Crash Gambling With the Martingale System - Check how it worked for us!

If you like playing crash games at online casinos and you like strategy, you have come to the right place. Today, we are investigating how you can use the Martingale gambling strategy in your crash games, and whether it is effective.
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Martingale System & Crash Gambling

Testing the Martingale system is something we have already done through our team of expert gamblers. This article will provide you with our findings and experiences so that you can decide whether this strategy is for you. However, before we get into the finer details of our experience, we want to explain this system to you.

What is the Martingale System?

The Martingale System is one of many crash game betting strategies. This system originated in France in the 18th century. The main idea with this strategy – and with many others – is to mitigate losses by doubling your bet every time you lose. That way, your first win in a streak will recoup all losses and give you profit equal to your original stake.

For example, if you start with a bet of $1 and lose, your next bet should be $2. If you would lose again, your third bet should be $4, then $8, and so on. As you can see, by the time you place your third bet, you will have lost $7. Should you win your third bet, you now get $16 back. This $16 includes the third bet’s money back ($8), plus your total losses so far ($7), plus the winnings you would have made from your original bet ($1).

It's worth noting that this strategy only applies when playing games where you have betting options that always return 2x what you put in, as otherwise, the math would not add up.

Why is it a suitable choice to Crash Gambling?

The Martingale System can work for crash games because you can bet on a 2x multiplier, meaning you get 2x your bet in return every time you win. Since the Martingale system requires a 2x return on your wager, you can apply it with crash games.

However, keep in mind that even though you can bet on other multipliers, you must use 2x; otherwise, the mathematics behind the system will not work the same.

Some other strategies and a brief explanation of how they work include:

  • The Anti-Martingale System works the same as the Martingale System but in reverse. Instead of doubling your bet when you lose, you double your bet when you win.
  • The D’Alembert Strategy relies on unit-based increases and decreases in your bets. You must decide on this unit value before starting. This unit value can be $2, for example. You then increase your chance by a single unit (+$2) when you lose and decrease your bet by a single unit (-$2) when you win - you never reset entirely.
  • The Fibonacci Strategy Relies on the famous Fibonacci sequence (1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13... etc). You choose a starting value for a betting unit. This value can be anything, such as $4. When you lose, you go one unit up in betting value; when you win, you go TWO units down. A $4 bet sequence would be 4, 4, 8, 12, 20, 32, etc.
  • The Labouchere Strategy: This strategy utilizes a sequence of your choice. This sequence can be any number of values or values for said numbers. E.g., 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. Another example would be 2, 5, 6, 13, 18. There isn’t any pattern in the numbers; you just choose any numbers. You must always bet the combined value of the first and last number in your sequence. The sequence 2, 5, 6, 13, 18 would require a first bet of $20. If you win this bet, you remove numbers 2 and 18 from the sequence. Your sequence is now 5, 6, 13. You must now bet $18. Should you lose, you must add the number to the end of the series, and your new sequence will now be 5, 6, 13, 18. You do this until you clear a sequence entirely. After that, you must create a new series and begin again.

It is worth noting that crash games are entirely random regarding when they ‘crash’. Games like roulette have a fixed % chance of doubling your money when you bet on black or red. Since crash games do not provide a fixed % chance of a 2x return, the results can vary wildly between players when using this system.

As per one of our previous articles explaining all these crash gambling strategies in more depth, there is no increased chance of winning regardless of which you use. These strategies are meant to make you bet smarter, not win more money. The Martingale system is an excellent option since it’s easy to follow.

Our Crash Gambling Experience

Our time with this strategy was simple. Using this strategy doesn’t require much effort, especially since most crash games allow you to use an auto cash-out feature. If the crash game you play does not have an auto cash-out feature, we do not recommend using it since it makes it much harder to always bet on 2x.

You can find a variety of crash games in online casinos. These games include Aviator, JetX, Space XY, F777 Fighter, and Spaceman. You can find these games at the casinos listed in our best crash gambling sites of 2024 list. We also have a list of the best crash gambling games for you to browse.

Applying the Martingale System to Crash Gambling

Crash games are simple. You start by placing a bet and waiting for the game to start. Once the game begins, the ‘multiplier’ on screen will keep climbing. This multiplier will eventually ‘crash’, which ends the game. If you cashed out before the crash, you get winnings equal to your bet times the value of the multiplier when you cashed out. 

This multiplier can crash on 0.00, or 500.00. When it crashes, it is entirely random. If you want to know more about the specific details of crash games, we have an article explaining crash game algorithms.

Now, using the Martingale System requires that you use an auto cash-out feature and set it to 2x. What this means is that regardless of how far the multiplier could climb, you are always cashing out on 2x. Since you do this, your winnings will always be double your bet, making the Martingale System possible since you can only accurately recoup losses when using 2x bets.

Sharing Our Experience - Results & Outcomes

Our experience using the Martingale System is, as you would expect – entirely random. When you apply this system to a game such as roulette that provides a fixed % chance of doubling your bet, you can much more predictably develop statistics for success.

Even though the odds of success are higher when applying this strategy to roulette, the house will always have the edge, meaning you will always have a less than 50% chance of winning.

However, with crash games, this strategy becomes even less effective as there is no fixed % chance of hitting a 2x cash-out. Due to this aspect of every round being completely random, you cannot reliably use this strategy with crash games.

Does the Martingale System really work?

It’s worth noting that gambling – by design – leaves players with a less than 50% chance of winning at games. The house will always have the edge. If there was any game where players always had the edge, it would not prove profitable and would fall out of circulation quickly.

The Martingale System works in that it allows you to have a clear betting pattern so that you can win back your money. However, it’s not a strategy in the sense that it can increase or decrease your odds of winning.

Tips for Using the Martingale System Safely

If you want to try this strategy, it’s quite simple, and you can do it in the following way:

  • Find a crash game of choice that has an auto cash-out feature.
  • Decide on a bet. We recommend using numbers without decimals just to make doubling the amounts simpler.
  • Set the auto cash-out feature to 2.00x.
  • Play the game and do the following depending on if you win or lose:
    • Win: Place your INITIAL bet again.
    • Lose: Double your PREVIOUS bet. This means that if you bet $1 and you lose, you bet $2. If you then lose again, you must bet $4, etc.

It’s worth noting that the risk associated with this strategy increases with crash games since you do not have a fixed % chance of winning on a 2.00x bet.

Pros & Cons - Is it Worth Playing Crash Gambling Using the Martingale System?

Even though this strategy might seem novel, you should always consider the associated pros and cons before implementing it.

Pros of Crash Gambling with the Martingale System

  • Predictable bets.
  • A single win recoups all previous losses.
  • It works with any gambling game that has a 2.00x return bet.

Cons of Crash Gambling with the Martingale System

  • Losing streaks can quickly drain your entire gambling budget.
  • Crash games do not have a fixed % chance of winning, which makes this strategy less likely to succeed.

Real-life Player Experiences

We did not note any specific benefit of using this strategy. The main reason to use this strategy is to know which bets we need to place next to make back our losses - if we have losses, of course.

The strategy is by no means a concrete way of winning at crash games, and spending some time with it proved that to us. People online have mentioned both sides of the coin – some winning and some losing – but the game’s nature does not allow for a ‘winning strategy’. Crash games are entirely random.

However, as mentioned, it makes your bets predictable, and that alone is a perfect reason to use it. Having a game plan is never a bad idea.


🤔 Is the Martingale system a guaranteed way to win in crash gambling?

No, it is not. No system gives you a guaranteed way to win in crash games. For those who want to use crash gambling bots, we recommend reading our article on that topic to avoid falling for scams.

👍 What are the advantages of using the Martingale system in crash gambling?

The main advantage is that you can predict your bets, and a single win will give you back all the money you have lost.

⚠️ What are the risks associated with using the Martingale system?

The main risk associated with using this system in crash games is that losing a few times can quickly make your bets incredibly expensive.

❓ Are there variations of the Martingale system for crash gambling?

Yes, there is a system called the Reverse Martingale System, which sees you double down after wins instead of losses.

Would you try playing Crash Gambling with the Martingale System?

In short, crash gambling is an exciting, quick-to-play game that can let you win big. However, it can also let you lose big if you get in over your head.

Learning new gambling strategies is never a bad idea since, if anything, you are becoming a better player.

If you enjoy games of chance, we recommend trying the Martingale System on games that allow it. Always remember to gamble responsibly and to set a budget for yourself. Online games of chance should be a fun recreational activity and should never come at the cost of your physical or mental well-being.

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