Why Does My Casino Withdrawal Take So Long?

Casino players rarely get the chance to feel the euphoria of winning money while gambling. So, if you do win, you immediately want to withdraw and enjoy your winnings. However, the withdrawal process can be prolonged for various reasons, which is frustrating. We’ll offer you greater insight on how to address long withdrawals.
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Common Reasons for Withdrawal Delays

Why withdrawals can take so long

Lady luck has been in your corner, and it’s time to pay the piper, except the piper isn’t being paid fast enough. Casino players around the world feel the same way. Unfortunately, when it comes to withdrawals, online casinos will take a while to process your request.

We’ll take you through the common reasons for these withdrawal delays, and you can find out what to do if a casino refuses to pay out your money

Players in New Jersey for example should also note that you may not receive all the money reflected in your casino account. Discover more about your casino winnings being taxed in the state of New Jersey.

Reason #1: Verification Processes

While online casinos are fun, some dangerous people use them for money laundering and other criminal activities. Casinos and their regulators enforce the Know Your Customer (KYC) process to ensure that every player’s identity is known.

However, before they can release a withdrawal to a player, they must ensure that it’s the correct person. The KYC process involves players submitting personal documents to the casino to verify their identity.

If you’ve submitted a withdrawal request but haven’t completed the KYC steps, you inevitably delay a union with your money. Reaching out to the customer support team immediately after registration is advisable to get the KYC requirements out of the way. Once verified, you can freely request withdrawals from the site.

Reason #2: Payment Method Processing Times

Casinos offer multiple payment methods that make transacting simple. You can deposit money into your casino account within minutes, but a withdrawal will take longer. Find out how to deposit money into the casino account if you’ve never done so before. The casino must carry out the necessary checks before they release funds from their account.

However, your payment method significantly influences how quickly or slowly you will receive your money. For example, withdrawals are generally faster if you use online or e-wallets than if you decide to use bank transfers.

Because some methods need to go through checks from the payment facilitator, the money takes longer to reflect in your account. For this reason, most players opt for an e-wallet, which is generally the fastest way to get your winnings.

Withdrawal MethodAverage Processing Time
Bank TransfersUp to 5 days
e-WalletsBetween 2 to 48 hours
Credit CardsUp to 5 days
Table on the average processing time for each payment method. 

Reason #3: Technical and Administrative Factors

Apart from the KYC process needing completion and the payment method affecting your withdrawal time, other issues can have the same impact. Failure to meet the wagering requirements of your bonus or requesting an amount below or above the minimum and maximum withdrawal limits will delay your payment.

Suppose you’ve exceeded the maximum bet limit on a particular game or breached the terms and conditions of the site. In that case, the casino will delay your withdrawal request and investigate further. However, players can reach out to customer support, who will provide them with real-time updates on the status of their withdrawal request.

Some casinos apply a pending period to a transaction, especially between withdrawals. During this pending time, the casino conducts the necessary checks to ensure everything is in order and above board.

What is the Standard Withdrawal Time?

Reputable, licensed casinos must maintain their positive reputation and won’t delay withdrawals without reason. These sites usually offer a withdrawal processing time of anything between 24 to 48 hours.

If you’re unsure about the casino, use our guide to safe casino sites across the US. Casinos in the US get licenses from specific regulatory bodies, and you can find out the steps to take to verify their US licenses.

Real User Experiences from Slow Withdrawals

US players have experienced delays with their withdrawals at various casinos. If it happens to you, you should understand that the casino isn’t picking on you but merely following their processes. These are real-world experiences from some players around the country.

User experience slow withdrawal
Comments found on quora.com regarding user experiences slow withdrawals.

How to Address and Expedite Withdrawal Delays?

When you find that your withdrawal is taking forever, your first point of action should be reaching out to the casino’s customer support. It’s likely the staff can give you an answer regarding the delay with your withdrawal.

The information you’ve submitted to the casino in your KYC process must be current and correct. Even the slightest mistake in the spelling of your name or an omission of a number can cause delays with withdrawals. The details for your payment method must also be correct, so double-check the data before submitting the withdrawal for processing.

We suggest getting the KYC process out of the way when you create your casino account. As a result, you can enjoy your experience at the casino without needing to sort out the administrative part of gambling. We also have a guide that explains how to create your casino account.

FAQs for Withdrawal Delays in Online Casinos

💸 Is there a way to speed up my casino withdrawal?

Sort out your verification documents before requesting a withdrawal. It will help with the entire process, but you may have to wait, depending on external factors.

👩‍💻 Will contacting customer support help speed up my withdrawal?

Not necessarily. Sometimes, the matter is out of their hands and lies with your bank or payment provider. However, it should be your first step to discovering why there is a delay.

❓ Do any withdrawal limits affect how I receive my funds?

Yes, casinos have daily, weekly, and monthly withdrawal limits. If you exceed any of these, you won’t be allowed to request a withdrawal until the time is over. For this reason, you must read the site’s terms and conditions thoroughly before signing up.

🤔 Should I be worried if my withdrawal is taking longer than the casino’s advertised time?

No, remember that the casino informs you of how long their staff takes to process your withdrawal. The money still has to pass through your bank or service provider, who usually have their processing times.

Choose the Right Casino for Faster Withdrawals!

Evaluating the online casino before you sign up for an account is essential. Not all of them are equal and vary in their withdrawal processing times. Reputable casinos will do their best to get your money quickly. Regarding your payment methods, opting for e-wallets such as PayPal or Interac is best.

Additionally, read our expert reviews and others from gamblers in the country. Always read the terms and conditions, especially on the casino’s payments page, before creating an account.

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