Tobias Alriksson - Co-founder / CTO

Tobias Alriksson is the Co-founder, Chief Technical Officer, and Product Advisor for JustGamblers and its parent company JustMedia Ltd. You will find all the details about him, his role in the company, and his contact details
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Tobias Alriksson
Tobias Alriksson - Co-founder / CTO

Experience Summary

Tobias has more than eight years of top-level experience in the iGaming industry. He has worked closely with developers, UX/UI, and product teams, and has been integral to founding and developing new businesses, as well as creating strategies for optimizing brand visibility based on detailed analysis. He also has a technical background with experience in both frontend and backend development.

Tobias brings these skills to both the Chief Technical Officer, and the Product Advisor roles at JustGamblers, where he shares the organization's vision of providing a trusted, user-focused gambling comparison resource backed by accurate and timely data.

The extensive experience that Tobias brings to JustGamblers can be summarized as follows:

  • SEO Consultant - FMG Ltd - consulting with clients to enable the streamlining of workflow and scalability of products.
  • Senior SEO - Mr Green - (Stock listed online casino) - Optimizing brand visibility and ensuring growth of organic traffic.
  • Traffic Specialist - Mr Green - (New Ventures) - Building new business and building affiliate sites utilizing coding skills.
  • SEO Analyst - Web Guide Partner - (Digital Marketing) - analyzing website data and industry trends to develop strategies aimed at optimizing organic traffic and visibility.

Role at JustGamblers

JustGamblers was founded by Tobias and Magnus Boberg. The duo have been working together in the iGaming industry since 2016. Their work has included building user-centric products in addition to creating the JustGamblers brand.

As chief technology officer (CTO) at JustGamblers, Tobias oversees the use of technology within the organization. He ensures that technology-related decisions are aligned with the goals of the business. His job is to future-proofing the infrastructure architecture and improve both CMS and frontend development for end users.

In addition, Tobias is a product advisor for the JustGamblers brand. In this role, he liaises with both stakeholders and customers to provide detailed insights into the products and services offered by the business.

Relevant iGaming Experience

Tobias brings many years of valuable experience to his role at JustGamblers.

His experience and skills are listed below in detail, together with an insight into their value to the JustGamblers organization.

SEO Consultant - FMG Ltd

Tobias put his technical and product skills to use working as a consultant for international clients. His focus was on streamlining workflow and building a scalable product. This enabled clients to focus on building a better product rather than becoming mired in completing repetitive tasks and processes. 

This experience is a valuable attribute in his role at JustGamblers. It enables Tobias to ensure that the JustGamblers product is streamlined, efficient, and provides real value to customers.

Senior SEO - Mr Green - (Stock listed online casino)

Mr Green is an innovative brand in the iGaming industry. Founded in 2007, it was one of the first online casino gaming providers to include games from different software suppliers including Microgaming, Playtech, Yggdrasil, Electric Red Tiger, Evolution, Thunderkick, and Quickspin.

In his role as Senior SEO at Mr Green, Tobias was responsible for global strategy and technical SEO. He worked to achieve growth in organic traffic and optimized visibility for the brand. This involved developing close working relationships with developers and in-depth knowledge of the product. 

Tobias’s work in this role included involvement across brands within the MRG Group such as:


Tobias brings the experience gained in this role to JustGamblers, where he ensures the maximum visibility and optimal organic traffic required to enable the brand to grow. At Mr Green, where he worked with developers and product, he is able to bring valuable iGaming insights to the JustGamblers audience.

Traffic Specialist - Mr Green - (New Ventures)

Tobias was initially hired as a traffic specialist for Mr Green to specifically participate in a project called New Ventures. The goal of this venture, which began with three people, was to rebrand the online casino and create a lead generation portfolio.

This work included building affiliate sites from scratch, liaising with suppliers, and constructing long-term traffic tactics.

The skills and experience Tobias gained in this role are valuable attributes in his current position at JustGamblers. He has been able to use his knowledge of building a brand in terms of visibility to help JustGamblers expand, especially as the business grows in the US market.

Tobias has also brought the coding skills he developed during his time building affiliate sites at Mr Green to JustGamblers. This includes working with NGINX on which JustGamblers runs at the present time with work being undertaken to develop a new stack.

SEO Analyst - Web Guide Partner - (Digital Marketing)

Tobias worked as an SEO assistant, junior SEO analyst and SEO analyst at Web Guide Partner, a digital marketing agency in Sweden with a department in Malta. The company provides a range of services to clients including search engine optimization, search engine marketing, social media, and conversion. Clients of Web Guide Partner include:

  • Interflora 
  • Renault
  • Ratsit
  • Skandia
  • Elfa 
  • Fortum

There, Tobias worked with global brands like IKEA. His work involved analyzing website data and the latest SEO trends. He then put the insights gained to ensure that website traffic and visibility was optimized. 

Tobias brings these analysis skills to his role at JustGamblers. They are valuable tools in assisting him to ensure the brand develops in line with the latest iGaming industry trends and that its online visibility is optimized.

Personal Profile Tobias Alriksson

Taking a closer look at Tobias Alrikssons skills and expertise reveals his value in the role of CTO at JustGamblers.

Key Skills & Core Competencies

  • Growing and founding companies in different markets and jurisdictions
  • Experience with investors and seed investment, which eventually led to JustMedia.
  • Developing financial plans and business strategies.
  • Developing and managing technical infrastructure.
  • Building online products in the iGaming industry that deliver value to the consumers.
  • Experience working for public listed companies in the gambling industry.
  • Working with CSS, JS, HTML, PHP, SQL, Cloudflare, Apache, OpenLiteSpeed, LiteSpeed and NGINX.
  • Eight years of experience and knowledge in backend and front-end development, including CDN, Workers, Servers, Server Stack, and WordPress.


Google Analytics Individual Qualification (IQ) – 2016


The greatest new performer during the year, getting into the business fast and showing a strong result.

CEO Highlight Media Group (renamed to Acroud)

In 2015 at Web Guide Partner, Tobias was honored with the award Rookie of the Year.

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