Space XY Game Review & Sites Where to Play

Space XY is another exciting crash game you can add to your library of favorites. While it works the same as you would expect from any crash game, it brings its aesthetic to the table for a different spin.

Fast Facts about the Game XY Space:

Software Developer:BGaming
Type of Crash Game:Plane Crash
Space XY RTP:97%
Volatility:Dependent on player betting action
Minimum bet:$1
Table with facts on Space XY.

Best Space XY Sites to Play On For Real Money

Site Bonus Our Comment
PariMatch.comWelcome Bonus 150%Best Site Overall for Space XY
1xbet.comWelcome package up to 1500€ + 150 FS, Prize Pool & VIP benefitsFIAT Payment when playing Space XY
Winz.io300 Free Spins + € 15k individual prizesSpace XY VIP Players
Bets.ioReload Bonus up to 280 mBTC + 120 FSSpace XY Tournaments & Promotions
TrustDice.win100% deposit bonus on 1st deposit + Sing up rewardsSpace XY Crypto Site
5 Best Sites for Space XY including bonus information and our comment.

1. - Best Site Overall for Space XY

Space XY Parimatch
IMAGE: Space XY slot by BGaming on

Pros on playing at this site

  • User-friendly.
  • Easy to navigate if you want to explore other games as well.
  • Best overall website for variety in everything.

2. 1xBet - Best For FIAT Payment when playing Space XY

Space XY 1xBet
IMAGE: Space XY by BGaming on

Pros on playing at this site

  • Simple, easy-to-use interface.
  • Massive range of slot games.
  • Wide range of currencies supported.

3. - Best For Space XY VIP Players

Space XY Winz io
IMAGE: Space XY by BGaming on

Pros on playing at this site

  • Massive range of other games.
  • Beautiful interface and website.
  • VIP options available for Space XY players.

4. - Best for Space XY Tournaments & Promotions

Space XY Bets io
IMAGE: Space XY by BGaming on

Pros on playing at this site

  • Beautiful website with a simple interface.
  • Large selection of games available.
  • Excellent promotions and tournaments.

5. - Best Space XY Crypto Site

Space XY Trustdice Win
IMAGE: Space XY by BGaming on

Pros on playing at this site

  • Quite a few cryptocurrency faucets are available.
  • Good mobile support.
  • Excellent cryptocurrency support.


How do you win playing Space XY?

To play this game, you follow the same rules as you would with any typical crash game. If you’re not familiar, consider our full crash gambling guide. Please note that this game is different from the Space XY slot.

First, you start by placing a bet. Then, a multiplier (which always starts at 1.00x) will slowly increase.

At any point during the game, you can press the cash-out button to get your money back multiplied by the current multiplier number.

For example, if you place a bet of $1 and cash out at 1.50x, you will get $1.50 back. However, part of the game is timing your cash out correctly since the game can ‘crash’ at any moment. You lose your bet if you fail to cash out before the ‘crash’ happens.

What RTP & volatility does Space XY have?

The RTP is around 97%, typical of a crash game. On the other hand, the volatility is not a predetermined number, such as you would have when playing more traditional casino games such as roulette. The volatility for crash games depends entirely on the player’s actions. The longer you wait to cash out, the higher the volatility becomes, as the game becomes more and more likely to crash the longer the multiplier runs.

What is the best strategy to win in Space XY?

As with all crash games, there is no effective strategy, given the random nature of every round. No past or future round influences the game. You might wonder whether common gambling strategies such as the Martingale would work on crash games, and the truth is no. Common gambling strategies are built around games such as roulette that have a fixed % chance of a 2x return. In crash games, you do not have a fixed % chance of any return. You are at the will of randomness when you bet. However, while there aren’t any strategies, it doesn’t mean you have tools available. For instance, the auto cash-out feature, which we highly recommend to simplify your sessions.

Which is the best site to play Space XY for real money?

Any sites we’ve listed above are excellent choices if you want to play this crash game for real money. Some of these sites might even have Space XY slot available. If you’re ready to play for real money, it’s straightforward–make an account, deposit some cash, and start playing.

What Is the Crash Game Space XY Slot about?

Crash games revolve around an object –a hot air balloon, a plane, or a spaceship – starting on a ‘runway’, launching, and then climbing higher in altitude until it eventually crashes.

When you play Space XY slot, you’ll notice that thematically the game uses a rocket ship attempting to travel higher into the sky to increase its X and Y coordinates. Remember to jump off the rocket in time!

What makes Space XY a special game?

This is one of many crash games that have seen a surge in popularity recently. These games started as cryptocurrency gambling games but have since been introduced to thousands of players through regular online casino versions. 

While this game is like other crash games in how it plays, it does offer a unique aesthetic.

Is Space XY Slot a multiplayer game?

This game is not a multiplayer game in the traditional sense that you play against or with other players, and their actions can influence your game. This game is only a multiplayer game because you can see other people's bets and chat to them live. There is no specific multiplayer ‘feature’ built into this game besides the chat.

How Does the Space XY Slot Game Work?

As mentioned above, you start every game by placing a bet. Your bets are usually limited between $1 and $100. Next, you either wait for the game to start – if you plan to use manual cash out – or set an automatic cash-out amount. The automatic cash-out amount will be a multiplier number, such as 1.25x.

Once the game starts, the rocket will fly higher and higher into the air, increasing its X and Y coordinates. At any given moment, it could crash. If you’re playing with manual cash out, you need to click the cash out button when you think it’s the right time. 

You will then get your returns accordingly. If you’re using the automatic cash-out – which we highly recommend for better accuracy – the game will cash out for you as soon as the multiplier reaches the amount you set as your cash-out. You can think of this as a way to jump off the rocket exactly when you want to.

Once the rocket crashes – which can happen at any X and Y coordinates – you usually have around ten seconds to place a bet on the coming round. If you place your bet too late, don’t worry; it will carry over to the next available round.

How to set your initial stake?

When you play this game, you set your initial stake before seeing the rocket fly to increase its X coordinate and Y coordinates. You will usually see a big timer indicating how much time you have left to place your bet. 

However, please don’t feel pressured to do it before the timer runs out. Rounds are usually short, so think carefully and place your bet when you’re ready.

How to take the winnings?

Withdrawing your money depends on the platform where you’re playing. Most of these platforms allow you to withdraw your winnings from games through the same methods used to deposit money into the platform. 

Once you make a withdrawal request, it will usually take a few hours to a few days to clear, depending on the method chosen. 

On What Devices Can I Play Space XY?

This crash game works on desktops, laptops, mobile, and tablets. While the game itself isn’t an app, you can play it on mobile devices or tablets if your devices or tablets support modern browsers. 

If the platform you choose to play on has a dedicated mobile app, this game will likely work through that.

Tips for winning in Space XY Slot

There is no strategy to follow for crash games, as every round is entirely random. No factors influence whether it will meet the multiplier you want it to meet. The chance of winning each round depends altogether on what multiplier you bet on. 

For example, you’re more likely to win if you bet on a 1.01x multiplier than on a 500x multiplier. However, the minuscule return on a 1.01x multiplier means you would have to bet 100 times and win to make back the money from a single loss. And yes, the game can crash at 1.00x.

While there isn’t a strategy specifically for crash games, you might want to try applying common strategies, as they could help you make up losses. It’s also important to note that while big wins aren’t likely in crash games, there has been some massive crash game wins in the past.

Practice with Space XY Slot Demo

Before you take the time to play this game for money, we recommend trying out the demo first. You can find a demo version on all the sites we listed above. These demos help you familiarize yourself with the mechanics, aesthetic, button placement, and what to expect from the game overall before committing money to it.

Pay attention to what the competitors play

It’s important to note that you can see other players’ bets when you play crash games. While this doesn’t influence your bet, it’s fun to see what people are betting and take notes of which wins are more common.

Use the Auto-Cash-out function

As mentioned before, we highly recommend using the auto-cash-out feature. This feature allows you to select a multiplier number – such as 1.25x, for example – before the round starts. 

Once the round does start, you can sit back and watch the multiplier climb instead of stressing yourself out trying to click the cash-out button at the right time.

Trying to click cash out manually can lead to losing your money in a fraction of a second since the multiplier will start climbing too fast for you to get precision cash-outs. Some crash games even allow you to set multiple auto cashouts to retrieve a percentage of your bet at a specific point and the rest at another point.

Takeaway on the Crash Game Space XY Slot

In conclusion, this crash game works the same way you’d expect any other games of the genre. It has a pleasant theme and is aesthetically it’s pleasing. The buttons and features are also readily available and easy to find, so starting a new game – even if you have no experience with crash games – is super simple.

If you want to add another crash game to your library of favorites, Space XY slot is a good option.

Remember always to gamble responsibly and seek assistance if you are developing an addiction. Gambling is meant to be a fun pastime and should never come at the expense of your personal well-being.

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