt out of the self-exclusion list?

You can only submit a Request for Removal after a year. You will receive confirmation from the New Jersey Racing Commission that the application has been successful.

What can I do if I know someone that needs to join the self-exclusion program?

You can refer them to any of the responsible gambling programs that can help them to get control of their problem, such as GamTalk, Gamblers Anonymous or the National Council on Problem Gambling. (2)

What is the Self-Exclusion Program in NJ Online Casinos?

If gambling has caused problems in your life such as debt, selling essential goods for gambling money, borrowing money to sustain your gambling, or it has caused issues in your household, you can do a voluntary self-exclusion program for all legal NJ online casinos

This can only be done by yourself and not on behalf of someone.

Brochure self exclusion NJ
Brochure for Self Exclusion in NJ

What Do I Need to Do to Join The Self-Exclusion List in NJ?

  • You must complete the form you can obtain from the link above. (3)
  • You can choose to be excluded from online-only or online and physical casinos in NJ. 
  • You will need your ID and photo to submit with your form. 
  • You submit it to the council, and it will take about three days to get approval, but once you submit the form, you will no longer have access to the casinos. 
  • You can submit a Request for Removal after a year or remain blocked if you don’t.

What requirements should I gather?

  • ID, id card or passport
  • Photo, passport photo
  • New Jersey Self Exclusion Form

How can I present my submission to the program ?

You have three options to present your submission:

  1. Online Self-Exclusion
    You can register for self-exclusion via your online player account, the sign-up option.
  2. In-person Self-Exclusion
    You can submit your application at the Division of Gaming office at Tennessee Ave in Atlantic City. You can apply for exclusion from only physical casinos or physical and online casinos.
  3. Filling out the DG form for Self-Exclusion
    Fill in the form on the DG address above and submit it with your ID and a photograph to be forwarded to casinos to ensure your chosen self-exclusion period will be enforced. 

What Happens After I Join The Self-Exclusion Program?

Depending on your chosen term, you will be excluded for the year, five years, or a lifetime. Your photo will be distributed and loaded onto the systems of all physical and/or online casinos. You will no longer be allowed to gamble, register or play online on your account.

Takeaway on Self-Exclusion from an NJ Online Casino

When you want to do a voluntary self-exclusion from NJ online casinos, you must be sure you’re ready. 

You can’t cancel your request and will be excluded from gambling for the selected one-year, five-year or lifetime period. 

Seek help if you have a gambling problem first, and follow their program if you feel your gambling is out of control. (4)

Get in contact with 800-Gambler

800 gambler self exclusion nj
800-Gambler Homepage

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