How To Verify a US Online Casino State License

It’s crucial to verify the license for the online casino you wish to register an account for gambling. In this article, we’ll take you through everything you need to do to ensure you aren’t a victim of a scam casino.

Steps to Verify an Online Casino’s US State License

When you come across a new online casino, you must first investigate its legitimacy by checking for its operating license. You can follow these steps to learn more about the online casino’s license. 

How to Verify Us State License

1.   Determine which state the online casino is licensed in

Casinos in different US states operate under licenses from different regulatory bodies. You will find this information at the bottom of their homepage. Usually, there’s the official logo of the gaming authority that declares the site’s legitimacy. Casinos will also display their license number on the page's footer to quell any fears you may have of being scammed.

Additionally, you can explore the terms and conditions of the casino, which should provide their licensing information. If this fails, you can contact the casino’s customer support to determine which gambling authority has licensed that particular site.

However, before signing up for an online casino account, you can peruse our casino reviews based on real-life experiences on the site. We have experts who thoroughly test each online casino and provide US players with the required information.

2.   Find the regulatory body responsible for issuing licenses in that state

Casinos usually display the regulator’s logo or information at the foot of their homepage. You can click on this to take you directly to their site. The absence of an official logo should raise red flags immediately.

3.   Check the regulatory body’s website for the list of licensed online casinos

You’ll find the licenser’s details at the bottom of the casino’s homepage if the casino is legitimate. Clicking on the link will take you directly to the site. However, some fraudsters have evolved to a point where they can replicate the logos and links to fake sites.

Be wary of this and instead search for the commission’s official site. Look at the actual link and note whether your browser indicates the site is secure. Typically, a secure, legit site will have a symbol of a lock or the word ‘secure’ next to the URL.

For example New Jersey is regulated by “DGE” you will find their official logo on this page.

The official NJ DGE site is:

On these sites, you will come across a list of licensees (the casinos) or their parent companies. Bear in mind that the casino name may not always feature since the commission issues the license to an operating company.

4.   Find the License Number

Every licensed casino must have a license number given to them by the regulatory authority. It should be displayed on the homepage or in the terms and conditions. Use the number to cross-check it with the information on the relevant commission’s website.

As a result, you can be confident that the site has the legal backing to operate, so you’re free to register an account without any trepidation.

Understanding US Online Casino Licensing

Online casinos in the US are still in tricky territories as not all states have legalized online gambling. Having said that, more states are embracing the trend and allowing online casinos to operate.

The regulatory bodies in each state are different. For example, the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement is responsible for issuing licenses to online casinos within the Garden State. Additionally, the California Gambling Control Commission does the same in California. 

These organizations will have different requirements from casinos for their operating licenses.

Types of licenses issued by the US States

Various types of licenses exist that states will issue to online casinos, and they may differ.

  • Operator License - When there’s an organization that wants to establish an online casino in New Jersey or other states in the US, it must apply for this license to operate legally.
  • Gaming Supplier License - In New Jersey, all companies doing business with a casino must have this license to ensure they meet statutory requirements of good character, honesty, and integrity to prevent organized crime.
  • Online Sports Betting License - Some online casinos may include the option of sports betting. In this case, the operator must obtain a specific license that allows them to provide this type of service.

Regulatory bodies responsible for licensing online casinos in the US

Each state in the US has a governing body for online gambling. While the Federal Government permits online gambling, they’ve left it in the hands of each state to regulate. These are the regulators you should know about. 

New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement

Otherwise known as the NJDGE, it allows all forms of online gambling except for betting on collegiate sports. 

Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board

This state watchdog enforces a strict set of rules in Pennsylvania where you can wager on sports, poker, horse racing, bingo, and casino games. 

Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission

This body oversees sports betting, racetrack betting, and fantasy sports wagering. They’re responsible for the integrity of licensed operators and players. 

Colorado Gaming Control Commission and Colorado Gaming Division 

These two bodies are watchdogs over gambling in Colorado. They do have tight rules for US players regarding online gambling. Casino games, online poker, and sports betting are legal in the state. 

Tips for Identifying Fake or Fraudulent Online Casino Licenses

If you don’t want to be a victim of fraudsters, you should follow these tips to determine which casinos are legitimate and which sites to stay away from.

  • Check out our in-depth reviews that provide licensing information for every legal online casino in the US.
  • When you visit a casino site, always look for the regulatory body’s official logo.
  • Alternatively, search the terms and conditions for the licensing information.
  • Click on the link to visit the regulator’s site.
  • Explore the site to find the casino's name or the operator responsible for the license. 

FAQs on How to Verify the Online Casino US State License

❓ Why is verifying an online casino's US state license important?

To avoid being defrauded by a fake casino run by cyber criminals who want to scam you out of your dollars.

📋 What information should I verify on the online casino's license information?

The license number that you will find on the casino’s site should match the information that the regulator will display on their site.

⚠️ How can I report a fake or fraudulent online casino license?

You can reach out to the relevant gambling authority.

🤔 How do I know if a casino uses another casino's legit license number?

You can verify the license number against the information on the regulator’s website.

Verify an Online Casino US State License - Keypoints!

Verifying the license for online casinos in the US is crucial to avoid being a victim of scammers. Internet gambling has grown over the last few years, but cybercriminals have invented new ways to defraud players.

To avoid that, check for their licensing information before registering an account at the casino. Visit the site to find the commission logo that regulates the casino. Compare the license number on the casino site with that on the regulator’s site.

You will also find all of this information in our casino reviews

Beware of fake regulator sites; some scammers will go as far as creating a fake logo and website for a supposed gambling commission to come across as authentic. 

Following our tips and reading our online casino reviews will guard you against falling prey to these sinister plots.

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