JustRatings™ — Unbiased Rating System

JustRatings™ is a granular rating system developed by the JustGambers expert review board as part of our rating methodologies. The ratings give casino players and bettors a better understanding of what to expect from an online gambling brand based on our experience and knowledge.
Patrik Lidin
Expert: Principal Writer and Editor / Head of Content
Experience: Sports Trader, Market Maker, Product Owner Sportsbook, Professional Gambler, Poker Player

The Purpose of JustRatings™

✅ Point of Reference

Readers can use JustRatings™ as a reference point when choosing their next online casino and sportsbook in the United States. The rating system encompasses all our rating criteria, boiled down to one overall rating—a convenient reference point. The ratings are available in list overviews and each online casino and sportsbook review.

✅ Accurate and Consistent Ratings

Our rating framework and underlying rating methodologies establish clear and aligned operational procedures for each test person and reviewer. JustRatings™ ensures that all ratings are consistent regardless of who is doing the tests, reviews, and ratings. Continuous recalibration periodically allows us to provide up-to-date and accurate scores, even if the first version of a brand review was made and published two years prior. 

✅ Transparent and In-depth Framework

While the primary score of the JustGamblers rating system is the overall score, the underlying criteria are scored on the same 1-5 star rating scale. This provides readers with an in-depth overview of the specifics of an online gambling brand. For example, two online sportsbooks might have the same 4.5 overall rating, but the underlying scores differ. This means that one brand might have a higher rating for bonuses. In other words, if you’re particularly interested in getting the best sportsbook promotions, you should consider the 4.5-rated sportsbook with a higher bonus rating, even though the overall rating is the same.

All Criteria, One Rating — JustRatings™

To appoint an online casino or sportsbook rating, JustGamblers goes through a myriad of criteria outlined in our rating methodologies, including:

  • Responsible Gambling: Responsible gambling information, education, and access to self-exclusion programs and RG tooling.
  • Safety: Licensing, compliance, and IT & operational security.
  • Trust and Reputation: Company and ownership, public opinion, footprint, and partnerships.
  • Usability: Usefulness, ease of use, accessibility, and transparency.
  • Bonuses: Eligibility requirements, cash value, and transparency.
  • Payments: Number of payment providers, withdrawal times, transaction limits, transparency, overall costs, deposit timings and procedures.
  • Technology: Performance and usability.
  • Mobile Gaming: Native app technologies, mobile adaptability, UI and UX.
  • Customer Care: Availability, communication channels, and help center range.

Along with specifics around each online gambling vertical, such as:

Online Casinos

  • Casino game offering.
  • Game providers.
  • RTP and Volatility.

Online Sportsbooks

  • Odds Quality.
  • Betting Markets.
  • Live Betting.
  • Betting Features.
  • Sports and League Coverage.
  • Sports Betting Providers.

Online Sweepstakes (Social casinos)

  • Casino game offering.
  • Game providers.
  • RTP and Volatility.

Recalibrations to Ensure Accuracy

Online sportsbooks and casino brands tend to evolve over time, and a review conducted at one point in time may be outdated or inaccurate later. For this reason, we periodically recalibrate JustRatings™ for each brand to ensure relevance and accuracy.

  • We continuously monitor newsfeeds and updates from the industry, specifically tracking changes in ownership or operating licenses. These changes can significantly impact the ratings and require a recalibration, ensuring the accuracy and reliability of our ratings.
  • We also keep a close eye on newsfeeds and updates from the gambling operator. In the event of changes to products and services, we promptly update our reviews and ratings to reflect these changes. This ensures that our ratings are always up-to-date and relevant.
  • Our team regularly monitors bonuses and promotions offered by the gambling sites we review. As soon as we detect any changes, we update the information in our reviews and ratings. This ensures that our readers always have the most accurate and current information about these offerings.
  • Every six months, we conduct an extensive new analysis of the gambling site to assess whether any changes occurred that should be reflected in JustRatings™—any significant updates in product offerings, features, or other factors that could potentially impact our ratings. This ensures that our ratings always reflect the current state of the gambling site.

Do You Have Any Questions or Concerns?

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