How to Go Through a KYC and Pass at a US Online Casino?

New players at US online casinos must pass the Know Your Customer (KYC) process to verify their information. It’s a simple process that requires you to submit documents only you can access.
How to go through KYC and pass US

This article will uncover everything you need to know about the KYC process and how to pass.

1.  Gather the Necessary Documents

Since online casinos in the US are regulated by stringent bodies, they must adhere to verification requirements. The documents they request may differ in each platform as well as in each state.

However, there is a general list of documents that you should have ready to submit to the casino for the verification process. Remember that these documents are concrete proof of your age and identification.

These are the documents a US online casino would usually accept for identification and proof of address:

  • Passport
  • Valid Driver’s License
  • EEA Member State Identity Card
  • Employee Identity Card (only for listed or public sector companies)
  • University Card
  • Utility Bill
  • Council Tax Bill
  • Bank Statement
  • House or Car Insurance Certificate
  • House Deed
  • Lease Agreement with three months’ worth of rent receipts 

2.  Submit the Documents

After collecting the documents, the casino has requested, you can submit them via the website or mobile app. There will be a section where you can send your documents to their customer support team.

Alternatively, US casinos usually have an email address to contact their team, where you can forward your KYC documents.

3.  Wait for the Casino Verification

Once the casino has received your documents, they will go through the same process as banks and other financial institutions. A third-party agency likely does the work for them that verifies the information you’ve supplied with what already exists on the system.

This process can take up to a week, and the casino will get back to you once you’ve been verified, or they may request further documentation if there is a red flag. In the former case, you’re ready to start playing and enjoying the games on the site.

Guide to KYC Process US
An example of the KYC process on the site Unibet.


🤔 Do all internet casinos need verification?

Yes, all reputable and legitimate US casinos will require you to be verified. It’s a part of their license requirements.

🔢 Is the KYC in Banking the same as in an Online Casino?

Yes, ultimately, both institutions want to ensure that they eliminate the possibility of financial crimes, fraud, and money laundering. The KYC process is an effective way to prevent these issues.

👀 How do casinos verify my ID?

US casinos use a third-party agency that checks the documents you’ve supplied against the information already on the system.

📋 When signing up, do I always need to complete the KYC process?

Yes, if you wish to withdraw your winnings from a US casino, you must pass the KYC process. However, more casinos are now asking players to send through their documents upon registration to ensure the playing experience is better.

KYC Process - Common Problems

You can fail the KYC process, in which case, your withdrawal from the US casino will be delayed. For example, if your identity document doesn’t match the information you’ve submitted upon registration, it will raise a flag. Casinos may treat this as someone underage and attempting to gamble.

If you fail to send a document such as proof of address, you won’t be verified, as casinos in certain US states require you to be a resident within the state to play on the site.

For this reason, it’s advisable to follow their instructions from the onset and provide all the information they request.

Tips for a Successful KYC Process

If you want to avoid any delays in gambling and hopefully secure any winnings, you should prepare for the KYC process from the start. Before registering at a US casino, you must go through their KYC requirements and the associated regulations.

Consequently, you know what to expect once you sign up. When you know what documents they require, you can organize and prepare them in advance.

When you need to verify your profile, you will have everything ready to send to the casino. Furthermore, if you’re a high roller and winning large amounts, you must expect the casino to ask questions about your source of income.

Following these tips will ensure you pass the KYC process faster and resume your gambling and entertainment instead of unwanted delays.

Pass the US Casino KYC Process with Ease!

Online casinos in the US must adhere to certain regulations to highlight their legitimacy. One of these regulations is the Know Your Customer process, which forms part of their Anti Money Laundering (AML) strategies.

To protect themselves and other players on the site, you must submit documents to prove your identity and address. These requirements may differ depending on which state and casino you’re gambling in.

However, understand their KYC requirements before registering and prepare yourself in advance. As a result, the process will be hassle-free, and you can resume gambling without any administration delays. 

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