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Learn how to find the best online casino in the US, the legal status of online gambling, how to spot fraudulent sites, how to sign up and more. Choose an online casino listed here to ensure you’re in safe hands.

Choose from these top-rated US online casinos

Not all online casinos are created equal. In fact, some of them are out to provide you with a fun and reliable gaming experience while others are out to cheat you. Some online betting sites offer fantastic bonuses while others entice you into depositing more cash than you can afford before letting you know that you won’t be able to withdraw your winnings. In other words, many online casinos are regulated, fun and easy to use whereas others are unlicensed, rigged and out to steal your money.

At, we’ve sifted through all the USA’s online casinos to determine which ones you can feel comfortable with playing for real money and which ones you should avoid at all costs. Unfortunately, you can’t always trust online reviews to find out whether a casino is a safe bet. Many websites pay for fake reviews to climb higher in the search rankings and trick gamers into parting with their hard-earned cash. However, there are plenty of legit sites which allow you to play for fun with confidence and potentially make some money in the process.

We’ve compiled a list of all the online casinos with which you can deposit your money without having to worry about it disappearing into thin air. We’ve reviewed these websites based on a range of criteria, including the games they have available, sign-up bonuses and how quickly you can withdraw your winnings. Choose one of the online casinos listed here at, and you can play without any of the fear or uncertainty associated with gambling online.

FAQs for First-Time Online Casino Players

  1. How do I know if online casino reviews are real?

Many online casinos attempt to establish trust with players by paying for reviews, which you can spot by watching out for certain clues such as: whether most reviews contain similar phrasing and if they were posted within a short timeframe. You may also notice an overuse of personal pronouns such as ‘I’ and ‘my,’ which is a trickster’s way of trying to convince you the review was written by a real human.

  1. Should I download casino software or play straight from my browser?

At JustGamblers we recommend playing straight from your browser because that way, you don’t need to sacrifice any of your hard drive’s storage space. Downloadable software from licenced casinos is perfectly safe to use, but the gaming experience is essential the same as playing straight from your browser.

  1. Can I trust online casinos that only accept one payment method?

We don’t recommend playing at online casinos that online accept one payment method. Online casinos that only accept one form of payment aren’t necessarily illegal, but most regulated gaming sites will allow many payment types, ranging from PayPal to direct debits. Be wary of sites that only accept one payment type – this is often a tell-tale sign they’re not to be trusted.

  1. Are mobile-based casino websites safe?

Again, provided you choose a legitimate online casino, their mobile games should be just as safe to use as their browser-based games – there’s often very little difference between how the two work regarding functionality. Most reputable online casinos offer both options so that you can play on the go as well as when you’re at home.

  1. How do I find out if an online casino is licensed?

It’s a good idea to make sure the online casino you choose is licensed to operate but bear in mind that many companies are located overseas because federal law doesn’t technically prohibit online gambling. However, the laws do vary state by state in the USA. Legal online casinos will display their registration and licensing details clearly on their website, usually in the footer, allowing you to verify whether they can be trusted.

  1. What kind of personal details do online casinos request?

It’s not unusual for legit online casinos to ask for your real name, phone number, address and date of birth when you sign up, and you should be honest about these to make sure they can’t use false information as an excuse not to pay up should you get lucky. However, most websites won’t request sensitive details such as your mother’s maiden name – be wary of such sites as they may be disreputable. You can check out which licences each casino holds by reading our expert reviews.

  1. Can I trust online casinos that offer free welcome bonuses?

Yes! Many online gaming sites entice players to sign up with free bonuses to expand their customer base, meaning it is indeed possible to win real cash without paying a penny. There are usually terms and conditions with regards to free sign-up bonuses. You may be required to play a certain number of spins on the roulette table with your free deposit, or you might need to remain on the blackjack table for a specified length of time – some casinos would go bankrupt by allowing people to make a free bet and withdraw their winnings instantly.

  1. What are the best online casinos for a US player?

Determining which is the best online casino for you all comes down to personal preference. You might prefer the user experience offered by some websites over others, or you might choose an online casino based on how many games they offer or how quickly you can deposit your winnings. If you elect to play with real money on any of the websites listed here at, you can feel confident that you’re in safe hands and that all our reviews are real and made by people who assess a casino’s worth based on a broad range of factors. We have saved you from all the time it would take to manually check this on each casino by clearly listing each casinos licenses on our review pages.

Why Trust for Online Casino Recommendations?

At, our enthusiastic online gamers were playing online casino games long before the internet became inundated with them. We take gaming seriously, which is why we’ve partnered with pretty much all the legitimate gaming websites in the USA to determine where you can feel confident playing either for free or with real cash.

We personally sign up too and play every game available on all the major gaming sites available for US gamers. We become well accustomed to what they offer in terms of accepted payment methods, games available, withdrawal conditions, terms and regulations, licensing requirements, safety, bonus codes, complaints and more. In short, we assess every single aspect of all the legal gaming websites and weed out the ones you can trust from the ones you should avoid.

After we’ve tested all the online gaming platforms available – of which there are hundreds if not thousands – we produce honest, unbiased reviews to help you find the right online casino for you. We don’t work on behalf of any particular gambling or gaming website, meaning you can trust our reviews are fair and based on accurate data. More importantly, we help you home in on the sites that are worth signing up to based on what kind of experience you prefer.

Choose to play free casino games or with real cash with any of the sites listed at, and you can rest assured you won’t be hit with any surprises – unless it’s a cash jackpot.

Play for real money or for free

Playing online casino games can be fun, but there’s no thrill like playing for real money. You don’t have to gamble with thousands of dollars of your hard-earned cash to enjoy the buzz that paying to play offers. Most online casinos offer low-stake games that you can enjoy safely without having to worry about breaking the bank – win or lose.

Remember, online casinos aren’t always just about gambling. There’s a certain level of skill in certain games, such as poker, that can amount to considerable earnings for seasoned players. Again, you don’t have to begin playing games with hundreds of dollars. In fact, you can enjoy a free game with the potential to earn real money thanks to the sign-up bonuses offered by many online casinos.

Best of all, you can find and compare sign-up bonuses here at Moreover, because we’ve partnered with some of the best online casinos in the USA, we can offer exclusive sign-up deals to people who choose a site from our listings.

FAQ: Should I Play for Money or for Free?

  1. Is it safe to play for real money online?

It’s perfectly safe to play with real money when gaming on a legitimate site that uses similar software to protect your cash as the high-street banks – you never worry about transferring cash when online banking, do you? Reputable gaming platforms use highly sophisticated encryption software to protect your sensitive personal information and money out of reach of hackers. Plus, remember your account is password protected.

All our partner online casinos have state-of-the-art encryption software in place to protect you at all times. Just read our reviews, and you’ll find out that none of our gamers has fallen prey to rogue casinos, hackers, sketchy dealings or unfair financial losses.

You might be worried that casinos rig their games to ensure the house always wins, or that people can count cards and win games unfairly. Counting cards is impossible on online casino sites because decks are shuffled after every game, making the illegal skill impossible.

  1. I frequently win free-to-play games – does that mean I’ll likely win a lot of cash games?

You should remember that when people play for free, they’re more likely to make bets that they might not make when playing for real money. Therefore, if you’re leading the scoreboards when playing for free, you might not want to jump straight into high-stake games assuming you’re about to become rich. People who play for money take gaming much more seriously. Start with low-stake games, see how you do, and gradually move up as your skills improve.

We don’t need to tell you that you should gamble responsibly. There’s nothing more exciting than playing a game where you can potentially make some cash, but don’t throw your life savings into a game if doing so could cripple you financially.

  1. When playing for money, is it possible for other players to cheat or count cards?

As alluded to in the question above, counting cards is virtually impossible when playing online. We get asked this question frequently because people worry that the risk of card counting is higher given that there are no security employees monitoring cameras or watching tables. However, counting cards is, in most cases, only possible if decks are shuffled at intervals. Fortunately, almost all online casinos shuffle the cards after every game, whether it’s online blackjack or poker, rendering the practice of counting cards impossible.

Roulette numbers, cards and the appearance of characters on slot machine reels are generated using random number generator software (RNG), meaning you can feel confident nothing is rigged in the casino’s favor.

  1. Where can I play for real money?

You can play in cash games using any of the websites listed here at, all of which have been vetted for fairness, safety, legality, ease of use and more. Some sites only have certain games available. Other websites are purposed for betting on sports or playing slot machine games. Plenty of websites offer almost all the games you’ll find at regular casinos, allowing you to enjoy the experience of a casino from the comfort of your own home or using any device with an internet connection if you choose to play on your mobile device.

Should I Play for Free or Gamble with Real Cash?

Many people question the fairness of random number generator software or algorithms but provided you choose a licensed casino, such as any of those listed on our website, you don’t need to worry about tricks or cheats. Licensed online casinos have their casino game software and RNG algorithms independently tested, ensuring that the outcome of cards during card games, slot reels and roulette numbers are impossible to anticipate. In short, online casino games work in exactly the same way as traditional casinos. Sometimes the house wins, and other times the player wins, but there is no cheating or fraudulent activity involved.

At JustGamblers we always recommend trying out free versions of casino games before putting your money on the line. That way, you can find games you like, get used to the rules, learn how to navigate your chosen casino, and avoid taking risks until you feel comfortable.

Which Casino Games Can You Play Online?

You can now play almost any game online that you’d find in a land-based/brick and mortar casino, which includes card games such as poker and blackjack as well as traditional betting contests like roulette and slots. Craps, pachinko and bingo are also available to play online. You can also bet on just about any sporting contest, which may not come under the remit of casino games but can be equally as thrilling. Keep reading below for more information on the casino games you’ll find on most credible gaming platforms – it’ll help you decide which game is best for you and which website to find it on.

  • Poker Texas Hold’em

This is one variation of the classic card game of poker, and perhaps the most popular, where players bet on the odds of having the best variation of five cards. Each player is dealt two cards, and five cards are added to the table. Out of the total seven cards (the two in the player’s hand and the five on the table), the player must determine whether they have the best combination of five cards or hand. Up to eight players can take part in this game, making it a contest of skill, luck and bluffing. The player with the best hand wins, with the royal flush being the best hand (10, Jack, Queen, King, and Ace of the same suit).

  • Bingo

Nowadays, bingo has become so popular that it can be played in dedicated bingo halls as well as casinos and online. Each player is given a card with a set of numbers, and as numbers are called out randomly, players must mark off the number of their card. The first player to mark off all the numbers in a straight row wins a prize. After that, the player that marks all the numbers in a section of their bingo card wins the ‘full house’ prize, traditionally by calling out ‘Bingo,’ hence the game’s name.

  • Roulette

Roulette is a game of luck above all else, ideally suited to those who love the thrill of gambling. Each player places their chips on a table, which contains the numbers from 0 to 36. The dealer then spins the roulette table to see on which number the ball lands. Because each number is colored either red or blue, you can bet on a particular number, odds or evens, or one specific color. The lower your odds of winning are, the more you stand to gain.

  • Blackjack

Blackjack is another one of the world’s most famous card games, where players must try to get their cards to add up to as close to 21 as possible. Typically, the game is played between the house, or dealer, and a player. The dealer has one card faced up, and one card faced down, allowing you to determine your odds of winning. If you call ‘hit,’ you’ll be given another card. You can also choose to ‘stay’ or ‘stick’ if you think obtaining another card would take your total above 21, making you go bust and lose the round.

  • Craps

Craps is a traditional casino game played with dice, where a player must roll two dice and wager on the outcome. The player throwing the dice is called the shooter; they can either play against the house or other players at the table. There are many different variations of craps, but usually, both dice have to be thrown at the same time and bounce off the back wall of the table. Your winnings depend on where the dice land and what number they total add up to. The rules are relatively complex, making it an ideal game for those who love to play for the luck of the draw.

  • Baccarat

Another card game with many variations is Baccarat, which can now be played on many online casino websites as well as in the large venues found in Las Vegas. It is classified as a comparing card game, where the winning odds are always in favor of the house, though often only by a margin of around one percent. Though the rules can be confusing at first, people soon become familiar with them. Perhaps the strangest aspect about Baccarat is that hands are valued based on the total sum of the rightmost digit. For example, a hand that consists of 2 and 6 is worth 8, but a hand consisting of 7 and 9 has a value of 7 (9+7=16, thus 1+6 =7).

  • Slots

You’ll find rows of slot machines in land-based casinos, and there are now thousands of slot machines you can play online. Most online casinos have hundreds of slot machines, some that are based on land-based versions and others that offer a more immersive sound and visual experience. Many ‘progressive’ online slot games build up huge jackpots, where players have the chance to win millions of dollars. Whether you win when playing slots mainly comes down to luck, but you usually have to make decisions, such as whether to stick to a reel when spinning again or cash out before trying to increase your earnings. If you enjoy sitting for hours playing for money, slot machines will probably provide all the fun and exhilaration you need to fill your spare time.

Many online casinos develop at least some of their games in-house. However, almost all licenced online casinos in the USA source their games from some or all of the following popular developers:

  • NetEnt

NetEnt was established in 1996 and is one of the leading developers of online slot games including Starburst, Master of Mystery, Gonzo’s Quest, and Glow. In total, this developer has created over 200 games for online casinos in the USA.

  • Evolution Gaming

Established in 2006, Evolution Gaming specializes in live casino games. Included in its range of games are Casino Hold’em, Blackjack, Baccarat, and Roulette. Evolution Gaming employs over 900 dealers to give players the impression they’re playing at a real casino.

  • Play’n Go

Play’n Go is a Swedish developer orf slot, table and video poker games. Established in 1997, Play’n Go now has over 50 games in its range, some of the most popular being Pimped, Mystery Joke, Enchanted Meadow, Xmas Joker and Gemix. Play’n Go develops most of its games for responsive platforms, giving players an impressively immersive gaming experience.

  • Microgaming

Microgaming is considered an industry leader, having created over 400 online casino games since its inception over two decades ago. Its games are widely renowned for being user-friendly and straightforward. In addition to its casino tables games, which include baccarat and card games like poker, Microgaming has developed slot games based on movies and video games including Tomb Raider, Batman, and Battlestar Galactica.

  • NYX Interactive

NYX is another Swedish online casino game developer that was established in 2006. It’s broad suite of games includes traditional land-based casino games and a variety of online slot machines, such as Spin Sorceress and Fruit Warp. It also develops Bingo and Lottery games. Though the company mainly develops games for the European market, its popularity is growing in the USA.

  • IGT

International Gaming Technology was established in Las Vegas in 1975, making it one of the longest-established casino game developers based on US soil. IGT games creates traditional casino games and online slot machines, but it’s perhaps best known for its progressive slot machine games. These types of games essentially build a jackpot from millions of players playing the same game, allowing a lucky winner to earn up to millions of dollars in some cases.

  • Yggdrasil

Established in Malta in 2013, Yggdrasil has quickly grown to become a respected developer of video slots. Because it’s a relatively new company, Yggdrasil doesn’t boast a huge number of games, but online casinos in the USA and worldwide are impressed by its use of sophisticated technology and software to create unique gaming experiences. Its most popular games include Vikings, Nirvana, Seasons, and Holmes and Stolen Stones.

  • EGT

Euro Games Technology, better known as EGT, creates games for mobile devices, desktops and land-based casinos. Its most popular games include traditional roulette, slots and video poker.

Online Casinos: Safety, Trust, Legitimacy and Getting Started

Online casinos are on the rise in the USA, but the laws surrounding online gambling vary by state. In reality, online casinos are just as safe as real casinos, provided you sign up to a reputable website. In truth, many online gaming platforms are even better when you consider the bonuses, benefits and flexibility they offer.

You’re as likely to win money online as you are in a typical Las Vegas casino. Of course, you should always gamble responsibly and remember that online casinos are supposed to be a source of excitement and fun. If you play responsibly, gambling online can be exhilarating, and there are several ways to do it. You can play straight from your browser or using your mobile phone. Alternatively, you can download apps either for your desktop or handheld device.

Below, we’ll explain more about the laws surrounding online gambling, both on a federal and state by state level. We’ll also discuss ways to check whether an online platform is safe and trustworthy before delving into some of the fantastic sign-up bonuses on offer. Finally, we’ll tell you exactly how to sign up. By the end of this article, you’ll know which online casino that is right for you.

The Laws Surrounding Online Casinos in the US

The laws concerning online gambling are ambiguous and subject to constant change. However, it’s a multi-billion dollar industry and one that grows year on year. While no federal law prohibits US citizens from gaming on online casinos, local laws vary state by state, and it’s crucial you become accustomed to the regulations in your local area to avoid prosecution (which is extremely rare).

One thing you should know is that most online casinos are based offshore, but that doesn’t mean they’re fraudulent or untrustworthy. The primary reason so many gambling sites are established overseas is because of the ambiguity surrounding online gambling laws by state in the US. However, unclear legal phrasing means that, from a practical standpoint, almost any person in the US can gamble online.

Nevertheless, even though states that outlaw online gambling usually prosecute vendors rather than private individuals, you should familiarize yourself with the rules and regulations in your state just to be on the safe side. In some states, certain forms of online gambling are legal while others are not. In other states, any type of gambling is entirely prohibited.

Currently, states that have legalized online casinos include:

  • Pennsylvania
  • Delaware
  • New Jersey

In the following states, online poker is allowed:

  • Pennsylvania
  • Delaware
  • New Jersey
  • Nevada

FAQs on Online Gambling Laws in the US

  1. Is gambling online legal in the US?

Yes: as mentioned above, there is no federal law prohibiting online gambling, but the laws surrounding online casinos vary by state. For example, online casinos in New Jersey are entirely legal. Currently, New Jersey is the largest market in the US for regulated online gambling.

  1. Can I be prosecuted for gambling online in the US?

The short answer is yes, but you’re very unlikely to be. The targets of most state prosecutors are online casinos themselves rather than individual citizens. Nevertheless, we can’t rule out the possibility that you can indeed technically be prosecuted for gambling online, depending on where you are and what you’re gambling on.

  1. How old do I need to be to play on online casinos?

Age requirements regarding online gambling and gambling itself vary by state, but you usually need to be either 18 or 21. Don’t lie about your age – if you do and hit the jackpot, you’ll need to verify your age with any reputable online casino to claim your winnings. If you lie about your age, you won’t get a payout.

  1. Is there a legal limit on how much I need to deposit to start playing online?

Yes, but this varies by the website you choose rather than where you live. You don’t usually need to invest thousands of dollars to start playing games on online casinos – if you’re requested to deposit a ridiculous amount of cash, you may be on a fraudulent website. In most cases, you can deposit as little as $10 to open an account with an online casino.

  1. Do I need to pay tax on my gambling earnings?

Yes. Generally, any earnings you make from gambling are subject to a flat 25% tax rate. However, rules can differ depending on how much you win and where you are. For example, you may have to pay income tax on earnings over $5,000 from a poker tournament, lottery or sweepstake. Even if you win a non-cash prize, such as a car, you’ll likely have to pay tax based on the market value of your winnings.

  1. Do you need to report gambling winnings?

Yes. This response also relates to the question above. When you complete your tax return, you should report any losses or gains as a result of gambling. You’ll likely be asked for more information if you have reported any gambling income, but you must remember to declare such information to comply with the law.

  1. Is online gambling legal in New Jersey?

Yes. This question is asked frequently due to the famed Atlantic City, which is perhaps the US second capital of gambling behind Las Vegas in Nevada, where online gambling is also permitted. NJ passed its online casino laws in 2013. Since then, many Atlantic City casinos have applied for and obtained permits allowing them to host poker tournaments and casino games online. Some of the most popular NJ-based online casino web platforms include 888 US, Betfair NJ, Borgata Online and Caesars Casino Online. Most of these websites belong to land-based casinos in Atlantic City.

Should I Be Aware of Any Safety and Trust Issues When Gambling Online?

You should be aware that while plenty of real online casinos, even those based offshore are often completely legit and trustworthy, plenty of fraudulent websites exist to cheat players and steal their money. These websites often remain online for a very brief period to avoid capture and prosecution. However, provided you do your homework, you can find plenty of online casinos that play by the rules, treat their players fairly and exist to promote fun and exciting online gaming.

If you’d rather avoid searching endlessly through websites to find out whether they can be trusted, you can select one of the online casinos listed here at Our experts have played, vetted, and tested every online gaming platform listing on our review website. If you don’t want to be cheated out of your hard-earned cash, simply play on any of the gambling sites we’ve reviewed.

How Do I Know Online Casinos Are Safe?

When choosing a virtual casino, you undoubtedly want to know that your personal and financial information is safe and secure. The last thing you want to do is sign up to a rogue casino that will either sell your details or steal your money. So, how do online casinos guarantee your safety?

First, they use complex algorithms that make their games fair. They use random number generator (RNG) algorithms to ensure no player can anticipate what cards or numbers will appear in the next game, whether it’s poker, blackjack or online roulette. In most cases, these algorithms are independently tested by the organization that licenses and regulates the casino. The checks are carried out periodically to ensure no cheating ever occurs.

Besides ensuring you’re safe while playing, the best online casinos go to great lengths to protect your personal and financial information. They use similar software to online banks as well as ensure all accounts are password-protected and encrypted to minimize their vulnerability to hackers. If you want to make sure your sensitive data is as safe as possible, you might want to check that the online casino you choose secures your information and transactions with the latest 265-bit enciphering and SSL encryption technologies.

When you create your account, choose a password that nobody will be able to guess. The most reputable online casinos do everything within their power to protect your data, but you have a responsibility to keep your account safe too.

How Do I Know If an Online Casino is Trustworthy?

Most safe online casinos have an abundance of positive reviews and may have been operating for a long time. They’ll also have their license details clearly stated in their website’s footer and provide detailed information with regards to how they keep your data and money safe. You should also be able to find some contact details – if in doubt, get in touch with them and use your gut to decide whether they’re a scam, but don’t just rely on your instincts to identify a rogue website.

Keep these tips in mind to avoid signing up to a fraudulent casino:

  • Read the reviews: We’ve reviewed all the top gaming sites in the USA. Choose a site that’s listed here, and you have no reason to worry.
  • Don’t trust websites that ask for too much information: If you feel uncomfortable with the information you’re being asked for, you’re probably best off leaving the site alone.
  • Deposit options: Most of the leading websites offer various methods to deposit your money. PayPal, in general, is very selective with who it does business with, so if PayPal is an option, that’s a good sign.
  • Don’t believe claims that are too good to be true: Avoid websites that make bold statements or quote people as having won ridiculous amounts of cash from small bets. They’re just trying to tempt you to sign up and give up your hard-earned money.

Remember – all the online casinos listed here at JustGamblers are legal. If you want to remove the hassle from finding a trustworthy casino, choose one of our partners.

How to Sign Up to an Online Casino

Decided you want to sign up to an online casino as a US player? Here’s a step by step guide on how to do it:

  1. Choose your casino

Decide which casino is right for by considering the following factors at a minimum:

  • Transfer/deposit methods: Make sure your preferred payment method is accepted by the casino, whether you want to limit your spending with a prepaid card, earn cashback with a credit card or protect your transfers.
  • Check wagering requirements: Many casinos, especially if you’re choosing one that’s based off-shore, don’t accept all currencies, so make sure they let you bet with US dollars. If they don’t take dollars, check whether they’ll convert another currency at a fair rate.
  • Licenses: As mentioned above, always make sure the online casino you choose is licensed and regulated by a real governing authority.
  1. Sign up details:

It’s entirely normal to be asked for some personal information when signing up to an online casino. This data is to make sure you’re a real person, validate your age and ensure you have the right to gamble.

You can expect to be asked for the following information when signing up:

  • Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Sex
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address
  • Username
  • Full Address
  • Password
  • Security Question (e.g. first pet’s name)
  • Betting Currency
  1. Choose your sign up options

It’s highly likely that your online casino of choice, no matter how trustworthy, is going to want to add you to some form of email subscription list for advertising purposes. Don’t let this put you off signing up – it’s a regular part of the procedure, and most online casinos do it. You may be asked whether you want to opt-in for emails such as:

  • Newsletters, which may periodically contain special offers
  • How you may be contacted (can the casino call you, text you or only email you?)
  • Deposit limits (reputable online casinos, of course, want to make a profit, but they also don’t want to bankrupt you, meaning they may take measures to ensure you don’t overspend)
  • Promotional codes
  1. Deposit process

You’ll need to transfer money into your online casino account before you can take part in cash games. To do this:

  • Head to the Deposit tab
  • Choose your preferred payment option
  • Provide your account details
  • Select your amount
  • Confirm
  1. ID Validation

In most cases, you’ll be able to start playing for real money as soon as your first deposit has cleared, but there’ll be limits on how much you can bet and withdraw until you’ve confirmed your identity. You may be asked to send scanned documents that prove your address, age and identity. These documents may include your driving license, a bank statement, a utility bill, passport, or a combination of all.

After you’ve followed the steps above, made a deposit and proved who you are, your account should be functional, and you’ll be able to play and enjoy online casino games as and when you like.

What’s the Best Way to Play Online

  • Browser

If you choose to play online using a browser, you won’t have to download anything, which helps you save space on your hard drive. Plus, you can play in real-time with real players or against the computer.Many casinos offer ‘live tables,’ enabling you to take a seat at a real table in a land-based casino. If tables are full, you can bet on other people’s hands.

  • Download

At JustGamblers, we don’t believe there’s any real benefit of downloading online casino software. All it does is take up storage space on your computer without offering a better gaming experience. Plus, you’ll need to update your software periodically to eliminate threats and fix software bugs. If you simply play straight from a browser, all this is handled without you having to worry about anything. Some people believe it’s safer to play with downloaded software, but there isn’t much evidence to prove this.

  • Application

If you want to play online casino games on the go using your tablet or mobile device, you might want to download the app just to make things simpler. It’s usually much easier to sign into your online casino using an app, and there’s no need to type in a URL using a small keyboard. Most apps appear, feel and work exactly the same as the mobile-browser-based version of the online casino.

All You Need to Know about Online Casino Transactions

If you’re playing online for real money, you need to familiarize yourself with how transactions work; i.e. how you deposit your money to gamble in the first place and how you withdraw your winnings. Some platforms may allow you to draw your winnings at any time. Others may require that you earn a certain amount before you can make a withdrawal, but it’s usually a few bucks rather than hundreds of dollars.

You also need to consider how you want to deposit your money. Many people want to deposit their cash with their credit card for insurance reasons while others feel safer using PayPal, which is usually careful with who it works with (if your online casino accepts PayPal transactions, it’s a good indicator they’re trustworthy). Here’s everything you need to know regarding online casino transactions.

This is How you Deposit Money at a US Online Casino

  1. Create an account
  2. Set up your username and password
  3. Click on the ‘cashier’ tab
  4. Enter your payment details
  5. Decide how much cash you want to deposit
  6. Click submit
  7. Choose your game

In a brick and mortar casino, you exchange your cash for chips and vice versa, but the same doesn’t apply to the online world of gambling. Fortunately, depositing money into your account is usually straightforward if you choose a licensed online casino. First, you’ll need to log into your account, assuming you’ve made one (if you haven’t, refer to the sections above). Then, you’ll need to follow the steps provided by your chosen online casino, but they’re usually similar.

This is How You Check How Much Money You Have and Add More

In most cases, once you’ve accessed your account, you’ll be able to see some form of ‘cashier’ tab or option either on your profile page or on the main menu. Depositing money is as simple as clicking on that tab, selecting how much you want to deposit, choosing your preferred payment option and clicking enter or confirm. Provided there are no problems with your chosen payment method; the money will appear in your account instantly, allowing you to start playing in cash games immediately.

Why You Shouldn’t Attempt to Play Illegally

You should be aware that in the USA, some card providers will block transactions to online gambling sites even though most US online gaming sites will gladly accept card payments. If you live in a state where online gambling is perfectly legal, you shouldn’t have any problems depositing cash with your debit or credit card. The most widely accepted cards are:

  • MasterCard
  • Visa
  • American Express
  • Diners Club cards

You may experience difficulties trying to deposit your hard-earned dollars with American Express and Diners Club cards, depending on which online casino you choose.

How to Withdraw Cash from US Online Casinos

  1. Log into your online casino account
  2. Head to the ‘cashier’ tab
  3. Scroll down to or click on the withdraw button
  4. Select the amount you wish to withdraw
  5. Choose the account you wish to withdraw to
  6. Click submit
  7. Wait for your cash to arrive

How you withdraw cash from an online casino depends on the company and its regulations. Sometimes, you might only be able to make a withdrawal at specified intervals, such as once a week. Other casinos may offer instant cash payouts, provided you win a particular amount. Naturally, before you can request a withdrawal, you’ll need to win some money. Then, you’ll need to request a withdrawal by signing into your account. To do this, navigate to the cashier page or equivalent. Some casinos may call it a bursar’s page.

Withdrawal Methods, Timeframes and Other Considerations

Next, you’ll need to select your withdrawal method, of which there are many available. The most popular withdrawal methods in the USA are discussed below. Finally, decide how much money you want to withdraw, click confirm and then wait for your cash to arrive. Your online casino will provide you with an ETA, which will vary depending on your withdrawal method. Your casino will likely go through a verification process before it dishes out your earnings.

Most Common Payment Methods for US Online Casinos

If you win a poker tournament or get on a lucky streak on the online slots, you’ll undoubtedly want to withdraw your cash as soon as possible, unless you intend to keep betting to boost your earnings. In the USA, withdrawal methods range from check payments to PayPal transfers and bitcoin payments to wire transfers, but you can usually withdraw your earnings straight into your bank account using the credit or debit card selected when you signed up.

Here are your withdrawal options that are specific to the US:

  • Automated Clearing House (ACH) Transfer: ACH is convenient and secure for online bank transfers, and almost all US online casinos will accept it To withdraw cash using this method, you’ll likely have to use ACH to deposit your money in the first place.
  • Bank Draft: As discussed above, most online casinos will deposit your earnings straight into your bank account, but at a substantial fee in many cases. It’s still a secure way to claim your winnings.
  • PayPal: Is beneficial because it’s secure, instant and easy. Just remember that PayPal has been known to withhold payments if it believes they were obtained illegally.
  • Check by mail: It may seem a little old-fashioned, but some casinos will send you a check either by courier or post. Fees and payout times may apply.
  • Bitcoin: Many people like to withdraw their earnings using bitcoin because of its anonymity.

Remember that, though not always, the more withdrawal methods a casino offers, the more trustworthy it’s likely to beWe recommend choosing a casino that offers a broad range of deposit and withdrawal methods. It’s not easy for an online casino to get accepted for payment methods because they have to go through rigorous compliance checks and tests. For that reason, the more payment and withdrawal methods a casino offers, the more confidence you can place in its trustworthiness.

You Need to Know This about Bonuses Before Signing Up

One of the most significant benefits of online casinos compared to their land-based counterparts is the number of bonuses they offer. Offers are continually popping up for both new and existing members. Perhaps the most common bonuses are welcome bonuses, which naturally exist to encourage people to sign up. However, some casinos will match your deposit by 100%, essentially meaning if you sign up and deposit $100, you’ll be able to play with $200. Some online casinos even offer no-deposit bonuses, allowing you to win real money without having to risk a cent. It may sound too good to be true, but these offers are often genuine.

Other common bonuses include:

  • Reload and monthly bonuses: These are offered to members to reward them for their loyalty.
  • High-roller and VIP bonuses: People who enjoy playing with significant sums of cash regularly receive offers for discounted or even free holidays (often to a location within proximity to their land-based casino),
  • Refer a friend bonus: Get somebody else involved, and your online casino might give you some benefit.

What You as a US Player Should Do Next

How to Start Playing Online Casino Games
  1. Read our game guides to find the right online casino game for you
  2. Try out a range of casino games in our games lobby
  3. Check out our online casino reviews
  4. Create an account with your favourite online casino
  5. Play some free games to get the hang of your preferred online casino
  6. When you feel ready, start playing with real cash
The Boom of Online Casinos in the USA

The online gaming industry is booming the world over, and the USA is no exception. It’s already estimated to be valued at over $200 billion, and it’s not surprising given the flexibility, ease and convenience that it offers when compared to land-based casino gambling. Most online casinos have mobile platforms that allow you to play anywhere, in real time, and at any time, whether you’re at home, taking a break at work or stuck on public transport with nothing better to do than prove your poker skills.

Land-Based Casinos vs Online Casinos in the USA

There are also other benefits to online gaming besides convenience, namely the payment methods available and bonuses on offer. You don’t need to exchange your cash for chips and find a seat at a table. You can just deposit your money online using your preferred payment method and join a game within seconds. Best of all, you can either gamble with cents just for the hell of it or tens of dollars to win big.

Our Final Thoughts for US Online Casino Players

Remember, there are plenty of reputable online casinos that provide you with the opportunity to enjoy the excitement of playing for real money. Plus, if you don’t feel comfortable playing for cash, you can try some free games first. Always do your homework to make sure you can trust the online casino you choose and make sure you’re aware of the laws surrounding online gambling in your state to avoid prosecution. If you want to make choosing a reputable, honest and well-reviewed online casino straightforward, select one from the listings here at If you want to learn more about us, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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