Zeppelin Game Review & Sites Where to Play

The Zeppelin Crash Game by BetSolutions is one of the crash gambling games that has recently experienced a massive upsurge in popularity. Today we'll dive into the details of this crash game, how it differs from any other crash game, and ultimately, whether it's worth your time.

Fast Facts about the Game Zeppelin:

Software Developer:BetSolutions
Type of Crash Game:Plane Crash
Volatility:Dependant on Player Betting Decision
Minimum bet:$1 / €1
Table with facts on Zeppelin.

Best Zeppelin Sites to Play On For Real Money

Site Bonus Our Comment
1xbet.comWelcome package up to 1500€ + 150 FS, Prize Pool & VIP benefitsBest Site Overall for Zeppelin
Betmaster.io10% up to $100 USD + Free betsBest Cashback Deals
Crashino.com300 Free Spins + 100 for your 3 first depositsBest Cryptocurrency Options
Mostbet.com$300 USD First Deposit Bonus + 250 FSBest Bonus & Promos Opportunities
Casinoin.io100% up to $200 USD + 200 Free SpinsBest App Experience
5 Best Sites for Zeppelin including bonus information and our comment.

1. 1xBet.com - Best Site Overall for Zeppelin

Crash Game Zeppelin 1xBet
IMAGE: Zeppelin by BetSolutions on 1xBet.com

Pros on playing at this site

  • Wide variety of games.
  • Dedicated iOS and Android apps.
  • Supports a range of currencies.

2. Betmaster.io - Best Cashback Deals

IMAGE: Zeppelin by BetSolutions on Betmaster.io
IMAGE: Zeppelin by BetSolutions on Betmaster.io

Pros on playing at this site

  • Supports different languages.
  • Beautiful, easy-to-navigate UI.
  • Excellent cashback deals.

3. Crashino.com - Best Cryptocurrency Options

Crash Game Zeppelin Crashino
IMAGE: Zeppelin by BetSolutions on Crashino

Pros on playing at this site

  • Excellent support for cryptocurrency.
  • Variety of games from casino to live casino to sportsbook.
  • Cryptocurrency promotions.

4. Mostbet.com - Best Bonus & Promos Opportunities

Crash Game Zeppelin Mostbet
IMAGE: Zeppelin by BetSolutions on Mostbet.com

Pros on playing at this site

  • Top-tier promotions and bonuses.
  • Variety of games from live casinos to sportsbooks.
  • Relevant promotions themed around current major events.

5. Casinoin.io - Best App Experience

Crash Game Zeppelin Casinoin
IMAGE: Zeppelin by BetSolutions on Casinoin.io

Pros on playing at this site

  • Massive variety of games.
  • Excellent app support.
  • Good promotions and bonuses.


How do you win playing Zeppelin game?

While Zeppelin crash game might look different to any other crash game, the way it plays is precisely the same. Before the game starts, you decide how much you want to bet on the round. The game then starts a multiplier that keeps climbing and which 'crashes' at a random point. If you click the cash-out button BEFORE this crash occurs, you win and get your initial bet multiplied by the amount the multiplier showed when you cashed out as a return. You can find a full article on in our comprehensive crash games guide.

What RTP & volatility does Zeppelin have?

Zeppelin crash game has an RTP of 66% and a volatility dependent on player decision. The reason the volatility is player-dependent is that you always decide when to cash out. Therefore, the volatility increases if you decide you want to cash out later. If you decide to cash out when the multiplier is 1.01x, the volatility is understandably low.

What is the best strategy to win in Zeppelin?

As with all of these types of games, no game strategy will yield definite results, as every round is completely random. However, we've found that utilising the tools such as the auto cash out and familiarising yourself with certain types of betting strategies can definitely help you on a mathematical level. You can find more info under our tips for winning section.

Which is the best site to play Zeppelin for real money?

Any of the websites we listed above are excellent choices if you want to play Zeppelin for real money, as they all offer a true and comprehensive online casino.

What is the Zeppelin Crash Game about?

Created by BetSolutions, Zeppelin crash game follows the wave of success for the massive number of similar crash games in recent times. The game focuses on a zeppelin taking off while your betting multiplier climbs. 

Eventually – at a random point – the zeppelin will crash. If you managed to cash out before the crash, you get a return on your bet.

You should note that there is also a game called Zeppelin slot, but that is a different game entirely. Zeppelin slot is not a crash casino game and should not be confused with this game.

What makes Zeppelin a special game?

The Zeppelin game isn't much different to other games of the same type, aside from the aesthetic it offers. Thematically it is unique, but the game's mechanics is the same as most of the currently popular games in the crash playstyle.

Is Zeppelin a multiplayer game?

Zeppelin crash game is not a multiplayer game because you play the game with other players and react to their actions. It is a social multiplayer game, which means that you can talk to other players who bet on the same round. However, the actions of other players do not affect your game and vice versa.

How Does the Zeppelin Game Work?

Casino Zeppelin game works the same as other games in the genre. Before the round starts, you decide how much money you want to bet. The typical minimum and maximum come in at $1 / $100. 

After placing your bet, the round will start, and the multiplier will start to climb from 1.00x. You can click the cash-out button at any point and get your money back to the current multiplier. For example, if you bet $1 and cash out at 1.50x, you get $1.50 back.

Keep in mind that the multiplier will 'crash' at a random time every round. You lose your bet if you fail to cash out before this crash.

There are also tools such as auto cash out that you can utilise to help you cash out with precision instead of possibly risking trying to click on 1.67x and missing it by a fraction of a second.

How to set your initial stake?

You set your initial stake in between rounds. There are usually ten seconds or so between rounds, during which you can decide how much you want to stake on the upcoming round. If you fail to submit your stake during this time, it will simply carry over to the next round.

How to take the winnings?

Any winnings from your Zeppelin crash gameplay time will go to your wallet on the respective platform you're playing on. To cash out your money, you need to go through the withdrawal methods said the platform allows. Some platforms allow multiple withdrawal options, whereas others focus on one, such as cryptocurrency.

On What Devices Can I Play Zeppelin Casino Game?

You can play Zeppelin game on desktops, laptops, mobile devices, and tablets. Some websites offer dedicated apps for mobile devices, but even if it doesn't, you can usually play the browser version if your mobile device supports modern browsers.

Tips for winning in Strategy Game Zeppelin

As mentioned before, no sure-fire game strategy will increase the certainty of winning since these games, by the nature of their design, are entirely random every round. Therefore, the chances to win each round are also entirely random since the game can crash at 1.01x or 10.77x. 

There is no sure way to know when it will crash, which means the odds of winning differ every round compared to a game such as roulette, where betting on red or black always has the same odds.

You can try to implement some common gambling strategies in crash games, but keep in mind that these strategies are for games with definite 2x returns at predetermined odds. For example, roulettes bet on red or black always has the same odds and always return the same amount.

Returns in these games also aren't known to be extravagant, with a few super rare exceptions. You can find more information on the biggest wins in crash games in our article about it.

Practice with Casino Zeppelin Game Demo

If you've never played the casino Zeppelin game before, we recommend that you give the demo versions a go to test out the different mechanics, such as placing bets, auto cash outs, and even auto play for X number of rounds. Playing the demo version first will help you understand how the game works before you commit real money to it.

Pay attention to what the competitors play

One of the commonly used approaches in Zeppelin game is to look at the bets placed by other players. While some might think this is a strategic approach, it doesn't make any difference since other players' bets do not affect your own. 

There also isn't a way for any other player to know what the result of the round will be, so betting based on how others bet simply taking the guess of someone else and making it your own until the Zeppelin crashes.

Use the Auto-Cash out function

As mentioned above, one of the important mechanics in all the most popular crash games is the auto-cash out. Using the auto cash out allows you to hit your multiplier mark every time instead of relying on your speedy fingers and ability to click on time before the Zeppelin explodes.

Using the auto cash out is simple. You toggle the auto cash-out button and then set the point at which you want the multiplier to cash out. The game will cash out for you once it reaches said multiplier.

Takeaway on the Zeppelin Crash Game

Zeppelin game adds to the massive range of crash games you can find on your favourite online gambling platforms. While it plays similarly to any other crash game, it brings a unique aesthetic to the table. 

You also get to enjoy the game's social element as it allows you to talk to other players, celebrate wins, and mourn losses with them.

If you love crashing games, we definitely recommend you try your luck and bet Zeppelin. Remember to always gamble responsibly and seek help if you're developing an addiction, as gambling should be a fun pastime, not something that jeopardises your health.

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