Is Your Account Locked After Winning in an Online Casino? Resolve It in 5 Easy Steps

It may seem odd, but if you’ve won large amounts of money at an online casino, the site has a right to lock or suspend your account if your activity is suspicious. If you find yourself in this situation or encounter it in the future, don’t panic. Our 5-step guide will assist in resolving this situation.
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What to Do Upon Discovering an Account Was Blocked?

Players who have had their casino accounts locked will feel upset. However, online casinos follow this process for the safety of all gamblers on the site. More often than not, casino accounts are blocked because of a misunderstanding, but there are instances where there is foul play. 

We’ve created a step-by-step guide to assist you when you need to address this issue with the online casino. It will help you know what to do when the casino suspends your playing account. 

Locked Account After You Won Big

Step #1: Check for Communication From the Casino

There’s always a reason for online casinos to suspend an account. It may be a misunderstanding or something more sinister from a player’s perspective, but the correct course of action is account suspension.

Before you become agitated, check your email inbox for any communication from the casino. Usually, reputable casinos will inform players of their account suspension. If not, you will find some form of communication on your accounts page. Perhaps it’s a good idea to have an idea of how a safe online casino looks before you register an account.

Sometimes, a casino may refuse to pay your winnings. Find out what you can do to address this issue

Step #2: Review the Casino’s Terms & Conditions

Legal casinos that have obtained their licenses from reputable bodies like the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement (NJDGE) must have proper terms and conditions in place for players to read.

However, every user on the site must abide by those terms and conditions, highlighting how crucial it is for you to go through them thoroughly and understand what the platform requires from you.

It wouldn’t hurt to relook those clauses, especially about accounts and suspensions. You may find that you’ve breached one of these stipulations, which is likely the reason why the casino locked you out.

Step #3: Contact Customer Support

After searching your emails and casino account for correspondence without any success, you should reach out to customer support. Most platforms offer live chat and email as methods for you to reach their team. Alternatively, read this guide on how to contact a casino’s customer support team.

If you can’t find an answer for the account suspension, the casino customer support agent will likely have the reasons for the suspension. Additionally, they can give you specific instructions on how to overturn it.

Step #4: Comply With Verification Requests

One of the reasons why your account may be locked is because you’ve failed to verify your profile. Licensed casinos must abide by the regulatory body’s requirements, one of them being the Know Your Customer (KYC) process.

Casinos do this to ensure that you’re of legal gambling age and to prevent other fraudulent activity from occurring on the site. You must submit all the documents that the casino requires, including copies of your ID and proof of address, among others. Follow our KYC guide to complete the process seamlessly.

Completing the KYC process guarantees that your information is accurate and current, meaning the casino and other players are at a reduced risk of being victims of cybercriminals. Some US online casinos may request your social security number. We go into detail about the reasons why online casinos require your SSN in our article there. 

Step #5: Follow Up and Escalate if Necessary

Communication is critical to resolving any issue, and the same principle applies to online casinos. If your account was blocked, you must keep in regular contact with the casino and its customer support team.

If you find yourself hitting a brick wall with the casino’s representatives, you can use external regulatory bodies to mediate the issue between the casino and yourself. These authorities are independent and will act in the interest of fairness instead of taking a side in the matter.

What are Your Rights as a Player?

Online casino players have rights when it comes to their relationship with the platform. You have the right to access casinos that are fair and offer fair games. Most sites use fairness technology to ensure the products they offer meet the relevant requirements. Check out our article on the importance of fairness tech at US casinos.

Additionally, you have the right to access any funds in your casino account. While the casino may suspend your account, after proving you are the owner of the relevant account, you have a right to the funds. You can learn more about your rights as a casino player at the casino regulator’s site. 


🔒 Why would an online casino lock my account after a win?

There could be several reasons, one of them being suspicion of cheating the casino software or breaching the casino’s terms and conditions.

📋 What information should I provide to customer support?

Usually, you should submit copies of your ID and proof of residence to complete the KYC process. However, if your account has been suspended, you must comply with the customer support requirements.

⏳ How long does it take to resolve an account lock issue?

If it’s not a serious reason behind the suspension, it should take up to 48 hours for you to have unrestricted access to the site.

🤔 What if I disagree with the casino’s reason for locking my account?

You can lodge a complaint with the casino’s regulatory body, which will act as a mediator in the issue.

ℹ️ What are my options if the casino refuses to unlock my account?

You must file an official complaint with the authorities, such as the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement. They will address the issue and communicate with you along the way.

❓ What do I do when a casino refuses to pay out my winnings?

Most casinos that we’ve reviewed are honest and reliable; however, nobody is immune to this issue. Fortunately, we have a detailed article on handling a platform that won’t pay out your winnings.

How Do You Prevent a Casino From Blocking Your Account After Winning?

To ensure that you don’t end up with a blocked casino account, you must ensure that you meet all the casino’s requirements. Read the terms and conditions of using the site before you sign up to understand what you can and can’t do.

Always keep a record of the deposits you make into the casino and register the dates and amounts. This information could come in handy when discussing the suspension with the casino’s customer support team.

Understand that casinos will become suspicious of odd betting patterns, even though sometimes there may be nothing nefarious going on. Follow the processes from the casino and maintain clear lines of communication with them to resolve any account locking issues.

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