New Online Casinos USA 2024

More states are legalizing online casino gambling across the USA. As a result, we've witnessed an increase in the number of new online USA casinos popping up in the states that have legalized them. Since they're all competing for your registration, we'll provide you with all the details you need to select the ideal new casino.

What type of new casino sites we list

We only list legal sites that have a license that regulates their operations. You can be confident in logging into any of these sites we've explored since no off-shore casinos make our list. If you're ready to explore the best new online casinos, read through the rest of our list.

New Online Casinos State by State

In 2013, USA players could only gamble online in Delaware and New Jersey. Recent developments have led to new online platforms becoming available in more states across America.

The states where you can gamble legally at a brand new online casino include:  

  • New Jersey
  • Pennsylvania
  • Michigan
  • West Virginia
  • Connecticut

We'll go through each brand new online casino in the United States, looking into their start date and what they currently have on offer for players in the respective states.

New Online Casinos in New Jersey

New Jersey has witnessed a boom in brand new online casinos. Below, you'll find the latest three and what they have to offer. You can also use the link to visit the new casino site. Additionally read our full guide to New Jersey online casinos here.

NameLaunchedWelcome bonusURL
bet3652019100% Welcome Bonus up to $
BetAmerica201924 Hour Risk-Free Play up to $
Unibet2019Sign up for a completely free $10 Casino bonus and a 100% Casino deposit bonus up to $
Table with newly launched online casinos in NJ. (1)

New Online Casinos in Pennsylvania

With new online casinos coming up all the time, we've listed the newest ones in Pennsylvania. 

NameLaunchedWelcome bonusURL
Borgata Casino2021100% Welcome Bonus up to $1000 + $20 in Free
Stardust2021Play Your First Day Risk-Free Up To $1,
BetMGM2020100% Welcome Bonus up to $1000 + $25 in Free
Table with newly launched online casinos in PA. (2)

New Online Casinos in Michigan

These are the latest online casinos that are available in Michigan. 

NameLaunchedWelcome bonusURL
BetMGM2021100% Welcome Bonus up to $1000 + $25 in Free
Caesars2021100% Deposit Match up to $2,000
WynnBet2021100% Deposit Match Up To $1,000
Table with newly launched online casinos in MI. (3)

New Online Casinos in West Virginia

We've listed some of the online casinos that you can access in West Virginia.

NameLaunchedWelcome bonusURL
DraftKings2020100% Welcome Bonus up to $2,000 + $50 in Site
BetMGM2020100% Deposit match up to $2,500 plus $50 Freeplay and 50 Free
BetRivers2021Deposit Match up to $
Table with newly launched online casinos in WV. (4)

New Online Casinos in Connecticut

These are the newest online casinos you'll find in Connecticut.

NameLaunchedWelcome bonusURL
Mohegan Sun CT Online Casino2021Bet $10 Get $25 App Credit + a Chance to Win 55" Smart
FanDuel Casino2021Play Risk-free up to $1,000 on first 24
DraftKings Casino2021Free Play + 100% Deposit
Table with newly launched online casinos in CT. (5)

FAQ About New Casinos Launching in the US

#️⃣ How many new casinos are launched legally every month in the USA?

It largely depends on which state you're in, as some states have had online casinos for a while now, so you can expect about 2 or 3 new casinos every year. Meanwhile, in a state like Pennsylvania, there's often a flurry of new casino websites that pop up annually.

®️ How do I know that a new online casino is licensed in my state?

All new online casinos have to display the source of their license on the site. Also, you can trust us to review and feature new online casino websites that have checked the licensing box.

🇺🇸 What is the newest online casino launched in the USA for 2024?

New casino websites are always popping up in various states as they begin to allow online gambling. A host of new casinos are yet to go live in certain states, but from our data, the newest online casino is BetMGM. They are constantly going live in more markets.

🔍 How do I find the latest launched new online casino in America?

We provide a list of the newest online casinos available in the country, per state. Simply filter the state that you're in, and you'll have access to a list of brand new online casinos. Remember that our team thoroughly checks each casino site along with their credentials. Our gambling experts will test the brand-new games and give you a detailed report.

🔔 How can I be alerted when a new casino is launched?

You can follow our page and always check for content regarding brand-new casinos around you. We will keep you updated on this page.

Best Takeaways From Our New Online Casino Guide!

With so many new internet casinos available, it can be difficult identifying the most suitable for your playing style. By following our guide, this is what you can take away.

  1. Find a wide range of freshly designed, modernized online casinos that are legal in your state. We list the new casino websites you can access by filtering the state you're residing in. As a result, you remain legal and within the law.
  2. You can browse the various casino sites to explore what bonuses they have on offer. New casinos tend to be extremely generous with their welcome bonuses to attract players like you. Thankfully, we've done the work and explained which bonuses are offered at different casinos.
  3. Through this guide, you can click on the relevant link to explore our in-depth review of a new casino site. Here, you'll find intricate details about the casinos, including what new games they're offering.
  4. Apart from finding new casinos online that are legal and suitable for players from North America, you'll learn how to decipher between good and bad new casino sites. Our experts will tell you what you should look for in a legal new casino site.
  5. When you frequently visit our page, you'll be up-to-date with a list of recently-released and newly licensed online casinos.

What We Consider to be a "New" Casino in the USA

As experts in gambling, we're always looking out for brand new casinos that are accepting USA players. Sometimes you may have a reputable casino brand that has been in the world for a while, but it's brand new casino in your state. We regard these as brand new online casinos.

Just received a licence approval

Our team is constantly monitoring state licensing websites as we check for published news of a newly licensed casino within the relevant states on a weekly basis. As a result, you receive information that is true and current.

It's no secret that the online gaming industry is evolving by the day as casinos are offering their new customers unique experiences. Most new casinos offer popular payment methods in the United States and comprise innovative new games.

Our job is to keep tabs on those innovative and untried sites, review them, and compile them in a handy list that you can use for ease of reference. Since more states are opening themselves to online gambling, the time it takes for new online casinos to become available to players is becoming shorter.

As such, we now stay on top of new-fashioned casino sites and update our brand new online casinos USA list regularly.

Why You Should Consider Joining a New US Casino Site

Even though you may have a favorite online casino in the United States, over time, it will become boring and take away from the fun you're meant to have. When you consider the fact that the online gambling world is always changing, you don't want to lose out on innovative technological advancements by sticking to one casino.

Bear in mind that the United States has strict regulations for online casinos to follow, so you're safe to register for new accounts and test out the brand new sites. If you're still doubting signing up for a playing account at your best new online casino, consider these benefits:

  • You get to play the newest games with ultra cool graphics and animations.
  • New casino sites will do everything they can to be competitive, including offering more variety in terms of betting options.
  • The bonuses and promotions at each new casino differ, and you can capitalize on these offers.
  • Brand new online casino platforms won't risk a negative reputation of a poor payout history, so you can be confident of receiving more payouts during the first few days of a new casino's lifecycle.
  • You may access better odds at newer online casinos if you're leaning toward sports betting since they want to attract a new audience.

Look Out for These Things When Joining a New Online Casino

Signing up to gamble in a new online casino is an exciting prospect, but you should do your due diligence before blindly depositing your hard-earned dollars into what may become a black hole.

Thankfully, you have our reviews and in-depth reports on new USA online casinos. However, here are some points to always keep in mind when you're about to register a brand new online account.

Casinos must have a license from a reputable regulator. Without this, they could easily defraud you, so pay attention to whether or not the site displays its license issuer.

When a casino possesses this, it means they ensure fair and secure play at all times.

Welcome Bonuses 

Since there have been so many online casinos popping up across the country, they need to remain competitive to attract players like you. You will find enticing welcome bonuses in the form of deposit matches, free playing cash, and free spins.

Before you register, though, examine the terms and conditions of the bonus to ensure they aren't unattainable and impractical.

How You Can Avoid Bad New Casinos

While there are a plethora of legitimate US online casinos that have become available, there are also those that try to defraud players by tricking them into spending their dollars. However, you can avoid falling into these traps by following a few steps.

  • Never sign up for an account at a new casino if they don't possess proper licenses.
  • Ask your friends and family if they've come across this newfangled site. If they haven't, approach the casino with caution.

Furthermore, take time to read our in-depth reviews of both old and new casinos. Our team invests time to thoroughly test the website and ensure that we give it an honest rating so you can confidently register for a new casino site to play new games. As a result, you'll never fall prey to cyber criminals.

The newest online casinos will always adopt the latest technologies to create an attractive package for gamblers. Software developers also play a part in taking an online casino to the next level.

As time progresses, the gambling audience includes young people who are becoming legal gamblers. Since they are born into a technological generation, they seek a novel option for online casinos. These are some trends we could be witnessing shortly regarding newer online casinos in the USA for real money.

Crash Gambling 

Unlike traditional casino games, crash gambling is pretty simple. Players must place their bets and then risk when to cash in. The game features a multiplier that starts at 1x your bet and slowly increases. Sometimes, this figure can increase to more than 100, in which case, you can win your wager times the multiplier.

However, the game can crash at any time, which means the player can lose the bet within a second.

Some of the most popular crash gambling games are jetx and aviator.

Instant Games 

These games will give players the immediate thrill that they seek. Instead of waiting for a sports event to complete or spinning the video slots until you get a winning combination, instant games provide excellent odds and payouts but without the wait. 

Payment Methods 

We've already started to see newer online casinos gravitate towards modern payment methods. E-wallets and EFTs have become the standard methods for depositing and withdrawing money from your online casino account.

However, with the inclusion of cryptocurrency, some newer casinos have already moved into the next step of their evolution.

New US Casino Bonuses, Free Spins, and Promotions

As a seasoned online gambler, you should be aware that new casino sites must tempt new players with different types of bonuses and promotions. The bonuses will vary per online casino, but some are more common than others.

The deposit match is a common thread for new players. The new casino simply matches your first deposit as a registered player. Sometimes those percentages may differ.

Although they're few and far between, some new casinos will give new players free cash to gamble or place wagers.

Alternatively, the more reputable online casinos will offer new players some free spins on their popular video slots.

New US States Likely to Legalize Online Casinos

The online casino industry is expanding across the United States of America. More states are legalizing online casino gaming, which results in the establishment of more online casinos. For some reason, the states on the east coast of the country have embraced online casinos faster than the west side.

This trend is on the up as New York, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Illinois, Indiana, and Louisiana have already introduced bills which means they're soon to legalize online gambling including casino.

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