The New Jersey DGE Seal of Approval For Online Casinos

To avoid falling into a trap and attempting to play on an unregulated online casino, the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement requires legalized platforms to display this seal of approval clearly. This is how you identify it on a site that you are planning to play on.

The Primary reason for the seal

The primary reason for the seal is for players to determine which are regulated casinos and which are illegal. (1)

Gambling on a site without the seal means you could be in trouble for using an illegal platform. Also, you could be duped into depositing money into a fraudulent account and may never see the withdrawal of any winnings.

The New Jersey DGE stamp -

Fast Facts about the new Jersey DGE Seal of Approval:

Where the seal should be placed on a webpage:According to the law, it should be clear and plain sight’. 
What is read on the emblem:“DGE New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement, Licensed & Regulated,”
Start date online casinos must display the stamp: September 30, 2015
Table with facts on New Jersey DGE Seal of Approval.

Examples of Placement of the Seal

Here on these screenshots you can see some examples on where some of the legal sites have placed their seal: NJ DGE Seal of approval
On you can see that they have included the seal cleary visibly in the footer area of the website. NJ DGE Seal of approval
On they have included the seal in its black & white small version. You will find it on the home page while scrolling down. NJ DGE Seal of approval
On you will see that they have included the stamp at the footer of their website in a black & white small version. NJ DGE Seal of approval
On they have included the stamp at the end of their website, also in a small black & white version.


Why is it important that online casinos in New Jersey place the seal of approval on their site?

The seal declares that the casino site is a sanctioned and accredited online network for players. (2)

If the casino I play at does not display the NJ seal of approval on its webpage, does that mean it is illegal?

Yes, it simply means that the site doesn’t have approval from the state, which makes it an illegal network.

Why did the DGE conclude that this stamp is required on Online Casinos?

It communicates to players which casinos are regulated and which aren’t to avoid people being lured into illegal traps.

How do I know that the seal used on a site is not fake?

You will not be able to tell just by the image, if you are in doubt please get in contact with us in the contact form below, stating the URL of the site, we will be able to tell you if it is an actual legal and licensed site or not.

Why Must Online Casinos in New Jersey Display a Seal of Approval?

Online casinos are regulated by the state's New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement. Any online platform that doesn’t enjoy the approval and sanctioning by the Division should be considered an illegal platform.

Every casino provider that enters the Garden State must have applied for and received a license to operate from the NJDGE. Consequently, they should adhere to specific regulations to comply with their legal status.

The Division decided to include the seal of approval as a physical sign to players that they can trust a particular casino. When it clearly displays the seal, you won’t have to worry about gambling on an illegal network. It’s been a requirement since September 30, 2015, and makes it easier for the public to spot a regulated casino.

A call for transparency

In April 2015, the American Gaming Association (AGA) called upon New Jersey state officials to find a solution and address unauthorized online gaming operators. The seal is the ideal solution for players to identify which casinos have the backing of the state and are legal to operate within New Jersey. (3)

The purpose of the seal

The primary role of the seal’s presence is to indicate that the casino has been regulated and sanctioned by the relevant body in the state - the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement.

The seal features a die in the logo, along with the bold letters of the DGE. Around it, you will find the text that reads, “New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement, Licensed & Regulated,” 

How Will This Stamp Help Consumers in the Long Term?

Since online casinos have become legal in the US, cybercriminals have evolved their skills to set up fake sites that lure gamblers, opening up a world of criminal activity.

As a player, you may be defrauded of your money. Furthermore, your information could be stolen and sold to the highest bidder. However, when you see the NJDGE seal on a casino’s site, you can be confident that they are regulated and adhering to the legal requirements set out by the regulatory body.

The Promotion of Responsible Gambling

Responsible gambling logo New Jersey
Responsible gambling logo for New Jersey

For New Jersey online casinos to operate legally within the Garden State, they must comply with specific requirements. Part of the regulations that they must meet includes promoting responsible gambling.

When a casino operates above board, players will find several responsible gambling tools and channels alongside the Division’s seal of approval. Usually, fake sites aren’t interested in responsible gambling since their reasons for operating are sinister.

Thankfully, you can determine a legit casino from an illegal one by locating the seal of approval and responsible gambling avenues. As a result, online gambling for all players has become a safe pastime. 

Why The DGE Seal of Approval is Beneficial to the Casino Industry

The more regulations the Division introduces, the easier it is for players to trust online casinos. If the platform has nothing to hide, it won’t have an issue meeting the requirements that the NJDGE lays out.

Consequently, the casino improves its reputation amongst gamblers if it continues adhering to the Division’s regulations. A by-product of that confidence is increased subscribers and more loyal players to a particular site. 

Takeaway on The New Jersey DGE Seal of Approval on Casinos

New Jersey’s casino regulator, the Division for Gaming Enforcement, is responsible for issuing operating licenses as every live casino in the state must have the approval of this body.

Now, the Division requires every site to display its seal of approval that points out to players whether they’re on a legal platform or not. The presence of the seal in plain sight is supposed to allay fears that the casino is illegal. 

This is something that we analyze when we at JustGamblers review new jersey online casinos, all sites listed here are legal with a valid DGE seal of approval.

Even though there have been some doubts about whether players look for these signs and symbols, it’s a regulation that legal casinos in the state must abide by if they’re to continue operating as legal providers in New Jersey. 

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