Jonas Wåhlander - Board of Directors / Shareholder / Investor

Jonas Wåhlander sits on the board of directors for Justgamblers, he is also a shareholder and investor in the company. He brings years of iGaming experience to the site. Read all about hos role at the site on this page below.
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Jonas Wåhlander
Jonas Wåhlander Board of Directors, Shareholder & Investor

Summary Experience

Jonas has a vast amount of experience in the global iGaming sector. This includes the introduction of brands in certain geographical sectors and the financial and strategic management of organizations. 

This impressive level of experience was developed over time spent in a variety of diverse roles. 

  • CEO & Member of Board of Directors - ComeOn where ComeOn was acquired by the Cherry Group thereby turning around the group’s fortunes. 
  • Member of Board of Directors - Game Lounge Group including the acquisition of the Game Lounge Group and its integration into the Cherry Group organization. 
  • Managing Director - Expansive Worlds where innovative and immersive gaming experiences were developed for a global audience. 
  • Member of Board of Directors - XCaliber Technologies Limited where innovative iGaming platforms were produced using proprietary technology. 
  • Managing Director Nordic Region & Member of Board of Directors - Universal Sony Pictures Home Entertainment including the launch and management of Universal Sony joint venture and combined studio Home Entertainment businesses in the Nordic region.
  • COO / CFO - Pan Vision Group including overseeing the day to day operations of the business developing and distributing games and accessories. 
  • Business Controller for multiple companies overseeing the accounting matters of each organization. 

Role at JustGamblers

Jonas brings an array of international iGaming expertise to his role on the Board of Directors at JustGamblers. His advice and insight is invaluable in the company’s quest to provide the latest accurate information about iGaming brands across the globe. 

In addition to his board membership, Jonas has a vital role as a JustGamblers stakeholder and investor. He works closely with the founders Tobias Alriksson and Magnus Boberg providing expert opinions on business matters including the strategic direction of the company. 

Jonas story with JustGamblers

Jonas and his fellow investors were seeking an opportunity within iGaming affiliation. This brought them to connect with Tobias and Magnus at a time when they were seeking stakeholder and investor interest in JustGamblers. 

Following this initial contact, Jonas precipitated the success of the investment case. He acted as a voice for the investors and was pivotal to the completion of the investment deal which has secured him the iGaming affiliation he was seeking and benefits JustGamblers by having his wealth of industry experience onboard.

Relevant iGaming Experience

Jonas has a myriad of credentials and has worked with some of the biggest iGaming brands internationally.

Below is a list of the experience which puts him in an excellent position to be a valuable asset to JustGamblers.

CEO & Member of Board of Directors - ComeOn (Stock listed iGaming company: Cherry AB)

Jonas took the lead in turning around the fortunes of Cherry iGaming, including the acquisition of ComeOn. As CEO of the merged ComeOn brand he was responsible for setting up a new pan-European operation. His strategic abilities were a valuable asset to the ComeOn brand and to the management team of Cherry of which Jonas was a member, it was there he started to work closer with Johan Moazed.

Jonas was pivotal to developing the ComeOn Group which encompasses 17 brands including ComeOn. These brands include: 

  • Lyllo Casino
  • Snabbare
  • Get Lucky 
  • Mobilebet
  • Hajper

His experience of the global iGaming industry allows Jonas to bring a two-fold advantage to his role at JustGamblers. Firstly, his strategic abilities have been integral to the establishment and growth of the business. Secondly, he is passionate about quality in iGaming and he brings this passion to our goal which is to bring the latest information, reviews, and advice to iGaming enthusiasts.

Member of Board of Directors - Game Lounge Group (iGaming Affiliate)

Whilst working with Cherry iGaming, Jonas acquired performance marketing group Game Lounge and oversaw its integration into the organisation. This involved monitoring the performance of this online marketing business and inspiring its growth. 

Game Lounge Group is involved with promoting various online casino brands through its relationship with well-established affiliate sites. The brands the business pomotes include: 

  • Suomi Casino 
  • Ceske Casino 
  • Polskie Kasyno
  • Japanese Casino 
  • Svea Casino

Having this insight into promoting the iGaming experience enables Jonas to advise JustGamblers on bringing these experiences to the attention of an international client base in a way that provides them with information to make well-informed iGaming choices. 

Managing Director - Expansive Worlds - (Gaming Developer)

During his time as Managing Director at Expansive Worlds, Jonas developed an understanding of how to bring an innovative and immersive gaming experience to a global audience. 

The company develops GaaS experiences based on real-world outdoor adventures. Its original concept theHunter: Classic developed a dedicated following of outdoors enthusiasts with a passion for gaming. This was followed by further developments in theHunter: Call of the Wild. 

Jonas brings his experiences in gaming innovation and exceptional customer experience with him to his role at JustGamblers. This is a valuable attribute when promoting excellence in iGaming to customers of the JustGamblers brand. 

Member of Board of Directors - XCaliber Technologies Limited (iGaming Technical Platform Provider)

XCaliber Technologies Limited is an innovative iGaming technical platform provider. Jonas was a member of the board of this company that works with providers to create unique iGaming solutions using proprietary technology. 

XCaliber Technologies Limited has provided its expertise to top brands in the industry including: 

  • Cherry Casino
  • Sunmaker
  • Game Lounge 
  • Omarsys

Jonas brings specific insights gained while working at XCaliber Technologies Limited to his role at JustGamblers. His knowledge of what represents excellence in modern iGaming technology is integral to helping the company provide a rounded and honest view of the online casino market. 

Managing Director Nordic Region & Member of Board of Directors - Universal Sony Pictures Home Entertainment (Mass media and entertainment studio)

As Managing Director Nordic Region & Member of Board of Directors - Universal Sony Pictures Home Entertainment Jonas was responsible for launching and managing Universal Sony joint venture and combined studio Home Entertainment businesses in the Nordic region. 

This included restructuring and merging studio organizations in the territory as well as ensuring that Universal Sony DNA was embedded throughout the business. 

This role was one of three that Jonas held at Sony having previously been Managing Director Nordic Region and Finance Director. Each role required Jonas to possess and utilize strong strategic abilities. 

He brings this strategic focus to his role at JustGamblers and provides advice and support at board level to help lead the direction of the business. 

COO / CFO - Pan Vision Group (Game Developer)

Pan Vision Group is a major developer and distributor of games and accessories in the Nordic region. Jonas was COO/CFO for the company. 

The role involved overseeing the day to day running of the business as well as analyzing its financial performance and planning for the successful progression of the business. 

Jonas brings this business and financial acumen to the board of JustGamblers. This has proven to be a vital attribute to the company as it develops its reputation as a global brand in the iGaming landscape. 

Business Controller - Multiple Companies

Jonas has experience as a business controller with, Skanska Facilities Management, CSC, 

PwC, and Rahmqvist Group. These roles involved overseeing the accounting matters of each organization and providing advice and support to optimize the value of the organization and minimize risk. 

The skills Jonas developed and utilized at this time are now an essential part of his value to JustGamblers where he is able to advise the board on financial matters and risk management.

Video Interviews

Take a look at this video interview with Jonas for further insights into his work for one of Cherrys companies.

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Personal Profile Jonas Wåhlander

Taking a closer look at the skills, experience, and achievements of Jonas Wåhlander shows the valuable attributes he brings to his role at JustGamblers. 

Key Skills & Core Competencies

  • Financial planning to optimize profit. 
  • Strategic leadership to build businesses in various geographical sectors. 
  • Excellence in risk management. 
  • In-depth knowledge of the international iGaming market. 
  • Knowledge of the optimization of customer experince. 


While Jonas was CEO of Cherry iGaming the company won three titles at the International Gaming Awards 2017. 

  • ComeOn was named Online Sportsbook Operator of the Year.
  • Yggdrasil Gaming was named Innovator of the Year. 
  • Cherry Casino was named Mobile Operator of the Year.
Jonas Wåhlander Winning Award
Jonas Wåhlander (to the right) receiving the winning price for the "Mobile Online Casino Operator" of the year during International Gaming Awards 2017.


  • Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), Economics - University of Stockholm. 
  • Nasdaq training for listed companies. 
  • Mentoring and Coaching - Emotional Capitalism and Intelligence. 
  • SPE Blu - Future Global Leaders Management Training. 

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